Hi Scoopy,

I saw your post about problems with IE going back to the top of the page when you hit "back" from a picture page. I've seen this behavior as well.

I did some debugging using IE9's developer debugger, and it looks to me like the problem is likely some weird interaction with the layout of the fun house web page and IE9 "quirks" mode. You get "quirks" mode (which is basically a backwards compatibility mode that retains some old IE behaviors) rather than standard mode if the HTML doesn't have a DOCTYPE declaration. The standards say you're supposed to have one, but it's basically optional because it wasn't always required. I think if you add the following line to the very beginning of the HTML for the funhouse, it will start working again:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

I tried saving a local copy of the file and making the change, and it seemed to fix the problem.

Best regards,



Perfect! Problem solved.

You rule, D.

I knew there might be something like that, but I couldn't quite reason out the exact solution. Congrats on thinking it through, and thanks for the time you spent on it!


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Starting the third season of Baywatch. These were all made in 1992 and 1993.

Episode 1 - River of No Return: Part 1

Erika Eleniak - nice

Nicole Eggert - bikini

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Susan Anton - bikini

Unknown - doing justice to beach volleyball


Episode 2 - River of No Return: Part 2

Nicole Eggert - nice

Pamela Anderson - more cleavage

Susan Anton - nice

Episode 3 - Tequila Bay

Alexandra Paul - sexy

Nicole Eggert - nice

Pamela Anderson - the usual

Unknown - nice

Episode 4 - Rookie of the Year

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Nicole Eggert - nice

Pamela Anderson - even more cleavage

Episode 5 - Pier Pressure

Elizabeth Berkley - very sexy

Juliet Sorcey - bikini

Nicole Eggert - bikini

Susan Anton - lovely

Tiara English - nice

Unknown - doing justice to a bikini contest

Episode 6 -Showdown at Malibu Beach High

Elizabeth Berkley - bikini

Nicole Eggert - bikini

Pamela Anderson - almost wearing a bikini

Terri Ivens - bikini

Unknown - doing justice to a bikini pool party

Episode 7 - Point Doom

Alexandra Paul - sexy

Jennifer Campbell - bikini

Pamela Anderson - yes, cleavage

Raye Hollitt - muscles

Unknown - sexy

Episode 8 - Princess of Tides

Laura Harring - sexy

Pamela Anderson - boobs everywhere

Unknown - nice

Episode 13 - Island of Romance

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Angela Visser - sexy

Pamela Anderson - pokies, and cleavage

Episode 14 - Strangers Among Us

Kristina Wayborn - cleavage

Nicole Eggert - sexy

Episode 15 - Vacation 1

Nicole Eggert - very sexy

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Unknown - sexy bikinis




The Night of the Following Day


Pamela Franklin clip (caps below)




Sortie 67

(2010) aka "Exit 67"

Quebec movie to be released in the United States under the title "Gangsterland". Despite of the gritty gangsta-ho setting there is very little nudity.

Natacha Noel: underwear as stripper ho.

Patrica Stasiak: partial breasts getting raped.

stripper: slight buns.

Love at First Kill

aka "The Box Collector" (2008)

Belgium-Canadian co-production about a pair of domineering mothers who would keep serial killer Ed Gein good company. This is not a movie to watch on Mother's Day.

Lyne Renee: Belgian actress topless MILF. The water looks very cold.

Marie Vinck: Belgian actress shows some nice bra-less cleavage.

Jennifer Pudavick: nice pokies by Canadian actress.

"Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemble"


Showtime movie based on true story.

Topaz Hasfal: nude sex scene.

Ultimate Fight

(1998) aka "The Process"

Melissa Barker Sauer: very sexy.

"Breakout Kings"

episode "Fun with Chemistry" from the A&E series.(2011)

Scout Taylor-Compton: bra and panties by Halloween star.


episode "Sex and Violence" (2009)

Obligatory episode taking place in strip club.Now what sort of demonic being would take the form of a stripper?

Moneca Delain: bra and panties.

strippers: bra and panties.


episode "T-Bone" (2011) (s01e02)

New Showcase series about a female detective trying to get pregnant so she's always having sex when not buying shoes or catching criminals.

Amy Price-Francis: nothing much yet but a good start.

"True Crime Scene"

episode "Presumed Dead" (2010)

This series was also known as "Cold Blood" in its first season.

Mary Dawson: brassiere getting raped.

Krista Marchand: skirt hiked up having sex.


episode "$75 to Pose Nude in a Sketchy Studio?"

Reality episode where the hostess answers a craiglist ad to pose as a nude model.

Danielle Barker: mostly pixellated except for the nude drawing.

"Urban Legends"

episode "Reap What You Sow"

Second week in a row they cast another babe from the erotic cable series Lingerie.

Jessica Vandenberg: sexy as hooker.


episode "Designer Love"

Yulia Lukin aka Juliet Lukin: bra and panties as model in opening scene.

"Calendar Girls"

(current play)

Fiona Highet: discreet topless in news footage from last weekend.

Czechploitation update

Lucie Benesova was the very first Czechploitation babe in Chained Heat II which is the first Bound Heat film shot in the Czech Republic. Since then Bound Heat has cast dozens of local area nude models and actresses,  some who posed for the Czech hefmag edition. Lloyd Simandl hasn't left the film studio since.

Here are some of her post Chained Heat nude work:

Lucie Benesova: Sametovi Vrazi

Lucie Benesova: Vekslak

Katerina Kornova also did a number of Czechploitation films but kept her clothes on despite posing for hefmag.

Katerina Kornova: very rare topless in the sex comedy Playgirls.

Lingerie Football League update

They had some tryouts in Toronto last week and one of the hopefuls is Krista Ford who's the niece of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Krista Ford: twitter pics:



Turkey Shoot


Johnny's comments:

Turkey Shoot, or whatever you want to call it as the film has many names, is a Brian Trenchard-Smith directed thriller set in the not-too-distant future about a dystopian society where an unseen force takes troublemakers to prison camps for rehabilitation. The most ruthless of prison camps is run by Thatcher and it has some new arrivals in Paul and Chris (Steve Railsback and Olivia Hussey). Paul has a rebellious streak about him and this is identified early, so he is tortured to break his spirit. Chris is a timid woman and an object of desire for a wealthy benefactor, who wants her all to himself, if the guards don't have her first. It's also the season for a 'turkey shoot', a 'Most Dangerous Game' style hunt where benefactors choose a person to hunt by whatever method available. Chosen to be hunted include Paul and Chris, Rita (Lynda Stoner), Dodge and provocateur Griff. Can they survive the hunt and escape the camp? A mostly derided film, but I don't know. Sure, the limitations are glaringly obvious and the dystopia stuff was done better by Trenchard-Smith in Dead End Drive-In, but the film has some impressive gory scenes in it that make the film more watchable than it has any right to be. And Olivia Hussey looks like she was forced at gun point to be in this film. She looks positively terrified the entire time. It's amusing to watch, but it makes her character absolutely cringeworthy. A failure, but an intriguing failure nonetheless.

Olivia Hussey and body double in film clips (collage below)

Lynda Stone in film clips (collages below)




Underbelly: the Golden Mile

More 1080p film clips, with sample collages below each

Cheree Cassidy

Emma Booth


Lieschen Pogue


Emma Campagnon (no collage for this one)



Film Clips

Pernille Vallentin Fri os fra det onde (2009; sample below)

Lene Nystrom in Fri os fra det onde (2009; sample below)

Elisa Tovati, Vahina Giocante, Alexandra Ansidei in 99 Francs in 1080p (2007)

We're up to s1e7 of Beatrice Manowski in Und tschuess! (1995; see below)



From Fast Five: Gal Gadot

Elsa Pataky doesn't show anything in Fast Five, so here she is in barer times.

Another nice one of the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in a bikini