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Sigourney Weaver in A Map of the World

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith in The Swingin' Cheerleaders


Other Crap:

Weekend Box Office Results, April 21-23, 2006

  • No real surprises, except that the comedy American Dreamz seemed to have no appeal.
  • The overall box office was up 22% over last year, raising the streak to five consecutive double-digit increases.

Al-Zarqawi's blog, courtesy of Iowahawk 

Gong Li has several nude scenes in Miami Vice. 

Julia Roberts Hit with Restraining Order Following Broadway Debut

  • "Julia Roberts has been ordered by a New York judge to stay at least three hundred feet from the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, where Three Days of Rain, the play in which Ms. Roberts made her Broadway debut last Wednesday, is being presented. The restraining order was granted yesterday at the request of several drama critics who claimed that Ms. Roberts' continued presence in the play constitutes "a clear, grave, and immediate threat" not only to the welfare of the production itself but also to that of innocent theater goers."

The Communist version of Super Mario (Very amusing, but too loud to play at work) 

The good news: Movie studio tackles Chinese piracy with an authorized $1.50 DVD. The bad news: it's Gymkata. 

Is that you, Satan?

  • Those 6-6-06 ads for The Omen get mistaken for real omens!

North Korea to get "Saved by the Bell"

  • And I'm not kidding. Kim Jong-Il doesn't respect many people, but even he must give a tip o' the hat to Principal Belding

This is a real story, not a spoof: Angelina Jolie to Purchase Ethiopia 

New York Times makes a slight boo-boo

  • They ran this correction: : "A front-page article on Thursday about strain on government services in Texas caused by hurricane evacuees misstated the number of evacuee children in Houston public schools and the amount of Federal aid the state has received. The most recent count, in late February, showed 5,475 students, not 30,000. The aid is $222 million, not $22 million."
  • The Times reported that the feds had contributed $733 per student. The correct amount was $40,548 per student, which is, oh, about 5000% higher!

 "There has never been a half-decent movie based on a computer game" 

South Carolina’s legislature is considering outlawing sex toys. 

Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




"Girl Gang"

Girl Gang (1993), or Shu ji de nu ren, is from the shallow end of the Category 3 pool. It has the required elements -- female nudity including full frontal and violence, but is neither pleasant nor exciting. Ai Mei Wong (Amy), Yan Nam (Yan) and Bik Wing Chung (Michelle) are best friends. Amy has dropped out of school, and is not very popular at home. The three attract the attention of some male gang members. When they beat Amy's father, and she can't come home, the leader makes her his girl. Then they seduce Yan, and get her turning tricks. Amy is also made to turn tricks. Michelle's sister is married to a cop, and she files a report on Yan, who is arrested, along with her John. The gang goes into hiding, but correctly surmises that Michelle squealed on them, so they kidnap and rape her. Not their most brilliant idea.

Ai Mei Wong and Yan Nam do full frontal. Bik Wing Chung shows breasts in the rape scene.

IMDb list this one but has no score. I am not sure what I expected, but there was no "Girl Gang" and it plays out like a cautionary tale to young girls. "Abey your parents, or you will be raped and turned into whores." The video quality was not at all good. Further, the subtitles were burned in, not especially good, and hard to read. They didn't even have the virtue of being amusing. This is a D.

AiMei Wong

BikWing Chung

Yan Nam


Today our Time Machine journey returns to "The Notorious Cleopatra".

We kick it off with Sonora who was top billed in the movie as "Cleopatra", full frontal nudity from Sonora.

Then we move on to several unknowns including three who are "Babes in Bondage" and everbody reveals all.




Brainscan returns with a few video clips (zipped divx avi) of former Heffer and Pet, Victoria Zdrok in scenes from "Satin Smoke". Victoria bares all as she wiggles around the house and then in the back of limo. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Today from the Ghost..former Pet Amy Lynn Baxter shows off her big'uns plus a little bit of pubes in scenes from "Web of Desire".

Amy Lynn Baxter

'Caps and comments by Dann:

"Ellie Parker"
Quirky 2005 comedy tells of the struggles of a young actress in Hollywood.

The story's been done a million times, but the script, bordering on weird, is amusing, and Naomi Watts is great as the beleaguered Ellie.

Trying to cope with outrageous directors and casting agents, her totally loser boyfriend, and a group of female friends all with their own issues, Ellie struggles to maintain her identity and tries to figure out if it's all worth it.

This is a "Hollywood insider" type film that not everyone will enjoy, but it has its moments, mainly thanks to Naomi.

Naomi Watts