I don't really have anything to add to Tuna's review. I agree with what he said. There is nothing original about the film and there's not much imagination in the direction, but the characters are interesting and the performances are excellent, so it's not a bad watch at all. It's not a film you drive miles to see, but neither is it one you turn off when it comes up on cable. Milla, Sarah Strange, and Steven Dorff really shone in roles custom-made for them, and the other main performers were also solid. I've seen worse movies than this in theaters.

Tuna made the point that if the director had been an established name the film could have received a theatrical release. I guess I'd add that if the stars had been Bruce Willis and Halle instead of Angus MacFadyen and Milla, it would have hit the theaters. Based on the critical response, it's probably a better movie than the one Willis and Halle actually were in last week!


Life Line

Here's one still from the recent BBC two-parter where Joanne Whalley actually showed some naughty bits.


Tarzan, the Ape Man

Here's the final clip. Tar and Bo romp through the closing credits. Except for Bo's body, this is the best thing in the movie, simply because they two of them are wrestling with a very well trained Orang, so the whole thing actually has quite a bit of charm to it!


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Private School


This film, sometimes called "Private School ... for Girls" is a teenage sex comedy from the heyday of that genre in 1983.

Phoebe Cates, a student at an exclusive girls school, is dating Matthew Modine, a student at a nearby boys school. They have decided to "go all the way." Phoebe's arch-nemesis, other than the faculty and administration, is a rich snob, Betsy Russell, who is determined to steal Modine away.  That is pretty much the whole  plot.

IMDb voters, apparently disappointed that it isn't a Bergman movie, score it a weak 4.2, but the excellent transfer on the new DVD makes it worth if you like the raunchy youth comedies of that era. It's full of likeable characters, pranks and nudity, including one of the best shower scenes even put on film. While it doesn't measure up to the very best of the genre like Risky Business, it meets all the minimum daily requirements for genre fans.

This is a solid C.


Phoebe Cates shows partial buns as part of a final act of defiance during graduation, her character shows buns in a sex scene on the beach (could be a double, and, as you can see from image 3, she had her nipples taped), and is in a see-through dress in the surf.



     Betsy Russell - full frontal and rear nudity.



Lynda Weismeier - full frontal and rear nudity.



Julie Payne - a breast when the girls rig her cheerleader outfits.



Kari Lizer - a breast when the girls rig her cheerleader outfits.



Brinke Stevens shows breasts and buns in the shower scene.




Several unidentified women also show body parts.









Shallow Ground


Today is an all "Babes in Bondage" day with breasts from both victims.


We have Natalie Avital all hung up.




Also suspended is Tara Killian and she has been messed up.








The Tracker

The Russians and Chinese are at war, and the streets of New York are the battleground. With the relations between the two rival ethnic gangs at an all-time low, it takes just one hit from one camp upon the other to push the two clans into all-out gang war. After a major hit from the Russian quarter upon the son-in-law of the Chinese crime leader and the kidnapping of his daughter, the feud between the two gangs is about to heat up.

Connor Spears (Casper Van Dien) is a former Los Angeles cop and one of the most successful 'Trackers' in the country. He has the uncanny ability to trace the trail of any given individual to their current whereabouts. The kidnapped victim is Connor's former girlfriend (Lexa Doig) and she must be rescued quickly before she becomes a victim of the escalating turf war.

Lexa Doig







Notes and collages

H.O.T.S., Part 5 of 5

Angela Aames







Here's Sparta's queen, Lena Headey in Aberdeen

(Non-nude) Carla Gugino shows off her assets on Entourage

(Non-nude) Scarlett Johannson shows off her assets on SNL. Love that HD TV.

Vanessa Williams was one of this year's nudes in Allure







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Wednesday, Rosie O'Donnell announced on "The View" that she will leave the show in June due to failure to reach a contract agreement.  She said ABC wanted her for three years, but she only wanted to sign for one year; although insiders said she wanted $10 million a year and ABC would only offer her $3 million. 

*  Why would she need more money than that?  She buys her entire wardrobe at Sears' "Husky Boys" shop. 

Celebrities who are buying "carbon credits" to offset their greenhouse gas emissions may be living in a fool's paradise.  A Financial Times investigation found many companies are making "a green gold rush" of profits by selling worthless carbon credits.  They found widespread "credibility concerns" in the industry, with no system to verify that emissions were actually being reduced. Some companies are selling credits for efficiency measures that they already took, or for cleaning up pollution they were legally required to clean up anyway.  FT suggested that fraud authorities investigate the carbon credit industry before people start to lose faith in it.

*  Oh, they won't lose faith in it. It's just too darn convenient! 

*  If you do start to lose faith, for just $500, I'll sell you a whole year's worth of "gullibility credits." 

According to a Pew Research Center Poll, large majorities of Americans don't like politicians who almost always take a liberal position on issues or who almost always take a conservative position.  Two-thirds want politicians who take a mixture of both positions.  Also, 75 percent say they like leaders who are willing to compromise, while two-thirds say they like those who stick to their
positions even if they're unpopular.  Pew said it shows how decisive moderates will be in upcoming elections.

*  So good news if you're a liberal conservative who takes uncompromising stands, then compromises on them.

Police in Orlando, Florida, arrested a man who was allegedly involved in at least three robberies.  In his last crime, he entered a gas station wearing a mask, took an AK-47 rifle out of a case, stole money and cigarettes, and fled.  Police were able to arrest him at home with all the loot because he left behind the rifle case, which contained the sales receipt for the AK-47 with his name and address on it.

*  And he'd written on it, "Business expense: For robbing gas stations."