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The House on Hooter Hill


The story begins with a girl/girl sex scene, followed by the murder of one of the women in her hot tub. Cut to five women and a husband arriving for the reading, or rather watching, of the video will. The dead woman announces that there is a substantial fortune to go to the person who can solve a riddle in 24 hours. If nobody solves it, it goes to charity.

Oh, and one of those present is her killer.

Now, if nothing bothers you about that premise, maybe you are actually dumb enough to enjoy this film. The husband and wife have sex with nearly everyone in the cast in groups of two and three. The eventual solution to the mystery was probably decided by lot after everything else had been filmed.

There is no danger of my watching this one again.

The plus is three-B performances from Taylor Wayne, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Dani Woodward, Jules De Wilde, Barbie Bennett, Friday and Cindy Lange. They all show their silicone storage devices, shaved pudenda, and buns.


Taylor Wayne


Glori-Anne Gilbert



Dani Woodward


Jules de Wilde


Barbie Bennett




Cindy Lange










A quick double feature today.


The Weight of Water


Elizabeth Hurley flashing her breasts. I love this woman.



Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight


Speaking of weight here's the robo-hooters of Peggy Trentini.







Notes and collages

Fiona Lewis







You know Tintorera must be an exciting movie, because there is an exclamation point in the title. Just look at Boom!







Film Clips

It's Neve-mania this week. Here she is in When Will I Be Loved (sample right)
Three from the blaxploitation classic Slaughter's Big Rip-Off: Pamela Des Barres, Judith M Brown, and Gloria Hendry

Heidi Schanz in Body Language

Jordana Brewster in The Invisible Circus

Marian Zapico in Border Lost

Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard in Chloe

A photoshoot "behind the scenes" with FHM's sexiest woman of 2008, Megan Fox

C'mon, now, who wasn't crushing on Mia Sara after Ferris Bueller? It was like every guy in my generation wanted a girlfriend just like Karen Allen after Animal House. Anyway, here's Mia Sara in Undertow



Mr. Skin's take on Neve Campbell in I Really Hate My Job

and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2, Extended Edition

The last two are from a deleted scene.


Heather Mills' coochie - approximately life size