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Whitney St John hosted the Entertainment segment on April 23
(lots of nudity from Nina Agdal, E-Rat, etc.)

April 24 - Marina Valmont and Shannon Blake went the extra mile in this training segment


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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

s1e1, 1920x1080

Rachel Brosnahan and Kyla Walker


Both women



This week continuing the British movies and TV.


"The Two Ronnies"

I found The Two Ronnies, starring Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Baker, one of the funniest sketch shows, ever. It was superbly written, including by Spike Milligan, many of the Pythons and Barry Cryer, and Corbett’s and Baker’s interpretation of the scripts was first-class. Given that it was a 1970’s TV show, from the FH point-of-view there was a bit of nudity

Today: season one

Series 1 Episode 2 (1971)

Madeline Smith - quite a nip slip!

Series 1 Episode 3 (1971)

Madeline Smith

Series 1 Episode 4 (1971)

Madeline Smith

Death Warmed Up

1984, 1080hd

IMDb calls this "Death Warmed Over," which would be the equivalent idiom in the USA.

Johnny's comments follow

This is one crazy movie, extremely violent and gory, and incredibly nutty - making it one odd experience, but then again, director David Blyth isn't above something completely crazy.  It's interesting. I just wish it was better.

Death Warmed Up is a 1984 horror movie where school boy Michael (Michael Hurst) is chemically coerced by insane scientist Dr. Archer Howell (Gary Day) into killing his parents including his father who is the doctor's biggest critic. It seems that the doctor has created a cure for death, but Michael's father is morally against it. Well, Michael gets 7 years in a psychiatric facility for killing his parents and the doctor gets his own facility to practice his cure for death. Some time after he is released, Michael convinces his girlfriend Sandy (Margaret Umbers) and his best friend Lucas (William Upjohn) as well as Lucas's girlfriend Jeannie (Norelle Scott) to go to Waiheke Island where there are some tunnels that were used during World War 2 and explore them. Coincidentally, Dr. Howell's facility is also on this island and some of his experiments are roaming around freaking out or menacing the locals or dying in the most horrific ways possible because the experiments don't always work (including a welcome cameo from Bruno Lawrence as the first experiment). What Michael hasn't told his friends is that he's there to get revenge on the doctor and plans to enter the facility through the tunnels. Well, all hell breaks loose and the doctor unleashes his army of neverdead 'zombies' to cause complete mayhem. So, who will survive the chaos?

Messy movie that pushes a lot of the right buttons but has such a ridiculous plot that it stumbles around a lot.
I just wish it was more coherent in regards as to why the doctor's doing what he's doing. Maybe I'm missing something, I don't know. It also has a very abrupt ending, suggesting either a possible sequel that never came, or maybe lost footage and heavy re-editing.

Norelle Scott film clip (collage below)

Trista Robinson and Shoshanna Hill in Purgatory Road (2017) in 1080p



Samantha Ferris, Keegan Connor Tracy and Christina Hendricks (non-nude)
 in various episodes of Beggars and Choosers, which ran from 1999 to 2001.