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"Doc Hollywood" (1991)

Doc Hollywood (1991) is a PG-13 moderately amusing Michael J. Fox comedy. Before opening credits, we see Dr. Stone (Fox) working ER at Washington hospital in DC. He is having his going away party, for he is off to join an exclusive plastic surgery center in Hollywood. As he drives off, the credits roll, and I predicted that he would get stuck in a small town, fall in love, and end up staying there.

Despite the fact that I correctly guessed the entire plot during the opening credits, the film is amusing throughout, and has some good characters. Fox's love interest, Julie Warner, has an amazingly long topless scene for a PG-13 film. Maltin says 2 1/2 stars. Ebert says 3 stars, and fell for the love story. IMDB readers agree more with Maltin at 5.8/10. I give it a C+. While I did enjoy it, it was not memorable. US gross was $53.85m, and rentals have brought in an additional $24.5.

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    "Just Looking" (1999)

    Just Looking (1999) is the second film in a row that Scoopy has suggested, and he is right again. It is even better then he said. They nailed adolescent boy, adolescent girl, young single woman, Jewish mother and stepfather perfectly. They also had the era (1955) exactly right, including the correct beer: Reingold, The Dry Beer. A touch about the Italian uncle rooting for Italian ball players like Roy Campinella (black catcher for the Dodgers before a crippling auto accident) was great. It is a crime that this film went nowhere. Always awarding Oscars to films that brake new ground is ludicrous, and assumes that all motion is progress. Why can't we recognize entertaining films with great production value, rather than boring works of mental and egotistical masturbation? Not only was this film ignored by awards committees, but it couldn't even get real distribution. It was made for $3m, and grossed less than 2% of that. The cast and crew must feel like they have been had, and without as much as a kiss or Vaseline.

    Locations were perfect, especially a street with the Italian grocery, the art direction fit the film without detracting from the plot and characters, the score was music from the 50's, and included most of my favorites from that era, there was not a flat performances in the entire film, and the story was told with incredible honesty and insight. I don't know how they could have improved on it. The film is somewhat reminiscent of The Wonder Years, in that it is a young man, and he tells the story with a fair amount of voiceover, but differs in that it presents life, and shows how he reacted to it, whereas The Wonder Years showed life through his eyes. The dialogue was great as well. Here is an example:

    Uncle: "Your mother hates me because I am Italian."
    Lenny: "She doesn't hate you because you are Italian, she hates you because you aren't Jewish. There is a difference."

    The cast included two very talented young female actresses, Amy Braverman and Allie Spiro-Winn. I suspect we will see much more of both of them. Gretchen Mol provided the nudity, as a single nurse/former lingerie model, every boy's wet dream and every man's fantasy.

    Don't miss this film. I can't imagine anyone disliking it, and suspect that most will be as enthusiastic about it as I am.

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  • Gretchen Mol (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Amy Braverman and Allie Spiro-Winn

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    I looked at: 

    The Serpent's Kiss. Boring! Here's a good description: costume drama made by a cinematographer who never directed another movie before or since. Should give you the idea. No nudity, but I did a couple of cleavage collages. What has happened to Greta Scacchi? According to IMDb, she was only 37 when this movie was released, probably 36 when it was filmed. Why does she look so much older? There is nothing in her bio to indicate any level of Rogeresque manipulation of her birthdate, so I just don't get it. (For you new guys who don't get the reference,  I have a friend whose sister went to high school with Mimi Rogers. Five years ago, I first pointed out that the only way Mimi's birthdate could be correct is if she graduated from high school at 14. You know how they corrected it at IMDb a couple years after I started pointing that out? Why, of course, they now claim that she graduated from high school at 14 - what else? You didn't think Mimi was going to change her birthdate, did you? Since she was born in January , she started 12th grade at age 13! And they say James Woods is smart! He's a friggin' drooling moron next to Mimi. Undoubtedly she was already reading in her mother's womb. What a shame that a mind like that is wasted in acting. She could have been showing Dr Hawking some flaws in his math.)

    Loulou  is also not worth your time, except for Isabelle Huppert naked.  Yet another poorly lighted, poorly acted (it appears to me that only the three leads are actors), single camera, slice-of-life with virtually no plot, plenty of phony-baloney existentialism, and Depardieu. It even has Depardieu naked. Now that's entertainment. Thankfully it was 20 years ago, somewhat before he started having to be weighed on a roadside truck scale. 

    Graphic Response
  • Fionnula Flanagan in "James Joyce's Women" (1985). These 'caps are from a 10 minute scene in which Fionnula masturbates to poety. In plain view during the scene are 2 of the 3 B's...boobs and bush.
  • Kathy Shower The former playperson stil looking pretty darn good nekkid at the age of 40! Many frames of her breasts, plus frontal views as well in scenes from "L.A. Goddess" (1993).
  • Lillian Müller and Olivia Pascal...lesbo lovin from "Sex on the Run" (1976).
  • Sylva Koscina Breasts and bum, also from "Sex on the Run".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Brainscan
    The theme for the day is Pets (shocking) who do porno (doubly shocking), but the twist is these are Euro-pornsters who were well-established in... ahem... the industry before posing for the Guccione publication. First off are Nikki Anderson and Sylvia Saint. Nikki is okay; Sylvia is spectacular. Some of the scans I have seen of her suggest there is nothing she wouldn't do with a willing partner.

  • Nikki Anderson (1, 2, 3)
  • Sylvia Saint (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    And then there was Tania Rusof; perfectly recreational body and again the odd scan or two I have seen on the web indicates that recreation... or at least entertainment... was the thing foremost in her mind, for a while. The Internet Adult Movie Database says she stopped acting, as it were, a couple of years ago.

  • Tania Rusof (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Running the anchor leg is Vicca, simply Vicca. Don't know from whence she hails, but I am wondering if there are more like her back home.

  • Vicca (1, 2, 3)

  • Arthur Figgis
    This is material from movie called "Nicht ohne dich". This means "Not without you".

    Our story begins with a wonderful family with a wonderful new house, but soon the house starts to fall apart (insert symbolism here). You might wonder about the fact that she (Naomi Krauss) is an architect and wasn't able to see the problems, but let's not use our brain too much. The movie is not worth it.

    Financial and professional problems make the husband (Heikko Deutschmann) beat his wife and she leaves to a friend. She meets the friend's brother and in an unexpected and very, very strange twist of script, the brother disappears all of a sudden and the couple reunites. What was the essence of all that? Beat your wife, look like a poppy and get her back? This is about the stupidest thing I had the doubtful honour to see currently. The whole thing was like an anti-joke for me. "Two cows are sitting on a high voltage wire. Suddenly a fridge lands on the moon. Why is the banana wining? Yes, the flanger was married to the rabbi in the joke before."

    However, Naomi Krauss was looking great, although I suspect that it took some time for her and her Epilady to look that good. Well her acting was two-faced. One so: :-) - And the other so: :-(. She can do better, but probably she didn't feel like doing more regarding the script. For some reason "TV-Spielfilm", the most popular TV-Guide in Krautistan, made this Schmock the "Tipp des Tages" (Tip of the day - Yes, since the last reform, we have to write 'tip' with two -p- ... it's a strange country we live in). I don't know who to trust anymore.

    BTW, you Americans may know that in Heidelberg-Country we dub your movies and translate the names. A little quiz:

    Q. What series is "Eine schrecklich nette Familie" (An awfully nice family)?
    A.Yesss, it's "Married with children".

    Q. What show is "Hör mal, wer da hämmert" (Listen, who's hammering)? *Please, Sir, can I call somebody up?*
    A.Correct, it's "Home Improvement".

    Q. "Unser lautes Heim" (Our noisy home)?
    A."Growing Pains".

    Q.What about "Die unglaubliche Reise in einem verrückten Flugzeug" (The unbelievable journey in a crazy aeroplane)?
    A.You got it, it's "Airplane I".

    Q.What happened to "Airplane II"?
    A. Of course it became "Die unglaubliche Reise in einem verrückten Raumschiff" (The unbelievable journey in a crazy Spaceship).

    Q.Wanna hear about the fate of "Star Trek V - The Final Frontier"?
    A.We enjoy it as "Star Trek V - am Rande des Universums" (Star Trek V - On The Edge of The Universe) which is kinda funny, because it's pretty much the opposite of what is actually happening in the movie.

    Another funny thing is giving an english titled movie another english title instead of a translation. "Spin City" became "Chaos City" for no obvious reason. "Beyond The Stars" was translated to "Moon Trek".

    Or word by word translations: "Naked Gun" became "Die nackte Kanone". Well the single words are correct, but we don't have that idiome in the Krautish language. It's "The Nude / Undressed Gun". Those should be spectacular vidcaps, shouldn't they? "An unmarried Woman" here is called "Eine entheiratete Frau" (untranslateable) This expression simply doesn't exist.

    But the winner is: There was a movie with Pamela Gidley originally called "Liebestraum" wich is a german word that means "Dream of Love". Well the people in the German institute for translating titles probably thought "No, this word cannot be understood by Germans. No way." And in order to make clear what this word is about, they made "Todestraum" of it. It's "Dream of Death" in English. That's pretty much the reason, why people always die, when they fall in love. Gives the song "When I fall in love, it will be forever" a completely new dimension.

    Enough of babbling, enjoy the pics!

  • Naomi Krauss (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    Jr.'s mini nudity report for these 'caps:
    Breasts are visible in Links #3-8.

  • Donbun
    If you like your boobs big, and your bimbos blonde, then Don has just what you need. Here is Michelle Perry showing off her big'uns in scenes from her only film credit, the Skinemax movie "Illicit Lovers".

  • Michelle Perry (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Blackshine
    Part of Blackshine's Latest Fahsion scans.

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