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Colpo D'Occhio


Johnny's comments:

Haven't done a foreign movie in a while, so let's go to Italy.

Colpo D'Occhio (At a Glance) is a drama/thriller about an up-and-coming sculptor who meets the much younger lover, Gloria (Vittoria Puccini) of a powerful art critic and they instantly fall in love. In the midst of their affair, the woman decides to leave the critic, only for the critic to have a car crash, most likely a deliberate one. She leaves him and runs away with the sculptor and they live happily but humbly for a while until the sculptor is given his big break and is commissioned to do some artwork for the local square, which was given the go ahead by... the critic. The critic decides to take the sculptor under his wing and make him a star, which is what the sculptor wants and all is well until the sculptor walks out on his first big show and is dumped from the gallery. Gloria becomes skeptical of the critic as it's becoming increasingly obvious that he is manipulating everything just to show how powerful he is, but the sculptor is having none of it and wants back in to the art world, but he must do as the art critic says, however unsavoury. There's a great shell of a story here, but it's so badly handled that one must wonder how incredibly dumb the sculptor is. Can't he see that he is been so easily manipulated by the critic. There's blind ambition and then there pure and utter stupidity and when the final moments play out as predicted early on, there's no sympathy for the sculptor at all. Ah well... Would loved to have seen what a 70s-80s Brian de Palma would of made of it, it's right up his alley.

And Vittoria Puccini is wow, just wow. I see she replaced Giovanna Mezzogiorno is the follow up to L'Ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss) called Baciami Ancora (Kiss Me Again), even though she's 10 years younger and well, she's OK, no Giovanna. But man, Kiss Me Again is one depressing film. I wonder if they'll do a follow up in Hollywood. I dare them to do one as depressing.

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