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Shadows Run Black


Today the Time Machine is off to 1986 for the thriller "Shadows Run Black."

Ann Hull made her only screen appearance and did full frontal nudity, before being strangled to death. Guess that's why she gave up an acting career. Caps with a film clip.


It's also a bad day for Rhonda Selesnow as she shows the boobs, but she gets a knife to the chest. Caps and a clip.


Part 2 tomorrow.






The Hot Spot


This film frequently appears on top ten lists when guys choose their favorite nude scenes. Jennifer Connelly topless in the sunlight - what more do you need to say?

Jennifer Connelly (and Debra Cole) film clips

Sample captures below.

Virginia Madsen film clips (a hot tootsie in her own right!)

Sample captures below.

some other chick - film clip




Transylmania (aka National Lampoon's Transylmania, 2009)

Comments from Wikipedia


The film has been universally panned by critics, with unanimously negative reviews. The film currently holds a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, receiving not one positive review. It received an 8 out 100 on website Metacritic, which assigns a normalized score to a film based on reviews, which makes it fall into the category of "Overwhelming dislike."

Tom Russo for the Boston Globe called it "Woefully dim-witted." Steve Hyden for the AV Club called it "such a colossal comedic misfire that it makes the execrable Scary Movie films look like masterworks of Preston Sturges-esque genius by comparison." Frank Scheck for The Hollywood Reporter called it a "Lame vampire spoof" that "has no bite." Adam Markovitz for Entertainment Weekly called it "a no-stars, no-plot, no-point vampire spoof about a group of coeds studying abroad in a haunted castle, Transylmania boasts the kind of acting and direction usually relegated to the adult section of your local video store." Mike Hale of The New York Times said that Transylmania is "destined to spend a short and painful life in theaters and then join the ranks of the DVD and late-night-cable undead." Robert Able of The Los Angeles Times said that "If your idea of a good time is laughing with repulsion at a humpbacked Romanian nympho with a torture-loving midget dad, or tittering every time a bong appears, a darkened theater awaits you." Brian Orndorf in his review said that "I surveyed the crowd at the screening I attended, feeling the chill in the air as seven strangers sat in stone-cold silence -- not a single laugh from anyone. The eighth moviegoer? Fast asleep five minutes in. I've never envied a person more."

Box office

The film opened extremely poorly, at #21 with only $263,941 from 1,007 theaters, making it the 3rd worst movie opening since 1982 for films which opened in more than 600 theaters, and the worst ever for films opening in over 1,000 theaters.

The DVD came out this Tuesday

Transylmania - Adriana Butoi

Transylmania - Jennifer Lyons

Transylmania - Desiree Malonga

Transylmania - Simon Petric (last two from the DVD features)

Transylmania - Radita Rosu

Vanessa Williams in another episode of Soul Food

In case you missed it, here's Vanessa's previous appearance

Dree Hemingway in Numero magazine


Film Clips

Aline Nolesco in Chateaubriand (720p)

Gina Mastrogiacomo and Angela Nicholas in Alien Space Avenger

Annie McEnroe in The Hand

Christine Tremarco in Hold Back the Night

Emma Pierson in Charles II

Genevieve Bujold in Coma

Helen Baxendale in The Investigator

Julia Benson in Masters of Horror, s2e9

Lena Headey, plus Siri Neal and Cari Buono in Waterland

Natalie Robb in Kitchen

Polina Agureyeva in Euphoria

Razika Nayis in Pas Si Simple