TV Round-Up

Sunday's Naked News features:

Eila Adams did her naked calisthenics with Peyton, Kat and Natasha (In front of a mirror!)

The library girl, Kendra Sunderland, stayed on to do an audition. She's not a shy woman (see below).

See the latest from Cain (s3e7) in Defoe's French section below

I covered the nudity in Game of Thrones (s5e3) already, back when the leaks occurred. It was graphic by TV standards, but anonymous. If anyone comes up with IDs, we'll revisit it in HD.

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"The L Word"

Season one in 1920x1080

Yesterday: the very first episode. Today: moving on to s1e2

Mia Kirshner

Mr. Viral


Seriously dated black comedy about viral marketing which seems written before the rise of smartphones, Facebook and Twitter. Despite casting nudie regulars such as Pamela Mars and Ashleigh Hubbard, there's almost no nudity and the sex is very tame.

I'm revisiting this because I missed a key frame of Carinne Leduc showing her cooter.

By the way:

* The woman with Laurel Holloman in the premier of The L Word (Aesthete's portion of the Sunday Funhouse) is Jana Mitsoula, a native hosette who hails originally from Calgary and has had a middling successful career as a model.

* Hankster must be smiling down upon us if he can still read the Funhouse. He could have written that scene in The Vikings!


TESSA - Revisited (Maybe?)

Scoop's note: Brainscan produced an animated .gif of a scene in Banshee (s2e2) that was alleged to be Tessa Fowler (see yesterday's Brainscan column for his tribute to the massive-breasted Tessa). We challenged our resident 1080hd genius, Aesthete, to come up with the scene in hi-def, assuming it was really there.

Aesthete researched the matter, found the frames in question, and delivered the goods. Mind you, Aesthete was not able to confirm the ID, but here's the scene, followed by still captures (the alleged Tessa appears in the first three).

The Pleasures of a Woman


Today begins a long series of caps and clips of the grind-house feature, The Pleasures of a Woman. The screenplay for this movie was written on a cocktail napkin; not the outline, the whole damn screenplay. Three gals and a guy people the universe of Pleasures and although all three gals are beautifully built and fully nekkid, the movie is so very boring. There are many sins I will forgive so long as scenes are filmed to bring out the beauty in its actresses but this one seems to have filmed with the opposite intention. So I grabbed some frames and stuck them together, with none of the feeble attempts at artistry I usually make.  I guess the clips and the collages speak for themselves.

Lynn Harris and Uschi Digart - part 1 of 6





Defoe's picks o' the week: 

Ariane Labed in Fidelio ... (2014) in 1080p

Julie-Anne Roth in En Avant Calme et Droit (2014) in 1080p

Julie Gayet in Comment te Dire Adieu (2011) in 1080p

Clara Huet in the latest episode of Cain (s3e7) in 1080p


Film and TV Clips

Here's that clip of Tatum O'Neal in Sweet Lorraine (2015) in 720p (pics yesterday)

Danielle Kitzis in Aravim Rokdim (2014) in 720p

Alice Braga in Kill Me Three Times (2014) in 720p

Sophie Bogdan in The Tears Collector (2013) in 720p

Natascha Wiese in Hooked Up (2013) in 720p

Julia Molins in Hooked Up (2013) in 720p

Andrea Nitsche in Die Verantwortung Des Falschen Versprechens (2011) in 720p

Delia Sheppard and Veronica Paul in Killing American Style (1990)




Model Alex Spencer

Model Freyja Karl Crooks

Model Frida Gustavsson

Model Signe Rasmussen