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About a week ago something seems to have changed in the way the Fun House works. In the Fun House when I select an image to view, it works as usual. When I then press the Back Button, it returns to the Fun House page at the top of the page. I then have to relocate where I was at on the page before selecting the image. This is a bit of an inconvenience, particularly on days when there are a great many items on the page. Any Ideas?



I have also developed the same problem in the past ten days or so, but it happens only in MSIE. Firefox, Chrome and Safari all work the way they always have. (I haven't tried Opera.) Since there were no changes of any kind on our end, and since the other browsers don't exhibit the same behavior, this has to be a recent quirk in MSIE. (I foolishly added IE updates last week, when the damned thing was working just fine to begin with. I'm not sure why I fell for that one.) I don't know exactly what I can do about it. Since it doesn't happen on every website, there must be something in my code somewhere which causes it, but I have no way to guess what that might be. It can't be bad code because both Firefox and Chrome are supposed to be 100% standards-compliant, and it doesn't happen in those browsers!

If anyone knows what the quirk is and how to deal with it, let me know.

Meanwhile, the recent changes in MSIE have also caused me brand-new problems with two other major sites: and I have gotten so frustrated that I have dropped MSIE faster than I abandoned MySpace. I have now switched completely to Google Chrome. The switchover only takes a few minutes, and Chrome can import just about every possible setting from MSIE. The additional bonus is that pages seem to load much faster in Chrome than in any other browser, and Google Chrome itself comes up in an instant with the latest version of my home page loaded, which is a real pleasure compared to the leisurely process of starting up Firefox.

In the past year, March-to-March, Chrome's market share has gone from 12 to 25, and with good reason. That 13-point gain has taken 9 from MSIE and 4 from Firefox. MSIE lost first place in January of 2009, and it will lose second place this month. Even Firefox has dropped share for 10 consecutive months, as Google continues its drive to rule the universe.



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Last Rites


Daphne Zuniga clips (caps below)

Scoop's note: I was surprised to see the date on this film, and I thought it might be a mistake. "It couldn't have been 23 years ago, could it?" Then I looked up Daphne Zuniga on IMDb and realized that she will turn 50 next year. Ouch!




Film Clips

Ellen Page in Super (2010; no nudity, but freaky)

Anne Sarah Hartung and Nina Kronjaeger in Marie Brand ... in 720p (2010; see below)

Rachel Lascar in Siete minutos (2009; see below)

Marta Etura in Siete minutos (see below)

Elsa Pataky and Mar Regueras in Ninette (2005; see below)

Mar Regueras in Ninette (2005; see below)

Elsa Pataky in Ninette (2005; see below)

Marta Etura again, now seven years younger in Trece campanadas (2002; see below)

Dolores Fonzi in Plata quemada (2000; see below)

Leticia Bredice in Plata quemada (2000; see below)

Michelle Bauer, Cynthia Thompson, and Cynthia Rullo in Cavegirl (1985)

Agostina Belli in Das malvenfarbene Taxi in 720p (1977; see below)

Charlotte Rampling in Das malvenfarbene Taxi in 720p (see below)




Whitney Port at Coachella

Reymond Amsalem in Lebanon (2009)


Alex Kendall in Blood Oath (2007)

Sarah Bloodworth in Blood Oath (2007)

Sarah Bloodworth in the Blood Oath special features (2007)