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Slaves to the Underground


Molly Gross and Marisa Ryan clips (caps below)

Molly alone

Molly and Marisa




Underbelly: The Golden Mile


In 1080p this time

Emma Booth and others film clips (collages below)

Emma Campagnon film clips

Jessica Tovey film clips (collage below)





The Rig is a horror thriller set on an oil rig where a bunch of workers are stuck there waiting for the next batch of workers, but they are delayed because of a storm. In the midst of the storm, something has washed up on the rig and it wants blood. So, with no outside communication and with only what they have on the rig they try to defend themselves against an unstoppable killing machine. Oh and there might be two of them... An OK horror thriller, nothing special, but a good timepasser nonetheless.

Oh, and Serah D'Laine used to be Sarah Laine from my favourite movie in the Wild Things franchise, number 3. Don't know what that's about...

Carmen Perez film clips (collages below)


Film Clips

various women in Il Sottile Fascino del Peccato (2010; see below)

Rebecca Night in Rosamunde Pilcher - Virginias Geheimnis (Sept 2010; see below)

Suzan Anbeh in Rosamunde Pilcher - Virginias Geheimnis (Sept 2010; see below)

Lizzie Brochere in Le Chant Des Mariees (2008; see below)

Vivian Hsu in Angel Hearts (1995)

Michelle Fairley in Comics, e1 and e2 (1993; see below; She's a regular on Game of Thrones)



Jenna Haze self-portrait posted to her Twitter account

C.C. Sheffield in Somewhere (2010)

Nicole Trunfio in Somewhere (2010)

Laura Ramsey in Somewhere (2010)

Angela Roy in Die Traumprinzen (2000)

Rosanna Arquette in Trading Favors (1997)

Christine Neubauer in an episode of Forsthaus Falkenau (1992)

Angelika Waller in Abschied von Frieden (1977)