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The Grotesque


The Grotesque (1995), also known as Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets and Grave Indiscretion, is a Gothic dark comedy/mystery.

Paleontologist Sir Hugo Coal (Alan Bates), his adult daughter (Lena Headey) and his American wife (Theresa Russell) live together in a stately old country mansion. Also living on the premises is George (Jim Carter), who was with Sir Hugo on his bone collecting expeditions, and now serves as his hog-keeper and butcher. His daughter's young man - a wannabee poet- arrives, much to Sir Alan's dismay, and a new butler (Sting) and cook (Trudie Styler, aka Mrs. Sting) also arrive.

The wife is the one with the money, and old Sir Hugo is far more interested in his paleontology than any of his wife's body parts, so she makes an attractive target for seduction by Sting. When Sting learns that Sir Hugo is set against the poet, he also seduces him - and the young man goes missing. The poet's mother arrives on the scene to help with the investigation, and a body is eventually found, with the flesh eaten by pigs, and the bones showing lots of tooth marks. Sting then pushes Sir Hugo, who falls into a coma, and the police arrest George the hog-keeper for the crime. What happens after that is somewhat arguable due to an ambiguous ending.

The ending was disappointing, and the long process of getting there wasn't much fun either. I did enjoy several of the characters, but the plot was not at all engrossing. Not only that, but I am reasonably sure the butler did it.

The film does have one genuine plus. Theresa Russell was once close to stardom, and she did full frontal nudity here which has rarely been seen anywhere,

This is a low C-, but offers some very rare nudity, available only on a Region 2 PAL DVD. If interested, click on this image:

If you're thinking of getting an all-region DVD player, click on this image:


Theresa Russell does full frontal and rear nudity



Trudie Styler shows buns in a fantasy sequence.









Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure.


The Time Machine goes back to 1995:


Leslie Ryan shows breasts in love scenes.


Shannon Tweed's hooters are also on display.









Schulmädchen - Report 11.

Teil - Probieren geht über Studieren

(Experimenting is more important than studying.)

A group of experts gather around a radio show to tell some stories of what's wrong with young people. The subjects range from a girl who accuses her teacher of molesting her to another girl who is forced into prostitution by blackmail.

Lots of nudity and a big headache for me, since the movie has no credits at all. Finding who the girls were was a miracle, since some of the usual places that report nudity have all the names mixed up, but in the end I got all but one. If anyone knows her name let me know and I'll put it on the caps.



Marianne Dupont


Karine Gambier


Jane Iwanoff


Elke Deuringer

Angelika Duvier


Alexandra Bogojevic








Notes and collages

H.O.T.S., Part 4 of 5

Angela Aames







Here are the video clips of Joanne Whalley and Jemima Rooper in Life Line, a new two-part supernatural love story from BBC. (Press Release)

There's no real nudity from Whalley (she's topless, but in a dark scene with her chest pressed against the guy), but there is a fairly erotic if overdressed sex scene with Jemima, followed by a partial breast apres-sex (pictured right).




Here's another Marvin video clip from Mazurka. (Marvin is to Scandinavia as Spaz is to Canada.) Today's clip features Gunilla af Halmstead

One more set from Mazurka - no clip this time - featuring Annie Birgit Garde
Three film clips from Alpha Dog (My review)

Johnny Moronic's collages are below, along with some non-nudes

Wilde Wilde Wilde Wahlquist
Heard and Seyfield Heard and Seyfield Dominique Swain Charity Shea




Two film clips from Little Children (My review)

Collages to the right. Buxton is the rightmost.

BFD returns to imagining after a long layoff to deal with family matters.

He kicks it off with three of Dayle Haddon.

Here she is in La Supplente

One more from La Supplente

Dayle Haddon again, this time in Gambling City

Anne Heche in Wild Side

Heche and Joan Chen in Wild Side

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Amoreuse

Jill Clayburgh in La Luna

Lisa Eichhorn in Hell Camp

Moving on to a few from Mr Skin:

Beatrice Dalle in Trouble Every Day

one more of Beatrice Dalle in Trouble Every Day

Vivian Hsu in Angel Heart







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

European astronomers announced that they had discovered a planet that is more similar to Earth than any known planet, which bolsters the chances of life existing there.  It's 20.5 light years away, and 1.5 times as big as Earth.  Most other planets are just massive balls of gas, but they believe this one has a substantial atmosphere, possibly large amounts of water, a rocky core, gravity twice that of Earth, and a temperature similar to ours.  It is much closer to its sun, which is smaller than ours, and its "year" is only 13 days long.  One of the discoverers said that "on the treasure map of the Universe, one would be tempted to mark this planet with an X."   

*  We need to try sending someone there right away.  I suggest Sanjaya.

Wal-Mart, which is already offering $4 generic prescription drugs, announced Tuesday that it will make deals with local hospitals to open health clinics inside 400 stores.  If it goes over well, they'll open 2,000 clinics.  Wal-Mart said they believe the clinics will draw consumers into their stores while also providing something communities desperately need: affordable access to quality health care.

*  Within 50 feet of a bakery, a cigarette rack and a gun counter.

One of the more ludicrous reactions to the VT shooting has been
reversed.  Yale's Dean of Student Affairs Betty Trachtenberg told acting students that they could not use prop weapons on stage; then agreed to let them use weapons, but only if they were obviously fake, such as having King Henry V brandish a purple plastic sword. After a wave of ridicule, administrators reversed the policy Monday, although Trachtenberg criticized the drama students for being more concerned with their own free speech and creativity than with how they might be traumatizing the audience.

*  Imagine those foolish kids thinking that a college campus is a place for free speech and creativity! 

* Also, after every death scene, the actors have to sit up and tell the audience, "I'm not REALLY dead!"