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The Goddess of 1967

The Goddess of 1967 (2000) is an Australian art film/road movie directed by Clara Law.

A young Japanese man who lives in a luxury Tokyo apartment with a huge collection of reptiles decides he wants a legendary car, the 1967 Citroen DS, nicknamed the Deesse, or Goddess. He locates one on the net in Australia, makes a deal for it, and travels down under to take possession. When he arrives, he finds that the man who was selling it has shot his wife and then himself. An 18-year-old blind woman (Rose Byrne) is there with the couple's young daughter. Since there are still brains all over the ceiling, etc, he is spooked, and leaves, but remembers to come back and ask her about the car, by which time the blind woman has sent the young daughter on her way with the authorities.

She shows him the Citroen, which he loves, and then informs him she does not own the car, and that they will have to travel into the bush to meet with the real owner. It is during this five day drive into the deep bush that we learn about the two. He has lost a best friend to a traffic accident, earned his money with computer fraud over the net, and is now wanted in Japan. She was molested by her grandfather, who was also molesting her mother, all of which is shown in flashback. There is sexual tension between them.

Law's photography is unique, earning this a deserved reputation as an art film, but I found the visual style distracting, and the pace glacial. The Aussie outback is pictured in striking visuals which border on surreal, but that was not enough to carry the film for nearly two hours. Much of the story takes place within the confines of the car, which makes the entire project static and claustrophobic.

IMDb has this at 7.0. It won many minor awards, mostly for Byrne's performance. This is a C on our scale, but not one that I properly appreciated.

Rose Byrne shows breasts.










National Lampoon's Spring Break 24/7

Not much to this, kind of like a "Girls Gone Wild" episode.


Nikki Ziering is the hostess and shows off her hooters.

Plus some unknowns to fill out the day.







Auf Schmalem Grat

The movie is about Carla (Ann-Kathrin Kramer), a Policewoman who asks to be transferred to a precinct where her friend Conny (Isabel Schosnig) had been working before committing suicide. Carla wants to investigate what drove Conny to do what she did. Carla soon begins to understand that things in that precinct are not very clean and she starts to get the same treatment her friend had.

Ann-Kathrin Kramer


Isabel Schosnig







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Carnal Knowledge, Part 2








Two clips of Juliette Binoche in Breaking and Entering (samples above, left and center).

One clip of Vera Farmiga in the same film (sample above right)

This was supposed to be a major film from The Weinstein Company. It starred Jude Law, and was directed by the same guy who did The English Patient, Cold Mountain, and The Talented Mr Ripley. Reviews were weak (32% at RT), and nobody believed in the film, so it got a 95 theater run at its peak. It will come to DVD a week from Tuesday.

James Berardinelli wrote: "Perhaps the kindest way to describe Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering is to say it's evident as being broken fairly early during the proceedings. There's no shortage of candidates for the fatal flaw: the artificial storyline; the presence of a ridiculously cliched character; the lack of chemistry between illicit lovers. Blaming one of these problems is probably unfair. The movie's failure is likely based on a fusion of all these, and perhaps a few others. Minghella has become known as a director of "chick flicks," primarily because of The English Patient and Cold Mountain. When viewed from a distance, Breaking and Entering would appear to fit into the same category, but there is a stark difference. In his previous efforts, Minghella created believable relationships between interesting characters. The same cannot be said of Breaking and Entering, where the situations are contrived and the key characters don't connect."

A film clip of Minnie Driver's full frontal nudity in Mr Wroe's Virgins

I'm a fan of Diane Kruger, so am happy to see her getting naked in just about every film she makes. Here she is in Les brigades du Tigre
Masumi Miyazaki in Beautiful Weapon

Nadja Uhl in Zerissene Herzen

Serena Grandi in Miranda

Charisma Carpenter in Flirting with Danger