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For the next couple of contributions we’re going Italian. Today's teaser:

Black Cobra Woman

The quality of Black Cobra Woman aka Eva nera (1976) is poor but there are lots of nakedness by:

Laura Gemser

Michele Starck

Sigrid Zanger

Lots not identified



Jump is an Irish comedy/drama ensemble movie set on New Year's Eve where Greta (Nichola Burley), the daughter of a local mob boss is about to jump off a bridge. She dreams of coming to Australia with her best friend Marie (Charlene McKenna), but is currently at her lowest ebb. Meanwhile, her mob boss father Frank (Lalor Roddy), has his own problems as someone has robbed his safe. He finds out that it's Pearse Kelly (Martin McCann), who's looking for revenge because he believes that Frank and his goons are involved with his brother Eddie's disappearance. While Frank's goons go looking for Pearse including Johnny (Richard Dormer), who's looking to get out of the business, Marie, still looking for Greta is stuck with Dara (Valene Kane) who's is nothing but trouble. As Greta is about to jump off a bridge, she meets Pearse who attempts to talk her out of jumping. Told in a sort of non-linear fashion, which is a bit of an issue trying to work out what happens when, Jump is an OK movie that is good for a laugh and is also a bit of a downer.)

Valene Kane film clip (collage below)

"Love Child"


Ella Scott Lynch clip

TV/Film Clips

Freya Mavor in The White Queen (s1e10) in 1080hd

Lauren Blair, October Moore, Jillian Leigh and Cora Benesh in City Baby (2013) in 720p





Latifah Creswell in  Zane's The Jump Off in 720p - s1e1, s1e3, s1e4

< < < < < < < < < < < < < <

Melanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon in Enemy



Kristina Klebe and Alexia Rasmussen in Proxy (2013) in 1080p



Hannah Hoekstra in App (2013) in 1080p

Trieste Kelly Dunn, plus Josephine Decker and Jennymarie Jemison, in Loves Her Gun (2013) in 720p



Isild Le Besco in Le cout de la vie (2003)


Anna Ewer captured by a paparazzo who caught her during a wardrobe change

Olivia Munn nip-slip

We identified that other hooker in this week's Game of Thrones. It is Xena Avramidis

And the latest from Celebrity Bottoms:

Ana Oliveira in Two Drifters

Guest anchor Carli on Naked News, April 3

Guest anchor Lyndsay on Naked News, April 10

Guest anchor Angie on Naked News, April 4 (some of these, maybe all, look like keepers)

Anne Gautier in Hail Mary

Brigitte Bardot in Contempt

Goldie Hawn in Criss Cross

Jennifer Davison in The Devil's Violinist

Josephine Gillan on Game of Thrones, s4e1

Suzan Anbeh in Der Kriminalist s7e1