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Ulrike Tabor in Die Wilden Zwanziger ("The Roaring Twenties"), episode one.

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Elise Eberle

Sid James and the Carry On series

Next Sunday, 26 April is the anniversary of the death of Sid James, who died of a heart attack in 1976.

He is especially remembered for the Carry On series of films but I remember him for the radio show Hancock’s Half Hour and the TV comedy series Bless this House. So, for the next couple of weeks I have capped the Carry On films (at least the ones on DVD), starting with Carry on Constable, made in 1960. Coincidentally, last Wednesday is the anniversary of the death of that other well-known ‘Carry On’ actor, Kenneth Williams, who died in 1988.

Here is the fourth group in the chronological history of the Carry On gang, with a little bit of nudity creeping into the series.

Carry on Doctor

Carry on Doctor (1967) is the first one with a hint of nudity with some lovely side-boob by Jenny White.

A few other women look good:

Anita Harris

Barbara Windsor

Dilys Laye

Valerie Van Ost

Carry On... Up the Khyber

Carry On... Up the Khyber (1968) has lots of sexy women including:

Alexandra Dane

Angela Douglas

Dominique Don

Joan Sims

Wanda Ventham

Lots not identified

Carry on Camping

Carry on Camping (1969) is the first with some proper nudity. First by Gilly Grant in a naturist film

and then by Barbara Windsor who lost her bikini top.

A number of other women look good:

Anna Karen

Dilys Laye

Elizabeth Knight

Sandra Caron

Trisha Noble

Valerie Leon

Many not identified

Carry on Again Doctor

Barbara Windsor has the most amazing outfit in Carry on Again Doctor (1969).

Joan Sims

and Valerie Leon are very sexy.



Airbag is a 1997 comedy about Juantxo (Karra Elejalde) who is about to get married and is taken on a buck's party to a brothel by his two friends Pako (Alberto San Juan) and Konradin (Fernando Guillén Cuervo). Juantxo reluctantly gets entertained by a prostitute (Vicenta N'Dongo) before she suggests something a little more exotic, which works. Except in the process, Juantxo has lost the expensive engagement ring up the prostitute's arse (ahem!). She gives it to her boss Villambrosa (Francisco Rabal) who finds out it's worth a fortune and attempts to kill the friends when he they come to get the ring. The friends get a ride to next brothel owned by Villambrosa, but there they are mistaken for Portuguese gangsters led by Fatima (Maria de Medeiros) and are given a suitcase full of drugs. The friends are chased by the Portuguese gangsters back into Spain as they attempt to get home for the wedding. Oh and a whole lot of other stuff happen involving the bride's mother (Rosa Maria Sardà), a pedophile politician (Santiago Segura) looking to lead Spain and a bunch of other people and a bunch of shootouts.

This movie is so nonsensical with way too much going on before it goes into a lull for most of the second hour before ending in exhaustion after 132 minutes with an ending which is so ridiculous it actually suits the movie. At no stage does this movie know what it wants to be, so it's everything; a sex comedy, a Tarantino-like gangster movie, a madcap chase comedy etc. with a whole bunch of cameos (admittedly I don't know who a lot are although Javier Bardem turns up in a terrible soap opera that the movie completely stops to watch...). The editor must have been asleep during this one, so just put in everything, some'll stick even if most will fail. And then there's the explanation of the title with a number of scenes involving airbags. Why? Airbag is one helluva mess, not a good one, but a messy one that's for sure.

I remember Nathalie Seseña from a slew of 90s Spanish movies I remember watching on SBS back in the day (funnily enough, I don't remember Airbag getting a run as I'm sure I would've remembered it, but El Día de la Bestia got a big run), but the one movie I remember her from was Atómica, a movie that makes Airbag look like a masterpiece from memory, it's that bad. There's this one scene early one where she plays a character complaining about not getting any sex and then has this awesome sex scene with a security guard at a shopping mall, which may have been a fantasy, my memory is a bit iffy. Sadly can't find a copy of the movie as I'd definitely cap it. Maybe remember if the movie was as terrible as I think it to be...)

Vicenta N'Dongo film clip (collage below)

Nathalie Sesena film clip (collages below)

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Tuppence Middleton in Jupiter Ascending (2015) in 1080p
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