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The Presidio

The Presidio (1988) is a mismatched cop whodunit with a better-than-usual cast which includes Sean Connery, Mark Harmon and Meg Ryan. Connery is the Provost Martial at The Presidio, a very old fort in the Northwest corner of San Francisco. Mark Harmon used to work for him as an MP. When Harmon roughed up an officer while arresting him for drunk and disorderly, Connery took the officer's side, and Harmon left the Army and became a city cop. When a female MP and two SFPD officers are murdered, it is a multi-jurisdictional investigation, and the two enemies must work together. To make things even more difficult, Harmon starts dating Connery's daughter.

Sometimes, viewers bring something which greatly increases their enjoyment of a film, and that was the case with me and this film. I am a big Connery fan, and this part feels like it was written for him. I also like Meg Ryan. The biggest thing to me, however, is the location. I spend a lot of time where this film was shot. In an early scene, they mention Fort Point, which is a very old fort under the south end of the Golden Gate. The murder takes place at an officer's club on the Presidio, a building I drive by frequently. The ensuing car chase, where the officers are killed, starts at the Arquello Gate, which is at the south end of the Presidio, and is the gate I most often use, as it is a nearly direct route to Wing Lee's Chinese Restaurant and Bakery, our usual lunch when we are in "The City." There are also two scenes in the veteran's cemetery at the North edge of the Presidio. In fact, I not only recognized all of the areas in the film, I knew most of the buildings. The Presidio is now mostly a national park, as is Fort Point. So, to me, watching the film is a wonderful experience.

For those with no predisposition to enjoy it, it is probably a competent but lackluster genre effort. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the plot or the ending, which, in fact, is predictable.

IMDb readers say 5.7.

Meg  Ryan shows her breasts from the side in a dark sex scene, but only in the region 2 DVD. Don NOT get the Region 1 version, from which the nudity has been cut. Here's a region two link from an American importer. (Click on pic)

Play Time DVD aka Playtime (1994) Jennifer Burton

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Meg Ryan










Today it's a "Babe In Bondage" day as the Time Machine travels back to 1985 for the luscious Barbara Crampton in Re-Animator. Barbara gets all tied up and in the process shows lots of booby and even a little full frontal. Sadly, things don't end well for her.








Cuentos Eroticos

This Spanish movie consist of 9 erotic shorts. It was done in 1979 and it has some very explicit scenes done by mainstream actors of the time. On the shorts you can watch something simple as a couple spending a weekend together, or as depraved as a woman who drowns in her pool while watched by a peeping neighbor who does nothing to help her and then has sex with her dead body. There's one about a guy who collects medieval stuff and uses it on her wife on the wedding night, another of a lesbian couple who lives with a kid who turns out to be a girl, and a finale about  having sex under the blankets - but then a lot of different people start to come out from the under the blankets, a Nun, an angry Japanese guy, a woman that looks like she was raped, a transvestite, etc.

Alicia Sanchez


Ana Belen


Cecilia Roth


Cristina Sanchez Pascual


Emma Cohen


Isabel Mestres


Julieta Serrano



Patricia Adriani


Virginia Mataix








Notes and collages

Carnal Knowledge, Part 6








The Dukes of Hazzard 2

Fans of the 1979-1985 TV series, or even the 2005 movie, will probably like 2007's comedy prequel to The Dukes of Hazzard. For those that don't know, the series told the story of cousins Luke and Bo Duke in rural Hazzard County, where they and their Uncle Jesse and cousin Daisy constantly fought a battle of wits (?) with the tyrannical Boss Hogg, and his idiot stooge sheriff. A key element of this battle was the General Lee, a badass 1969 Dodge Charger.

The prequel is faithful to the original story, and reveals things that fans will find interesting, such as how the boys got the General Lee, and the origin of the feud between Hogg and the Dukes.

Fans of the original show and/or brainless hillbilly insanity should like this one. The rest of us can enjoy the good-looking women.

April Scott Trishelle Cannatella

 and Jennifer Hill

Casey Durkin

 and Carrie Minter










Perfume, the Story of a Murderer

Cristina Sola



The Gelman Twins



Jessica Schwarz



Karoline Herfurth



Laura Vidal-Traver



Sara Forestier









Diana Ross in Mahogany

Susan Hayward does her only screen nudity accidentally in With a Song in My Heart. A very rare pop-out in a 1952 film. How did it slip past the censors? (film clip)

Clare Kramer in The Thirst (film clip)

Joey Lauren Adams see-through

Sophie Marceau strategically bottomless with just a soupcon of visible pubes.

Political scandal babe Rita Jenrette in Zombie Island Massacre. (DVD quality film clips)
Margo Stilley in 9 Songs - film clip of song #4
Rose McGowan in "The Ass Dress" (1999) - film clip
Battlestar Galactica's Maren Jensen does her only film nudity in Deadly Blessing. (Film clips)






The Comedy Wire

Doctors at the Medical Research Council in Edinburgh, Scotland, say they are developing a hormone-releasing pill that could boost women's sex drive while helping them lose weight.  So far, it's only been tested on animals, but they say a synthetic version of the hormone could be developed for humans within three years.  When the pill was given to female monkeys and shrews, they ate one-third less food and started displaying mating behavior, such as the female shrews presenting their rumps and wagging their tails.

*  I'd be happy if they could just develop a pill that makes women do THAT.

*  This is great news if you're a shrew, or if you're married to one.

*  It makes women lose weight AND want to have sex! It offers something for everyone! 


Last night in San Diego, a hot rumor turned out to be true as Britney Spears appeared at the House of Blues for her first public performance since her aborted 2004 tour.  She did five songs, including "Hit Me Baby One More Time," for the packed house, and showed off the work she's been doing on her figure by wearing a pink bra top, white miniskirt, boots and belly ring.

*  You've gotta hand it to her: it takes courage to sing, "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" while showing off your stretch marks. 


Lindsay Lohan said she's worried that all the attention she gets from the paparazzi is preventing her from receiving Oscar nominations.

* "Freaky Friday," "Just My Luck," "Herbie Fully Loaded": any one of them could've beaten that hack, Judi Dench!

* Another thing keeping her from winning an Oscar: first, you have to
show up on the set.