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A Map of the World


Sigourney Weaver film clips










Flower and Snake


Today we wrap up "Flower and Snake" as Aya Sugimoto has been released from her bonds and gets all full frontal while getting it on with the old guy. In fact, she screwed him to death! Caps and a clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" gets a little leggy on a visit to Letterman. Caps and a HD clip.








Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox

Season 5, episode 7







Canadian actress Jessica Barrow is currently in the Naked Women's Wrestling League fighting under the moniker Tiny Tina. In fact, like the Naked News, many in the lineup are Canadians.


Here's some info from the home page of the organization:

Looks like she stole her costume from the set of American Pie Beta House







Keeley Hazell at the beginning of her career. Impressive! You better hold your jaw in place before clicking on that first one. That's gotta be pretty close to the most beautiful topless pic I've ever seen, and in super hi-res to boot.

Amanda Peet in the Whole Nine Yards in HD

Just for fun, Lindsay Lohan and Gollum

The women of Eaten Alive ...

... Me Me Lai


... Paola Senatore


... Janet Agren

Janet Who?????

A spectacular beauty, Janet was one of that generation of liberated Swedish actresses born in the mid-1940s who started to attract international attention in the late 60s when the cultural revolution forced a liberalization of the nudity standards. And there they were, ready to get naked on camera. Marie Liljedahl, Ewa Aulin, Lena Nyman, Louise Tillberg, Uschi Digard, Jeannette Swensson, Pia Degermark, Essy Persson, Licka Sjoman, Anna Bergman, and Britt Ekland are also in this club. Camilla Sparv, once Mrs Robert Evans, would be in the club, except that she managed to keep her clothes on. I suppose there are several more that have faded from my memory.

There were some long careers in there, some brief ones, and a tragedy or two.

  • Janet Agren, who I'm supposed to be writing about here, had no tragedies to speak of. She spent about 20 years in the film biz, mostly making crappy Italian movies, and her career just quietly burned out when she was about 40. She now lives in Miami and works as an interior designer.
  • Pia Degermark became world famous after playing the title role in Elvira Madigan. She was 17. Fame, however, did not agree with her. She battled anorexia for years, and was washed-up at 22, never to work again. Later in life she became a homeless drug addict and a grifter. She eventually went to prison in the 1990s for passing bad checks and assaulting a civil servant. She's just trying to be a normal person now. Here is a 2004 article about her.
  • Ewa Aulin (Candy) just quit acting when she was about 23. She realized she had almost no talent, and was doomed to work in more films like Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion, so she went back to school to become a teacher, and has stayed out of public life for 35 years.
  • Essy Persson was the second or third woman I ever saw naked in a film. For many American baby boomers, she may well have been the first, because "I, a Woman" hit the States in about 1965, right at the time when the culture was liberalizing. There is no indication that she has died, but nobody seems to have any idea what she is doing now. She disappeared without a trace from the film/TV world around 1983.

By the way, the first naked woman I ever saw on screen was Romy Schneider, an Austrian. I am indebted to Romy for starting me along the path toward studying and archiving film nudity.

I have written that story many times before, but here it is again, for the record, and fro you newer guys.

It was the early part of 1963. I don't remember the exact date, but I remember that it was still wintry at night. I was a high school freshman when my friend, the Wily Duck, persuaded me to join him in an expedition to see Boccaccio '70, an arty, bawdy, European comedy with a tiny bit of nudity. The Wily One wasn't called that for nothin'. He was a crafty kid, and he had a plan. There were two theaters about a block apart. My mother would drop us off and pick us up at the one which was showing a revival of Darby O'Gill and the Little People. We would pretend to go to that movie, then skulk around to the other theater. If the theater showing Boccaccio '70 didn't let us in, we'd simply return and suffer through ol' Darby and his banshees. The plan went off without a hitch. The art house showing Boccaccio '70 sold us tickets and never asked us any questions, even through we were 13 or 14. We saw the entire film, and snuck back to the rendezvous with my mom, who didn't suspect a thing.

We actually enjoyed the film. I have subsequently read that the European version of Boccaccio '70 consisted of four separate stories from four different directors, but there were only three stories in the version which we saw. Each of the three segments was memorable in some way. We thought that two of the segments (directed by Fellini and DeSica, starring Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren) were terrific - very entertaining and very sexy, albeit without nudity. The third segment was a totally boring Eurosnob thing directed by Visconti, but I'll always remember it, for it was in that segment that I saw my first naked woman on screen.


Film Clips

Gorgeous Charlotte Salt again in the Tudors. This time it's Season 3, Episode 5

Amber Heard in The Informers. Quality is crap, but there should be some good clips from this film coming up soon.