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Playtime has long been unavailable on Region 1 DVD. Since it is a rather palatable example of couples erotica, I am glad to see that corrected.

Monique Parent is somewhat frustrated by her husband's lukewarm libido, and takes matters into her own hand frequently. She mentions this to the wife of her husband's law partner, Jennifer Burton, while drinking mimosas topless by the Palm Springs resort pool. Obviously, the four have known each other a long time, and all work in the office. The arrival of a pool cleaner sends the girls scurrying inside, where they decide to watch each other masturbate. Next, they bring a husband into the act, and then finally try for the other husband, who reacts badly. We learn via flashbacks that his reaction was caused by something Julie Strain and Tammy Parks did to him when he was 18. He causes a battle that threatens to end two marriages and a successful law practice.

It is a solid example of "couples' erotica." The film is nearly non-stop nudity and simulated sex in groups of 1, 2, 3 and 4, with decent photography throughout. Monique Parent, Jennifer Burton, Julie Strain and Tammy Parks all show full frontal and rear nudity. It is a bonus that they also somehow make you care about the horny characters.

IMDb readers say 5.9, and why not. In fact, it is a very high C as couples erotica.

Note that this disk is both Region 1 and Region 4 from Mexico. Menus are in Spanish and there are optional Spanish subtitles, but the soundtrack is only in English.

Play Time DVD aka Playtime (1994) Jennifer Burton


Jennifer Burton



Monique Parent



Parent and Burton



Tammy Parks



Julie Strain









Cool it Carol

Today the Time Machine is off to 1970 for some British sexploitation from Director Pete Walker. Cool It Carol stars a cute Janet Lynn and Robin Askwith as a couple who leave their small town for London and wind up jobless and broke which leaves Janet doing all kinds of tricks to make ends meet.


 Janet reveals all in these scenes.


Nicola Austin plays a stripper showing off her hooters.







Cosma Shiva Hagen, part 3:


This flick, literally "Angel of Death" was Cosma's first screen nudity.

Cosma Shiva Hagen







Notes and collages

Carnal Knowledge, Part 5








An oldie but goodie: Vaitiare Bandera's full frontal scene in Stargate.

Here's a film clip of song #3 of the prolific nudity in 9 Songs

And  three from the Tudors, episode three

Lorna Doyle

film clip
Natalie Dormer film clip
Rachel Montague film clip






The Comedy Wire

According to the Drudge Report, ABC has considered Joan Rivers, Connie Chung, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler and Kathie Lee Gifford to replace Rosie O'Donnell on "The View," but their top choice is Roseanne Barr.  An insider said the show is missing strong personalities and Roseanne is "a piece of work; she's a character, she says what's on her mind and she's funny."  Sources said the open seat is "the quarterback" of the show who has to know how to move the show along, so it's a tough chair to fill.

*  It must also be a very large chair to fill.

Americans enjoy bashing the French, but according to a poll by the
International Herald Tribune and France 24 TV, the French dislike themselves even more.  Only 38 percent of Americans have a negative view of the French, while 44 percent of the French don't think highly of themselves.  The good news for the French: only 14
percent of Germans dislike them.

*  The Germans love France so much, they keep trying to move in.

The Sun newspaper reports that author Sheridan Simove of South London lost his bank account when he became God.  After he legally changed his name to God, his bank closed his account, telling him that accounts must have both first and last names.  He replied that he'd become "Almighty God," but they rejected that and told him he had to use his original name or go without a checking account.

*  Those bankers are still getting even for Jesus throwing the money-changers out of the temple.