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Mulholland Falls


The film takes place around 1950 and centers around the Hat Squad, a special group of four L.A. cops who work independently, reporting only to the commissioner. The four guys would tool around all day in a really shiny art deco 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible, and earned their name by never removing their hats in the car, even when they sat in the back seat and sped through the desert with the top down.

So I still want to know one thing about The Hat Squad. How do they keep their hats on?

The viewer is constantly torn between positive feelings and repugnance for them because although they try to do good, they trample on the U.S. Constitution while doing so. Their favorite method to dispose of mobsters is to take them up Mulholland Drive to a cliff which they have dubbed "Mullholland Falls," and push them down the steep embankment.

In the course of a murder investigation, they run into forces even more powerful and even more corrupt than they are, various agents of the Federal government who treat the Hat Dudes as cavalierly as the Hat Guys themselves treat gangsters. In fact, it is difficult for the Hat Squad to gain any moral high ground over the corrupt Feds because they are all doing the same kinds of lawless things. The head of the Hat Squad (the Top Hat?) ends up investigating the death of a woman he loved. The coroner tells him that it seems that the victim "fell off a cliff." Since the Top Hat has made many people disappear in the same manner, he seems to be getting a very painful dose of karma.

This is a pretty cool movie. It has a contrived and artificial plot, the Achilles heel of most crime thrillers, but the mood, atmosphere, and photography provide some excellent moments. The only thing that really bothered me about the film was that a major point was left unresolved. Nick Nolte, as the tough L.A. detective who heads up the Hat Squad, gets into a pissing contest with a local FBI guy (a lesser Baldwin). The Fed tries to put some pressure on Nolte by getting a search warrant on his house, tearing it apart at a time when Nolte's wife was sure to be home, and Nolte was sure to be at work. Nolte retaliates by finding the Fed and beating him nearly to death. Near the end of the movie, the L.A. police chief gets a call from J. Edgar Hoover, and asks to see Nolte in his office. Nolte says "fuck it," and goes off to do what he's gotta do, as movie mavericks always do. When all the other plot threads have been resolved, there is no mention of how the LAPD was able to appease the wrath of J. Edgar, and I really wanted to see how that would play out.

I looked at two versions, but there is no essential difference between the nude scenes, except a slightly different tint. The full screen version was produced with a full "pan and scan" of the movie rather than by using the full original frame, so it never shows any additional flesh.

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