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Perhaps some of you can answer these questions better than I ... Write me.

Scoop and the gang:

"I found this rather odd:

Today's Other Crap ran the link to Heidi Klum's appearance on the cover of Max magazine. I had the Esquire image in my files from somewhere...

The image below poses the question:

Is it common for a photographer to sell the exact same image to two different magazines?

I believe this is the first time I have seen this. I have seen photos from the same shoot go to different mags and variations of a pose to different mags but this is the first time I have seen the exact same image go to two different mags....

Thoughts anybody?"

The Gent


I went and bought Xhange (starring Stephen Baldwin, Kyle McLaughlin and Janet Kidder) since I saw you had some caps on your site and elsewhere got me interested in it as well since I've been watching her on Tom Stone on syndication on the weekends.

Anyway my question is, is there a scene missing from the Region 1 DVD? (See the attached picture) the scene as far as I can tell is not in my copy of the movie, and sadly was exactly the reason I bought the darn thing. The other two parts of the scene (her on top camera pulled away, then closer in are both in the film but the scene depicted here is MIA)

So would you or the capper (who made this cap, in this case The Night) or whoever made the caps on the funhouse here in the last few weeks be able to confirm at the very least what region DVD they capped, if there are multiple Region 1 discs, is one unrated? Anything to answer where I missed this really good scene I am not going to be able to see in action now, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help as always,




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* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Possessed by the Night

Possessed by the Night is another masterpiece from the prolific Fred Olin Ray, and is chiefly notable for T&A, although it has one foot in horror and one in erotic thriller.

An elderly Chinese couple arrive at the back of their Chinatown curio shop with a pick-up full of treasures. A loan shark enforcer arrives, but when he sees one of the items in the truck, a preserved embryo of a mutated animal in a jar, he suddenly backs off. It seems the creature in the jar is not quite dead, and has an evil influence over anyone around it. Those who come in contact with the embryo seem to crave sex, and have urges to choke the living snot out of everyone they are not having sex with.

Cut to a writer and his wife (Sandahl Bergman) having normal, embryo-free sex. He is experiencing writers' block, but his manager is in debt to the same loan shark introduced earlier, and is pressuring him to finish his latest novel. The writer takes a walk to clear his head and look for inspiration, wanders into the Chinese curio shop and buys the embryo. He arrives home, and his manager is there with a secretary (Shannon Tweed) to help him finish the novel.

I was fooled by that set-up into thinking there would be a real plot. Wrong.

Based on the first ten minutes, I would have the low IMDb score terribly unfair, because the story really seemed to have possibilities. Adding tits and buns and simulated sex is normally a good thing, but after a while that became the entire movie except for a bargain monster shown in hilarious close-up too many times. There was simply no more plot to pad out the nudity and sex. All of the characters were capable of acting, but the screenplay just did not fully use them.

There is, however, excellent nudity from three of the usual suspects. Sandahl Bergman, then 43, looks wonderful showing breasts and buns. Shannon Tweed steals the show exercising in a loose top and no bra, sweat glistening, and also shows breasts in a hot sex scene. Amy Rochelle shows breasts giving a massage to the loan shark.

IMDb readers say 3.3.

This is a D.

RareLicensedDVDs says:

Sandahl Bergman... Shannon Tweed... and as if it was needed... Amy Rochelle too! This is a very rare title on DVD and this import is superior to other releases of the same film, and is incredibly rare. When this went out of print with the manufacturer, we bought all the stock we could, so we'll bring this to you as long as we can.... when we run out though, we'll be out forever! So don't delay in getting Shannon's best and rarest! (It is also modestly priced at $14.95. Click on image below for details.)

Possessed by the Night DVD Sandahl Bergman Shannon Tweed (1994)


Shannon Tweed



Sandahl Bergman



Amy Rochelle











Okay, just some mindless fun today as we feature Vanessa Angel in Kingpin as she teams up with Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid to hustle suckers in bowling alleys. Vanessa looks sexy and hot and even manages to pop a nipple while jumping up and down.










Con Express


Alex Brooks (Sean Patrick Flanery), an Alaskan customs agent, has to team up with a beautiful but deadly Soviet agent named Natalya (Ursula Karven), to capture a Russian rogue General, Anton Simeonov (Arnold Vosloo), who is selling a shipment of deadly nerve gas.

Ursula Karven







Notes and collages

Carnal Knowledge, Part 1









Milla Jovovich was outstanding as Kat, the battered girlfriend of a small-time hood and hustler, in this 2006 drama. This could have easily been just another gangster flick, but excellent performances and a great script made it much more.

Big Al sells guns and a lot more, all illegally, and backed up by his size and meanness. The entire neighborhood is scared of him, and no one crosses him, including Kat, who helps him with his operation. Even the cops are unable to get anything on him, although they try.

After a particularly bad beating at Big Al's hands, Kat decides she must get away from this jerk, but doing that will involve an elaborate plan that even then may fail.

This really cool and well-executed story keeps your attention throughout, and I highly recommend it.


Milla Jovovich






The final clip of Gunilla af Halmstad in Mazurka. Captures to the right.
There was more nudity from Jemima Rooper in part two of Life Line. Film clip here. Sample to the right. (The film clip is better than indicated by the sample.)
One of the Pink Devils did a complete set of film clips detailing the extensive nudity in 9 Songs. Here's part one of (appropriately enough) nine.
This is the only career nudity from Heather Thomas of The Fall Guy - an obscure 1990 film called Red Blooded American Girl.

(The nudity in Zapped is a body double.)

Red-hot Lucy Pinder

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace of Big Brother 2006 (UK)

Die Schifferin in her prime. Claudia had perfect long legs and flawless large breasts.







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Three politicians in Sweden lodged a complaint with the Swedish Consumer Agency that a TV ad starring Goldie Hawn promotes shopping.  In it, a young girl who's been dumped by her boyfriend is cheered up when Hawn suggests she do some clothes shopping.  The
politicians say this exploits young people by encouraging them to "comfort shop" which could make them develop shopping problems.  When asked if the point of all advertising wasn't to make people want to shop, one politician replied, "Yes, maybe so.  I'll have to think about that." 

*  He thought about it for an hour, then proposed banning all advertising. 


The Washington Post reports that attorney and administrative law judge Roy Pearson has been relentlessly suing Custom Cleaners for years over a pair of pants.  He claims he needed the pants, and the cleaners couldn't find them.  The cleaners say they later tried to return his pants, but he said they were the wrong pants and sued for a new $1150 suit. The claims escalated until the cleaners offered to
settle for $12,000, but Pearson rejected it.   He now claims they committed fraud and negligence by violating their signs reading "Same Day Service" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed."  He's now seeking $1500 a day in damage times three owners times 1200 days, plus legal fees, a rental car for every trip he had to take to a different cleaner and other costs.  The total: $65,432,500.

*  He's suing the pants off them!.

*  If he thinks a pair of pants is worth $65 million, he should work at the Pentagon.


In Hants, England, a 29-year-old teacher is pleading innocent to having sex with a 16-year-old male student, who left school and began working in a supermarket.  The trial took an even weirder twist when the boy's live-in girlfriend, a 37-year-old mother of three and his manager at the supermarket, testified that he had cheated on her with the teacher.  The boy is now 18, but his name couldn't be released for legal reasons.

*   His friends could tell you, but they only speak his name in hushed, reverent tones.



Phil Spector's lawyers claimed in court that Lana Clarkson shot herself in the head after spending the evening with him

* Finally, a story the jury could believe.