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"Hope things are going well for you. I still check in to read your site once in while and enjoy it. I recently purchased a copy of "Just Tell Me What You Want" an out-of-print VHS that had lots of wear from previous rentals for a friend that is an Alan King fan. There is a clip on it of Ali Macgraw that was not in my collection. I see you have stills from it on your site but I could not find any clips so I thought you might want one. Not great quality but it's the best I could find."


For Milla fans:

Here's Ms Jovovich as she looks today, flashing her pubes in .45. She's 31 now.

And here she is in an October, 1989 episode of Married With Children. She was only 13, but looked much, much older. Her birthdate seems correct, because she would have been 11 in Two Moon Junction, and she really looked 11. But did she ever grow up in those two years!


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







The Madam


The Madam (1969) is a grindhouse film which is notable only for an early appearance by Uschi Digard. As the film opens, Uschi has car trouble, and a young man on a chopper gives her a ride home. Home, it turns out, is a bawdy house run by her mother. She asks if the young man can stay, and mommy hires him as a barkeep. He goes to his room and ends up having hot sex with Judy Medford, one of the employees. He makes his way through several women, and Judy Medford puts on a girl/girl for a client, then Uschi seduces him

Mommy catches them, and fires him. Uschi leaves with him.

The quality of the source material is abysmal, probably coming from a print in a grindhouse basement or something. It is part of a Secret Key release called Skin in the 60s, which includes two other short films of the same caliber. Because this was thought to be lost forever, I would call it a C- if the transfer were adequate, but as it is it is only for Uschi and grindhouse completists, and even they will not enjoy it much.




Uschi Digard
Judy Medford









Today we have Demi Moore showing off the hooters in the 1996 flick Striptease with Burt Reynolds. Caps and six clips.













Deadly Instinct

Undercover cop J.C. Ryan (Michael J. Moore) is ordered to investigate reports of illegal labor racketeering at a remote Texas farm. Posing as a down-on-his-luck drifter, Ryan gets a job as a crop picker and begins his investigation.

Ryan is quickly branded a troublemaker. Attracted to his dark good looks and unscrupulous reputation, the farm owner's mistress (Darlanne Fluegel), invites him to her secluded hideaway to solicit his help in stealing illegal union dues. Ryan eagerly accepts, knowing that the information he needs can be had through her. Their bloody ambush goes as planned, until the tables are turned and they become the hunted, forced to fight for their lives against a gang of ruthless men.

Michael J. Moore has to be the worst actor I've ever seen. I can't explain how he got the lead on a movie, even in a cheap one like this one, but it was his first and last movie, that's a good thing, believe me. Darlanne looks very hot, her acting is not much better than Moore's but she had the looks to do more than 20 movies. The last one was more than a decade ago, so I don't think she is coming back ...

Darlanne Fluegel







Notes and collages

H.O.T.S., Part 3

Angela Aames







La Supertestimone

"La Supertestimone" (1971) is a sexy Italian comedy-satire-farce (http://imdb.com/title/tt0067808/). Written by Tonino Guerra, it has Ugo Tognazzi as a pimp who is convicted because of Monica Vitti's testimony. However, they take a liking to each other and start a relationship during his imprisonment and get married in the end. But when he's finally released it's business as usual for him again, only this time he pimps his new wife.

Good acting from the two principal players makes this worth a look. There's no nudity but Monica is sexy and seductive throughout.



(Film clip)






National Lampoon's Pucked

First, I need to be sure you understand that very little of the nudity shown in the collage from National Lampoon's Pucked came from the movie itself; most of it came from two DVD extras, Dirty Old Man, and PooNanny. In fact, the movie had less than 30 seconds of nudity (top row of the collage). One other thing they left out of the 2006 comedy: humor. It's mildly amusing at best, or bordering on boring at worst. Recent National Lampoon movies have not lived up to their earlier efforts, and this one is no exception.

One minor surprise was that Jon Bon Jovi did a nice job, despite a lame script, as Frank Hopper, a former lawyer and dreamer who keeps coming up with unsellable ideas such as Mall Mud Wrestling. When his latest brainstorm, the World-Wide Women's Hockey League, is presented to potential investors, it's greeted with deafening silence, and no backing.

Suddenly, Frank receives a credit card in the mail, and then another, and then another, so he runs up over $300,000 in credit card bills to finance his dream. Needless to say, he winds up in court, charged with fraudulent use of credit cards.

The idea is cute enough, but the script isn't funny, and the main attraction is the DVD special features. You'll get your boob quota from those, but from the movie, you won't get much.








Veronika Duerr flashes some natural jumbo jacks in last year's Psychopathia Sexualis
Lisa Paulsen joins Ms. Duerr to do the lab work for some advanced lesbonic studies in Psychopathia Sexualis
Beverly D'Angelo in Women in Film
Portia De Rossi in Women in Film
Here are the video clips of De Rossi and D'Angelo in Women in Film
Several video clips of Sienna Guillory in Helen of Troy. This is not such a great show, but I watched it all the way through because it follows one of Scoopy's Key Unities of time and place 'n shit: if you want me to watch a "sword and sandals" epic, load up on the nudity from hot babes. Sienna mostly showed her tushy, but a very nice tushy it is!







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Sheryl Crow has become such an environmental crusader, she's started thinking up her own easy ways to save the Earth.  For instance, she proposed putting a limit on how much toilet paper you can use in one sitting: "Only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required."

*  For my pesky occasions, two to three rolls are required. 

*  And when you TP a house on Halloween, use no more than five squares.

BEST RESPONSE!  Rosie O'Donnell replied, "Sheryl, have you seen my ass?!"

In an embarrassing coincidence, also on Monday, The Smoking Gun published Sheryl Crow's concert rider.  It shows that she tours in three tractor-trailers, four buses and six cars.  Also, at every show, she requires 12 bottles of Grolsch Beer, 6 bottles of local beer, one bottle each of "good Merlot" and "good Australian Cabernet," and a different hard liquor depending on what day it is: Monday, Maker's Mark bourbon; Tuesday, Bombay Gin; Wednesday, Courvoisier brandy, etc.   

* That Much Beer And She Only Needs One Square?

Dr. Aric Sigman of the British Psychological Society called on the government to take action to restrict TV watching by children.  He said studies show that kids who watch TV more than 90 minutes a day have an increased risk of health and learning problems later on, and the average British child watches three to five times that.  He believes new mothers should be warned of the side effects of TV, TV sets should be banned from children's rooms, and children under three should see no TV at all. 

*  Not even shows that teach them the alphabet, like "The L Word"?


Kenneth Lee Wollen of Raleigh, North Carolina, was arrested for indecent exposure after he allegedly went through a dry cleaner's drive-through lane with no pants on.  He said he was there to pick up clothing. 

*  Hey, the cleaner's sign SAID, "Drop pants here!" 


Philadelphia Inquirer TV reporter Gail Shister claims that there's a growing feeling at CBS News that Katie Couric is "an expensive, unfixable mistake," but they'll still keep her there until at least 2008.

* And these are the people who blast Bush for not knowing when to give up on Iraq!