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Audrey Giacomin and Nolwenn Auguste in Polaroid Song (2012) in 1080p

Odile Vuillemin in Profilage (s3e8) in 1080p

Virginie Hocq in Vive la Colo (s1e4) in 1080p



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All comments by Johnny Moronic:

Today, I'm going to focus on a trilogy of movies that starred Wendy Hughes and were directed by actor Lex Marinos (recently played the old Greek father in The Slap) during the mid to late 80s.

Remember Me


Remember Me is a thriller about Jenny (Wendy Hughes), a woman who is doing well in life with a healthy marriage to Geoff (Robert Grubb) and has just started a new job as a social worker. Then, she is contacted by her ex-husband Howard (Richard Moir), a man who has been institutionalised for the last 9 years and very much wants her back, but Jenny is not having any of it. Except she agrees to meet him, and from their, the seeds are sown and Howard continues to infiltrate her life. When he asks Jenny back to their old apartment by the sea, Jenny falls for Howard once more and they have sex. Jenny then rejects Howard, but this causes mayhem causing her own mental history to come back to haunt her. But, is she seeing things or is Howard doing his level best to have her all for his own. Solid made-for-TV thriller with two very good performances from the leads Hughes and Moir who would also star together in the next film An Indecent Obsession.

Wendy Hughes (collages below)

An Indecent Obsession


An Indecent Obsession is a tawdry melodrama based on the novel by Colleen McCullough, cashing in on the success of The Thorn Birds. Honour Langtree (Wendy Hughes) is a nun being left in charge of looking after mental patients at Camp X at the end of World War 2. The group has all sorts of soldiers with mental issues, but is dominated by Luce Daggett (Richard Moir) who acts with superiority over the others. When a new patient Michael Wilson (Gary Sweet) is introduced to the group, the power dynamic changes immediately. Honour develops an affection towards Wilson, who seems 'normal', but is haunted by something that caused him to kill a fellow officer. The group of soldiers notices Honour favouring Wilson and this affects Luce and Neil Parkinson (Jonathan Hyde) and both have a thing for Honour and as the closer we get to why Wilson is at Camp X, the closer Honour gets to Wilson and this will have a devastating effect on the camp. This film is very melodramatic and with mental patients involved, you get all the overacting that this usually involves, but the film seems to handle mental illness in a time when little was known about it quite well. Wendy Hughes again dominates and is perfectly believable in the lead and is given solid support by Moir, Sweet, Hyde and the ever reliable Bruno Lawrence. But, it all so melodramatic and everyone wants Honour and this gets a bit tiresome. And more Bill Hunter would've been nice.

Wendy Hughes (summary caps below)

Boundaries of the Heart


Nothing to cap from Boundaries of the Heart, the final of the Wendy Hughes/Lex Marinos trilogy. The 1988 film set in the mining town of Coolgardie about a 30-something women (played by Wendy Hughes) who spends her time waiting for someone to take her away from the town and her overbearing former cricketer/local legend father, but it's looking like it going to be another forgettable summer until a new man from Britain arrives in town. Yeah, not much to say about this film, more melodrama but a bit of a snorefest, long forgotten and rightfully so.




Kiele Sanchez in A Perfect Getaway in 1080p (2009)

Zoe Kazan in Revolutionary Road in 1080p (2008)


Kim Kardashian

Laetitia Casta in the new French Vogue

Camilla Luddington in this year's season of Californication

Natalie Dormer in this season's Game of Thrones

Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke (1999)

Linda Fiorentino in After Hours (1985)

Sandra Bullock in A Fire on the Amazon (1993)

Keisha Castle-Hughes in A Heavenly Vintage (2009)

Vera Farmiga in A Heavenly Vintage (2009)

Darla Brown in Hell's Labyrinth (2008)

Krystyna Mikolajewska and Barbara Brylska in Faraon (1966)