Wolfhound (2002) is a straight to vid softcore, but I suspect that was not the original intention. Allen Scotti returns with his wife and two children from New York to his ancestral home in Ireland to write a book, and also to learn about the childhood and parents that he has no recollection of. We slowly learn along with him that it is a village of shape shifters, many of whom spend time as Irish Wolfhounds, although there is the odd crow/town clerk/crow. Not only that, but when the local women are not in dog form, they are more or less bitches in heat, and one in particular, played by 1995 Heffer of the year Julie Cialini, seems to have a history with our hero. He soon runs afoul of the alpha male, and his wife isn't sure what is going on, but knows enough to know that she doesn't like it. It all leads to a confrontation between Scotti and the Alpha male, and between Scotti and his wife, who is going back to the big apple with or without him.

Along the way, Scotti has hot sex several times with Cialini who gives a three B performance. The film was shot on location in Ireland, features lots on animal actors, and even has some special effects. I suspect it was intended as a horror/thriller, but they soon realized that they had too much nudity and sex for the genre, but not enough for a soft core, so they brought in Regina Russel and Julie K. Smith to do a three way and up the breast count.

IMDb readers have this at 3.0, and the comments are brutal. Some were furious that it was not even a werewolf film. They must read as badly as they write, it is called Wolfhound, not Werewolf. Others complained about the acting. I will concede that the acting was not up to B horror/thriller standards, but was within the norm for soft core. The one intelligent criticism was on the photography. They had no end of trouble pulling focus, especially on two-shots, and badly botched attempts at backlighting, and ambient light through doors and windows, resulting in a very high percentage of shots with blown highlights. They also way overdid the often pesky smoke machine in one scene. Correct the lighting and photography mistakes, and work on an accent for Cialini, who has the brogue of a midwest cheerleader, and this would be an exceptional soft core film. As it si, it barely meets genre expectations, and is a low C-. Of course, as a horror thriller, it is in E territory.

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    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Good Luck Surviving! - Last night, President Bush held a rare prime time press conference to discuss Social Security reform, Iraq, oil prices and other pressing issues. But it was on the first night of May Sweeps. After an hour, he joked, "We better finish this up, there are TV programs to show. And I want to help the economy." But it was heard only on ABC and PBS because CBS had already cut away in mid-sentence to "Survivor," NBC to Donald Trump, and Fox to Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life."

  • Fox viewers didn't even notice the difference.
  • If only Bush were hot.
  • Bush should've let Barbara and Jenna give the press conference.
  • Donald Trump and Paris Hilton: two people who will never need Social Security.
  • ABC would've cut away, but they've got nothin'.

    Did She Use Her Teeth?! - Norway prides itself on sexual equality, and now they can brag that they've convicted their first woman of rape. A 31-year-old man claimed he fell asleep on a sofa at a party and awoke to find a 23-year-old woman giving him oral sex. Under Norwegian law, all sex acts with someone who is unconscious or unable to oppose it are considered rape. The woman claimed he was awake and consented, but a court found her guilty of rape and sentenced her to nine months in jail and to pay the man $6,335 (US) in compensation.

  • Wow, she must've done it VERY BADLY!
  • So this guy got a 23-year-old woman to pay him $6,335 to give him oral sex? I have a new hero!

    M.C. Donald - Get ready for the new, more in-your-face Ronald McDonald! McDonald's head of marketing said Ronald is getting some attitude, so he doesn't appeal only to kids. His humor will become more "Shrek"-like, with pop culture references and double-entendres that adults get. He'll start popping up at sporting events, and he's trading the clown outfit and big shoes for seven new costumes, including a tux, a beach outfit and a basketball jersey. The spokesman said, "We're letting Ronald escape from the playpen."

  • He'll cut a gangsta rap album and move from the playpen to the crib.
  • Whoever came up with this idea must've escaped from a playpen.
  • Do we really want to hear fart jokes in a restaurant commercial?
  • Look for this to be satirized in the truly hip Jack-In-The-Box commercials.

    He READ Those Scripts?! - About 250 items belonging to Marlon Brando will be auctioned June 30th by Christie's New York. It includes movie scripts with his personal annotations, letters and gifts from famous friends, his Oscar nomination certificate for "On The Waterfront," and lots of stranger items, from his foosball table to the black velvet tunic he wore in "Superman."

  • It makes a very stylish beach cabana!
  • Good luck getting all the powdered sugar off it.
  • For some reason, all the foosball men have teeth marks on them.
  • The other 240 items are empty pizza boxes.

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