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We now have IDs for (most of) the naked people in the long drug-fueled orgy on House of Lies. (s5e3) The woman with the enormous chest is Anastacia McPherson, and two others are Iliona Blanc and Jennifer Field.

Here is another film clip. Caps below.


Blanc and Field


Just a note from EW on the nudity in this week's Game of Thrones:

"Director Jeremy Podeswa also talked to Entertainment Weekly, where he revealed that they did something similar to what was done with Lena Headey (Cersei) during her walk of shame last season. Carice van Houten wore prosthetic makeup and fake hair to make her look ancient, but her body was played by an older woman."

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"Game of Thrones"

Season six has begun, and this concludes the nudity recap of season five

episode ten

Rebecca van Cleeve, body double for Lena Headey

(Headey's face has been digitally grafted in.)


Palmeras en la Nieve


Berta Vazquez


Movie/TV Clips

Bella Thorne posted a Snapchat video which exposed her breasts and her butt in a thong. It is not known whether the exposure was intentional. (I know it seems like face shots. When you watch the clip and review the stills, you'll see why there is a debate.)


Here are a few wardrobe malfunctions: some old; some new.

Joan Jett, many years too late

Venus Williams

Bai Ling

Gigi Hadid

Leigh Anne Pinnock

Mollie King

Suki Waterhouse