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Virtual Voyeur


Two scientists are in the final stages of testing and tweaking their Virtual Reality sex machine when their boss announces that it will be premiered in two weeks in Las Vegas. They argue that it needs more testing, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. They are told to test it on themselves if they have to. One scientist has a bad reaction, landing him in the hospital with a dismal prognosis, and his female counterpart is fired, but quickly rehired when they realize nobody else can operate the machine. She is soon off to Vegas and a young, good looking booking agent, and rapidly finds herself with a runaway hit, but with more enemies than she can count. Her boss, the booking agent, the owner of the casino all have private agendas.

The sex scenes are mercifully short, but mostly without dialogue, and dimly lit. The story, frankly, seems to have been made up as they went, and I didn't really care about any of the characters.

IMDb: 3.5.

Kat Hare 4


Tamara Landry 10



Lisa Throw 20




Amy Daukroger 5


Shyra Deland 7



Susan Featherly 33


Amber Newman 8












A quick double feature today.


Shadow Puppets


First the only nudity from "Shadow Puppets" with Natasha Alam.

Brief breasts after a swim in the pool.




The Final Victim


Then we have Rena Mero, better known as Sable in her wrestling days, in "The Final Victim" aka "Girl Camp 2003". Sable shows off her new bra before getting into the shower and displaying some nice bum with a side view of a breast (no nipple).








Notes and collages

Diora Baird

50 Pills



Bachelor Party Vegas








"Canal Road"

(Episode 2 - 2008)


Here are the film clips of Klara Lisy in episode 2

The caps and collages are below:

The following raw cap is also Lisy, but from the show's opening rather than a specific episode.








Film Clips

Pam Grier in Cool Breeze (1972). I have never seen this film. In fact, I don't believe I've even seen any clips from this one. Needless to say, new Pam material is always welcome, especially when she was this young and ripe! (Sample right)
One more from Jess Franco's Voodoo Passion (1977). This time Karine Gambier joins Ada Tauler


Here are several more of those Billie Piper topless paparazzi shots. The first four are high res, the next three more compressed (I couldn't find those three in a larger version.)

Lots more frames of Neve Campbell in I Really Hate My Job



Britney Spears' "new bikini body" [cough]
Elizabeth Berkley in Moving Malcolm (2003)
Two things made me feel old today. The first was when I saw that Showgirls is 13 years old. That was THE hot product when this site began!

The second was when I read the Comedy Wire's birthday comments for Monday's celebrants. Get this - Mrs Kotter is 60. Of course it had to be so, because Travolta is in his 50s, but it's easier to face these matters when the celebs ago in front of my eyes. Marcia Strassman still acts, but not in anything I would ever see, so I haven't seen her in 15 years or something, and she was still pretty foxy when I saw her last. And now she's a granny? Can't be.

FHM's sexiest woman of 2008, Megan Fox