The Dunwich Horror

This is a remake of a 1970 movie based on a H.P. Lovecraft story, possibly his most famous tale. The first film version of the story was merely cheesy in a typical 1970 way. (Sandra Dee, anyone?) This one is an awful movie in just about every way.

  • Many performances are weak.
  • The visual quality is worse than a home camcorder. You'll see just how bad it was if you download the nude scene. The whole movie looks like that.
  • The special effects and costumes  would have been laughable in the silent era.
  • The Evil One looks like a Terry Gilliam cartoon
  • And the locale has been switched from New England to Louisiana.

So they really made a loving effort to bring Lovecraft to the screen.

The only things interesting about it are:

1) Horror genre legend Jeffrey Combs plays Wilbur Whately, and is barely recognizable.

2) Dean Stockwell, who played Whately in the 1970 version, is back in the re-make as Dr. Armitage. Stockwell has now been in the film acting business for 64 years. His first film appearances were during World War Two! In 1945 he had a small part in Anchors Aweigh with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Now that's longevity.


Anyway, here's the brief nudity from some unidentified topless vixens.


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The Reader


Scoop's note: Full 1920 HD clips and caps. Impressive.

Kate Winslet film clips. Collages below

Jeannette Hain film clip. Collage below.







Big Bad Wolf


Today we have the horror flick "Big Bad Wolf" with two topless babes who, be warned, wind up a little messed up and dead.

First up Robin Sydney who is doing the deed in the great outdoors, but the big bad wolf mauls her bare breasts. Caps and a clip.


Then that wolf goes after Shannon Malone and her luscious boobs. Caps and a clip.






TV Land

Over in TV Land we go back to 2001 and Megyn Price showing of her cleavage and legs in an episode of "Grounded for Life". She is one hot mama. Caps and a clip.









Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox

Season 5, episode 19









Melissa Gilbert in an episode of Nip/Tuck. Obviously, some of this is prosthetic. How much, I don't know.

Following up on yesterday's page: Linda Hamilton in Separate Lives

Side boob from Lindsay Lohan. I think Lindsay is a great-looking woman, irrespective of her antics, but the boobs seem to be going south awfully fast for a girl who is still only 22 years old. (She was only 17 when she filmed Mean Girls, and 11 or 12 in The Parent Trap.)


Film Clips