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"The L Word"

Season one in 1920x1080

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Leisha Hailey

Mia Kirshner



The Pleasures of a Woman


Today begins a long series of caps and clips of the grind-house feature, The Pleasures of a Woman. The screenplay for this movie was written on a cocktail napkin; not the outline, the whole damn screenplay. Three gals and a guy people the universe of Pleasures and although all three gals are beautifully built and fully nekkid, the movie is so very boring. There are many sins I will forgive so long as scenes are filmed to bring out the beauty in its actresses but this one seems to have filmed with the opposite intention. So I grabbed some frames and stuck them together, with none of the feeble attempts at artistry I usually make.  I guess the clips and the collages speak for themselves.

Lynn Harris and Uschi Digart - part 5 of 6




Hable Con Ella


Johnny's comments:

Hable con Ella is a 2002 drama where Marco (Darío Grandinetti) sees a female bullfighter Lydia González (Rosario Flores) on the television and decides to do an interview with her. When he meets her, she asks him to get her out of a tricky situation and take her home, but at her house she encounters a snake and decides to spend the night elsewhere. After this Marco and Lydia begin a relationship which comes to a sudden halt when she is violently gored by a bull and goes into a coma. Marco visits her in hospital constantly and meets male nurse Benigno (Javier Cámara) and they strike up a friendship. Benigno introduces Marco to his favourite comatose patient Alicia (Leonor Watling), who Benigno strangely knew before being a patient as he had become obsessed with watching her dance at the studio across from his window. One day, Benigno tells Marco that he would like to marry Alicia, even though she is comatose. Marco sternly warns him, but at the same time Alicia stops mensuration and an investigation concludes that she is pregnant and Benigno is the likely culprit. He is jailed and Marco, who has come home from an overseas trip to the news that Lydia has died, visits Begnino in jail and he wants to know what happened to Alicia, who has left the hospital.

Bizarre, even by Almodóvar's standard, but actually quite touching drama that more about two men that have become unlikely friends and the quite horrifying behaviour one of them exhibits. Funnily enough, I've confused this movie with the similar Lucía y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia), both out at a similar time as well and with a similar cast and I also completely forgot about the bullfighter part of the story which isn't a major focus anyway. It's an interesting tale in a time when Almodóvar became more serious, but still has his left field flourishes and is definitely an odd, but affecting movie.

Leonor Watling film clips (collage below)

Paz Vega film clip (sample below)

Elena Anaya film clip (sample below)

Carne Tremula


Johnny's comments:

Carne Trémula (Live Flesh) is a 1997 drama/thriller about Victor (Liberto Rabal) who has just gotten out of jail after apparently accidentally shooting police officer David (Javier Bardem) after he responds with his partner Sancho (José Sancho) to a call from a neighbour of Elena (Francesca Neri) about another gun shot that happen during a struggle. While in prison, he has gotten a degree in education as well as other improvement and heads back to his childhood home, now in disrepair, with the 150,000 pesetas his mother (Penélope Cruz in a flashback) bequeathed to him. At the cemetery where he visits his mother's grave, he sees another funeral and spots Elena, who is there for her father's funeral and makes his presence known and she is shocked by this. Also at the cemetery, Victor meets the much older Clara (Ángela Molina) and they take a liking to one another and they begin an affair. Clara also happens to be the wife of Sancho. Elena tells her husband, David, who is wheelchair bound because of the shooting that she saw him and David makes it known to Victor that he is not to contact Elena again. But Victor and Elena are fated to be together, no matter what David says and the seeds are sown when Victor takes a volunteer job at the children's shelter where Elena works.

Probably the closest Almodóvar has ever gotten to a thriller, possibly because it's based on a Ruth Rendell mystery (I'm wondering how much though as the movie feels very much an Almodóvar tale). But, Live Flesh is not much of a mystery and is more about a group of people whose fates have drawn them together. I really like this movie. There's a lot stirring in the story and it has a few little touches which work well like the whole bus thing which takes up a surprising amount of the runtime also it's possibly his sexiest tale particularly with one of Almodóvar's trope of a man making a woman fall for him. I definitely think it's one of his more underrated movies.

Francesca Neri film clip (collages below)

Film and TV Clips

Ashley Turner in The Walking Deceased (2015)

Mindy Robinson, Masuimi Max and Chanell Heart in Gingerdead Man Vs Evil Bong (2013)


Kendra Sunderland, "The Library Girl"