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Here is day 1 of 2 of Mathilde Pedersen
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Jr's tips: Not a bit of nudity in any of these...Unless you're one of those "Arm" guys. Hey now, don't tease! Some folks are breast men, others are leg men. I say "more power to you arm guys!"
HTE 2000
Claire Danes From Blitz Magazine. Claire has not always been a favorite of mine but, I'll admit that she has grown on me. I especially liked her in "The Rainmaker". I guess that is where I finally put away her "trendy, MTV love child" status and began to see her as a talented actress. Maybe it's some kind of an ugly duckling thing.
Jennifer Lopez Granted, Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, however, I think she has fallen victim to her celebrity. Talk about over exposure! Although I guess she is a spokesperson for large assed people everywhere. Despite her terrible affliction, she has overcome the odds to be a huge star! Way to go Jen! Also from Blitz Magazine.
Jennifer Love Hewitt A great pose of the Jennifer from Blitz Magazine. I missed her in "The Audrey Hepburn Story", but I can't imagine she pulled it off very well. I just don't think she has the screenpresencee required for such a role. Although some of the production stills did force me to do take a second look. At times she was a dead ringer for the classic actress.
Michelle Pfeiffer About as much cleavage as you'll ever see from Michelle, also from Blitz Magazine.
El Kabong
Mpule Kwelagobe

Girl band F.A.T.E.

Lisa Raye

Robin Givens

Tangi Miller

Comments by El Kabong
Today we have Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe for 1999, along with gal-band F.A.T.E. (For All Things Endured). dumb name, but real cuties. Actress Lisa Raye rounds out the field and shows us our only skin (unfortunately).

Jr's Comments: As and added bonus, El Kabong has also submitted a bunch of images from the May issue of Blackmen.

Cristina Garavaglia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Vidcaps from the Italian movie "L'Uomo che guarda".
Let's review....1:A little masturbation. Much more than you would see in American films, unless they star Ron Jeremy. 2:Nice T and A 'caps 3:The gynecological perspective 4:A little of everything in this one. 5.Frontal nudity, above and below the equator.
Heather Graham (1, 2, 3, 4)

Kim Cattrall

Heather Looking as sexy as ever of course....But I would like to add some comments about Kim Cattrall. Naturallyy, being a B movie buff, I've been a fan of hers since "Big Trouble in Little China". Personally I think it's great to see a woman in her 40's not only be at the peek of her career (with HBO's "Sex and the City" being such a hit), but also still look so good undressed.
Page Three Plus, from Frodo
Hi, Scoop, an interesting contrast in the Passion Cove caps. First you have Ginger Lynn Monroe, aka Lynn Monroe, who was once a soap star. Then there's Amber Newman, whose career seems to have a different backgrouund based on the attached collage labeled Amber Newman.
and ...
Robin Tunney 'Caps from "End of Days", comments by The Night..."Great movie, great sounds, great actress.... Was again a scene that was tricky to cap with any quality, I hope I succeeded and that you like the layout. This will be the last of the many caps I have sent in the past few weeks, since I need to get back to work again."
Jr's Comments: My new favorite quote comes from "End of Days". After all only Arnold can get away with telling Satan "Compared to me, you're a fucking choir boy".
Ann Gisel Glass From the French movie "Un frère. 'Caps by Touch.
Sandrine Holt 'Caps by Freakie of the exotic looking actress from 1994's "Rapa Nui".
Alexandra Schalaudek (1, 2) A double shot from Surfmarcus.

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"Molly", from Johnny Web

What a surprise this was. It's PG-13 and I never heard of it, but I picked it up because it's a 1999 movie, yesterday was the national release day, and the Blockbuster label said it had nudity. A couple minutes later I'm staring at Elisabeth Shue stark naked. As a credit to the usually sexy actress, I must say that she deliberately uglied herself up to play the part of an autistic woman who had no interest in her own physical appearance, so she is a bit flabby and is exaggerating it by slouching and slumping a lot. But what the hell, it's still Shue stark naked, which is nothing to complain about.

This movie had some potential, but they blew it. It is fundamentally the umpteenth remake of Flowers for Algernon where someone with a learning or communication impairment finds a miraculous way to become normal until the treatment starts to fail, and they ultimately revert. How many frickin times have they made this story? Anyway, I'd be OK watching the story if they kept it semi-plausible, but they always have to turn it into a comic book plot

First, She not only becomes normal, she becomes a super genius who memorizes both scientific and literary books with ease. Second, and still worse, she acquires other powers as well. Through super hearing, or a sixth sense, or super sight combined with lip reading (they never explained how she did it), she made a verbatim simultaneous translation of an argument between a manager and an umpire, even though she was sitting in the nosebleed seats at the time. What is that all about. She also exhibited detailed mind-reading capabilities, and the script even hinted at her ability to communicate with the dead. I'm not kidding. I will start kidding soon, though

Now isn't it enough that an autistic person becomes completely normal almost overnight? Wouldn't that alone be too much to deal with, and wouldn't that be enough to make all the human points involved, to show she was still the same person either way, just reflecting other facets of her mind, or to show how other people react to her in both states. But, no-o-o-o-o, she has to be like the frickin scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and start reciting the Pythagorean Theorem as soon as the Wizard hands him the paper. (Wizard of Oz is the autistic character's favorite movie, by the way.) Then she cures cancer, cancels Montel Williams, corrects the faults in the Mars probe, solves Fermat's last theorem, finishes the Unfinished Symphony, and reverses global warming. Then she teams up with Captain America to defeat the Red Skull.

It does have some genuinely warm moments, and some genuinely funny ones, but overall it missed out on everything it could have been. Yup, it could have been a touching human drama, but it isn't. It's a cartoon. Pity. Elisabeth Shue (1, 2, 3, 4)

"Showgirls", from Tuna

Finally on a Region 1 DVD. Regarding this much discussed movie, I have only one point today which hasn't been widely made. Many, many IMDb members are now contending that this isn't really just a cheesy melodrama, but is in fact a brilliant satire on American life. Yeah, right. I been up and down this ol' country a bit, met with hobos and hookers and media stars and senators and corporate giants and hippies and rednecks and evil drug-dealin' scumbags and topless dancers and priests, and never once did I see any person behave in a way which in any way resembled anything in this movie. I do think the point could be altered a bit to make it accurate. Here are my suggested re-statements:

It's a satire of what people who don't understand America think American life might be like, or It's a satire on the way American life is depicted in mass culture media like soap operas.

The movie is a study in contrasts. On a scale from 1 to 10, the script is a solid zero, and the acting varies all along the scale. But the visuals are actually pretty good, and some of them, like the Vegas reviews, are extraordinarily good. In this respect, showing the simultaneous beauty and excesses of Vegas showmanship, Verhoeven does almost do what Fellini did for the idle Romans of many centuries. That I will concede. But when the re-created shows are not on the docket, the thing is generally of lower caliber than an average week on Days of Our Lives. Verhoeven once was a fine talent, who made respected European movies, then he migrated to Hollywood and made some pretty good Hollywood movies like Total Recall and Basic Instunct. After that, it must have been like when Molly's miracle cure wore off, and in the last eight years he's only turned out two films: Starship Troopers and Showgirls. "Nuff said. His next movie is a sci-fi pic about an invisibility serum. The film is called The Hollow Man, and it opens in the USA this summer. OK, enough talk, here's the babes:

Gina Gershon (Thumbnails); (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Dame Elizabeth Berkley (Thumbnails); (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19) Strippers (Thumbnails); (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Show Dancers (Thumbnails); (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

"Coming Apart", from Johnny Web

I think Leonard Maltin wrote a one line review of "From Hell It Came". His review: "And Back to Hell it Can Go". The same review could apply here. Roger Ebert can't ever sit down to write his Trib column and say "boy, is this movie one fucked up piece of shit.". But I can. And hereby do. This movie came out in 1969, lasted about a week in the theaters, and then disappeared until now. Rip Torn plays a psychiatrist who keeps an apartment in the city. In that apartment he secretly tapes his encounters with various women, almost all of a sexual nature. The entire movie is filmed by a still B&W camera shooting into a couch in front of a mirror, as if it were simply a compilation of the actual films made by the character. I'm sure existentialists and proponents of cinema verite would argue that this is a lost work of genius. I was impressed by the actors' ability to maintain the illusion of reality, and with the hollow irony of some of the conversations, but not with much else.

Anyway, who gives a rat's patoot? The key point for us is that this was some pretty naughty stuff in 1969, including Sally Kirkland full-frontals, transvestites, an orgy, and a very strange scene in which a naked Kirkland masturbates by humping Torn's leg.

Sally Kirkland (1, 2, 3, 4) Lynn Swan (1, 2) Lois Markle Megan McCormick

"Dark Harbor", from Johnny Web

This movie is one of those mysterious plots with a small number of characters trapped alone in a deserted place, and zillions of looping plot twists, ala Sleuth or Deathtrap, complete with the shocking surprise ending. It's a pretty bad flick with some off-kilter performances, and even most of the plot twists turn out to be the old "and then I woke and it was all a dream" cliche. Even classical actors like Alan Rickman can screw the pooch when miscast. Rickman's voice doesn't sound too bad at all with his normal accent, but an (artificial sounding) American drawl makes it about the most irritating male voice I've ever heard, except maybe for Peewee Herman. Also, the sound is mixed wrong in some scenes, and you can't hear the actors over the rain or ambient noise, and then other scenes are so loud you'll have to reach for the remote. Very sloppy stuff.

Lovely cinematography, though, of autumnal New England. Misty rains, mysterious islands, spooky old cottages.

I regret to report that while the mid-fiftyish Mr Rickman did do a full frontal, the attractive mid-thirtyish Miss Polly Walker showed nothing of substance. wet nighty nighty. Exquisite camera shot, in which the director somehow held both the background and foreground in focus, no small trick when the background is a mist-shrouded forest. Unfortunately, Miss Walker was obviously wearing other clothes beneath the nighty. she removes her bra to get some sun. Oh, yeah, that's necessary. Like you'll get some deep tan lines sunning in Maine for a few minutes in October. That's where Rose McGowan got her tan. Another beautiful shot, however.

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