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Blade Runner


The Time Machine began the day still parked in 1982. We see Joanna Cassidy showing off her luscious boobs to lucky Harrison Ford. Caps only (clip yesterday).

Bad Girls From Mars


We found our "Babe in Bondage" for today by edging the throttle forward and movie the Time Machine into 1990 . From "Bad Girls From Mars," the legendary Edy Williams (ex-wife of Russ Meyer) shows off her boobs in this flick from 1990. Edy was 48 when this was filmed. The old gal is now 68. Caps and a film clip.

TV Land

As always, the Time Machine speeds to the present for TV Land. Lea Michele from "Glee" does a leg & thigh show for Jimmy Kimmel. Caps with an HD clip.







Another rape/revenge film.

Tuna's review:

Outrage is an Spanish film staring Antonio Banderas and Francesca Neri, originally titled íDispara! Neri plays a circus trick sharpshooter who shoots balloons with a rifle while doing stunts on a moving horse. Banderas is a journalist who's doing a story on the circus. No sooner do the two fall into love and lust than three thugs brutally rape Francesca Neri, both vaginally and anally, then rupture her uterus with a wine bottle.

Unfortunately for them, they do not kill her. She is a professional circus sharpshooter ... she is armed ... she knows who and where they are.

So here's a tip for you would-be rapists. Don't violate an armed sharpshooter unless you plan to leave her dead. Since she can shoot a balloon out of a clown's mouth at 100 yards while standing on a moving horse, three auto mechanics don't represent a real challenge for her. She wastes them like the pond scum they are. Unfortunately, the police don't think this is the proper way to dispose of the case, and come after her.

Banderas remains loyal to her to the end. Banderas and Neri were both very good in their roles, and because I cared so much about Neri's character, I didn't like the ending at all, although it was probably the only possible one.

Francesca Neri film clips

Sample captures below.



Paris Hilton falling out of her top because ... that's her job


Film Clips

Caroline Brunner in Alias

Caroline Lawrence in La Venus a Lulu

Caroline Quentin in Men Behaving Badly, s6e3

Joanna Higson in Shameless, s7e15

Rebecca Atkinson in Shameless, s7e15

Emily Mortimer in Cider With Rosie. There isn't much nudity - just one nipple, but I like Emily. Besides, it's kind of a cool scene and I had never seen it before.

Tara Fitzgerald in Frenchman's Creek. Another scene I had not seen in motion before.

Emily Mortimer again in Coming Home, also featuring Kate Ryder

Jennifer Beals in The Prophecy II

Morena Baccarin in Death in Love in 720p

Stephanie Sokolinski, Lea Seydouxm Anne-Sophie Franck and Djena Tsimba in Mes Copines

In the scenes below, the still images do not come from the film clip on today's page, but are other captures from the same scene, but different source media. Some of the samples have appeared here before.
Leonor Watling in The Baby's Room (sample right).
Maria de Medeiros in L'Homme de ma Vie (sample right)
Marion Cotillard in Chloe (sample right)
Marion Cotillard in Les Jolie Choses (sample right)
A very young Greta Scacchi and Toyah Wilcox in Ebony Tower. Another scene I had never seen before. (Sample of Scacchi right )