"Nurses of the 407th"

Nurses of the 407th (1982) is a classic era adult film starring adult hall-of-famer Jessie St. James as Hothips in this M*A*S*H parody. The nurses and the doctors get together, the nurses get together with each other and a patient, who is the running gag in this film. He comes to the hospital with a hairline fracture of the tow, and leaves in a full body cast.

Nurses include Chelsea Manchester (this time credited as Tigr), Lynx Cannon (who eventually formed a lesbian band with Manchester), and relative unknown Kathleen Crystal. All women show everything. Male stars include Hershel Savage, Joey Silvera and Paul Thomas. The film features a plot and decent production values. To make the DVD an even better bargain, there is a fascinating commentary by Gloria Leonard and Bill Margold. Margold, who appeared in front of the camera in over 90 films, and is very active in the Adult FIlm Association is a walking history book of the adult industry. The transfer is clearly a remaster, and the video quality is not at all bad. There were some sound problems here and there. This is a clear C+, loaded with all natural women including a hall of famer, top male stars, a few laughs, and enough plot to hold your interest.

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    Claire Keim Very nice toplessness and frontal nudity, also from "Il Giovane Casanova".

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    Full frontal and rear nudity in scenes from "Leo and Claire".

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    Lisa Wolf Far off, full frontal nudity from the German mini series "Der Rote Vogel".

    Nadeshda Brennicke Still more goodies from German are close up breast views in scenes from "Affäre zu dritt" (2002).

    Roberta Mosca More from "Il Giovane Casanova". Mosca shows breasts and brief pube views during while gettin' it on.

    Sophie von Kessel More scenes from "Affäre zu dritt". We see very nice toplessness as she gets out of the shower, and also in a lesbian love scene.

    Susanna Hoffs The Bangles lead singer still looking great after all these years.

    Tatu The Pseudo-lesbian teens showing the usual pokies.

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