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"Maison Close"

s1e2, 1920x1080

Anne Charrier and Dinamane Alves

This week continuing the British movies and TV

The Big I Am


The nudity in The Big I Am is by a naked Dionne Glen

and lots of other topless women not identified.

Beatrice Rosen shows a bit of cleavage.

And Then There Was Eve

2017, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

A new release American movie starring New Zealand actress Tania Nolan. Noticed recently that she'd started turning up in American stuff which is interesting as she has a very distinctive New Zealand accent and in And Then There Was Eve, she does slightly have a general American accent, but it isn't very different from her usual voice. The movie is an interesting attempt at something a little different but it is also a frustrating movie about a woman (Nolan) who reports her husband missing but can't even find a photo to help the police. In her inquiries, she meets a woman named Eve who seems to know her husband and attempts to help her and along the way she falls for Eve but there's just one issue and it's a big one. The movie attempts to address an idea that is very hard to portray without getting frustrating and needs a great suspension of belief to work and the movie simply doesn't succeed in addressing the idea so it becomes frustrating mess. Something different though.

Be interesting to see how Tania goes in America with her thick accent. Others with think accents from both New Zealand and Australia have tried and have found success, so good luck to her.

Tania Nolan film clip (samples below)