Linsey Dawn McKenzie (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) 6 great collages of the busty Brit. Naturally, the focus is on her GG breasts but many of the images in these collages show some pink too!
Sigourney Weaver Comments by Akira:
A very funny movie! You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to like this, but it helps. There are a lot of jokes that you really have to dig into the geek part of your memory to get. And almost none of the jokes are the center of attention, so it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of non-trekkies.
Sigourney has never been a favorite of mine. In fact she is on my short list of 'why?' Why do guys like her? Also on the list is Angelica Houston. Don't try to explain it to me, I just don't get it. As you may know, blondes are not my favorites either. So, why do this collage? Well, I thought it would be requested. Plus, I thought she looked pretty good in this movie. I don't know why the combination of two things on my negative lists makes a positive, it just does.

Jr's Tips: Akira has a point, whether you like her or not, she just plain looks great here. Is it the cleavage? maybe the blonde hair? I don't know and I'm not going to try to explain, I'm just going to enjoy.

Michelle Williams (1, 2) An encore presentation from yesterday's edition! We ran these 'caps of Michelle without from "If These Walls Could Talk 2" without giving credit to Stereo2K for what are probably the best topless 'caps of Michelle we have seen.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....the lovely Marina, 23, from London. (1, 2, 3, 4)
Blinky's Runway Report
Here is Georgina Cooper
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Jr's tips: Not much to see in the way of nudity today, but as always, great views on the runway.
FR and Tuna

Minnie Driver (1, 2)

Now how can you pass up a image simply labeled as "Bimbos"? You can't! Not on my watch! FR grabbed these unidentified bims from "Lolita 2000"
Tuna 'capped 'em, and FR put them together and made them look great! These 'caps feature Minnie showing us her breasts from the movie "The Governess".
and ...
Xanthe Cook I don't know the actress, but I believe donbun put it best about the movie in his email...."A very strange film indeed, but what would you expect from Dee Synder". These 'caps come from the movie "Strangeland" which was written and stars the former Twisted Sister front man.
Linda Hutton donbun taking us back to the 70's with these 'caps from "The Man Who Fell to Earth".
Alexandra Jegorova Revealing, see-thru, and topless pics of the model up on the catwalk, by Macloud.
Helen Baxendale For the "Friends" fans...Helen from an appearance in FHM with a hint of a nipple peek.
Alice Krige Everyone's favorite Borg Queen baring it all in these caps by The Night from "Ghost Story".

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"He Got Game", from Johnny Web

Excellent Spike Lee movie. To me, this was a good reality-based film, with some superb visuals and a good selection of appropriate music to lend strength to the story. Lee decided to try something different with the visuals. He used a lot of colored ambient lighting, and then pumped up the contrast to exaggerate some of the colors, and it seems to create a unique feel which really worked for me. The first two Milla collages and the Rosario Dawson topless shots give you a good feel for it.

Denzel Washington killed his wife, unintentionally, in a family argument. While serving time for it, he is offered some leniency on his jail time in exchange for talking his basketball superstar son into attending the governor's Alma Mater.

Surprisingly, there isn't all that much basketball in the movie, although there is an in-depth analysis of the pressures and temptations a superstar high school athlete would feel, especially if he came from an impoverished background. But the film is more about learning the difference between right and wrong, and growing up enough to do right when you recognize it.

The cast featured excellent performances from Milla Jovovich and Denzel Washington as two people who seem lost but may still turn their desperate lives around. Ray Allen, a real basketball star, plays the son, and he is distracting at first, because he's not an actor and he can be stiff. But once you get into the movie, that all just seems like part of the character, and you don't really notice it. Lots of fun cameos from some of the top coaches in basketball, ESPN personalities, and the ubiquitous Shaq. In Shaq's case, he could really literally be ubiquitous since he is not much smaller than the physical universe.

Milla. Yes, I know I was harsh when I described Milla's Joan of Arc, but I feel she more than made up for it with her visceral and convincing perfomance here. Plus she looked incredible in that platinum wig (first collage) (1, 2, 3)

Chasey Lain Jill Kelly Rosario Dawson


"101 Nights of Simon Cinema", from Johnny Web

Do you remember the old Monty Python schtick about the extremely silly party? Well, even the members of that party found this movie a little too silly. Simon Cinema is the fictional 101 year old man after whom cinema is named, and the movie is his remniscences about the highlights of the medium since it began. It features plenty of cameos from about every big star you can think of (DeNiro makes a complete fool of himself), plenty of real film clips from old classic films, and plenty of "in the manner of" sight gags and impersonations. Guess, for example, what happens to Julie Gayet's bike when she parks it.

The movie is fun, actually. Like a giant trivia game, with plenty of eye candy to help it move along. Julie Gayet's sub-plot is pretty much irrelevant to the thrust of the movie. Simon Cinema hires her, and she is a film nut, so his talks with her are the device to recount all he has seen in 100 years. For some reason, there are also a couple of tedious scenes of her "real" life away from Mr Cinema, but this worked out OK for us, because it gave us her topless scene.

There are American actresses more beautiful than Gayet, but I can't name one other actress who can light up a room the way this woman can. She has a radiant energy that just draws you into her smile.

Gayet (1, 2)

Fay Wray in King Kong

Since the IMDb has almost nothing, here's additional info on the movie - The NT Times review


"Jagged Edge", from Tuna

Here're Tuna's comments on Jagged Edge, new to DVD today. "Glenn Close is wonderful (as usual) in this better than average courtroom who-done-it. When a wealthy woman is brutally murdered, her husband is the prime suspect. Close is hired to defend him. The well written plot asks two questions -- Did he do it, and will he be found guilty. Good plot and good performances make a great film." Scoop's note: I've never seen the film, and I don't believe I've seen any previous caps of this scene, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so much of Glenn. Thumbnails Close (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


"Psycho", from Tuna

Scoop's note: This is the black and white Hitchcock version, not the remake. I assume you all know what this is about. If not, perhaps you meant to go to scooby.com. Those meddling kids! Anyway, now study it frame by frame to se what Janet Leigh did or didn't expose in the shower at the Bates Motel. Thumbnails Janet Leigh (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

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