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"The Back Lot Murders"

The Back Lot Murders (2001) is easily the worst Evil Elvis Impersonator splatter genre spoof I have ever seen. How many have I see, you might ask. Only this one, but I feel confident that, after I have watched dozens, this will remain the worst. The film was written according to the following logic.

1) We haven't done horror yet, lets do one.

2) We have the use of the Universal back lot, but always end up redressing the sets to disguise them. Lets use them as is, and try to convince the audience somehow that the motive was something other than laziness.

3) Lets make the slasher the most obvious suspect, and lets put an Elvis mask on him, since the story will be the shooting of a rock video.

4) Lets make it a comedy, because serious splatter film attempts are always laughed at anyway.

The above is taken from the featurettes on this DVD. A gay director and very butch female manager are shooting a rock video at night. The band is unknown, but one of the members is sleeping with the daughter of a record company owner. Evil Elvis starts killing people, and doesn't stop till he has them all, although the manager has to help finish up, then does in Evil Elvis. In the middle of the second act, several of the women show their breasts, including Angela Little, Nancy O'Brien, and someone I couldn't identify. Nearly the entire film is shot at night, and the few moments of humor and the exposure were nowhere near enough to save this. D+.

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  • Unknown (1, 2)


    Novocaine (2001) isn't as bad as Scoopy indicated, it is abysmal. Scoop found some humorous moments, but thought the thriller/mystery angle was botched badly. I didn't even find one smile here. I am a staunch Steve Martin fan, whether he is playing Steve Martin (The Jerk, Mixed Nuts, LA Story), or a real character (Roxanne, Plains, Trains and Automobiles, Parenthood), but I suggest he borrow a common plot element from bad thrillers, and claim that his evil twin was in this film, not him. The film never had a chance as a comedy. Going to the dentist is neither fun nor funny. I was prepared to believe that Helena Bonham Carter talked him into giving her a scrip for Percodan, but not that he didn't turn her in after the druggist told him she had upped the prescription to 50 pills.

    The only positive in this film is Carter's breast exposure. Scoopy said D as a mystery, C as a comedy, and I say D for both. It is technically ok, but has no dramatic or comedic appeal at all.

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    '68 (1988), especially after today's first two films, was a delight. It is the story of the year 1968 in San Francisco, told through the eyes of two brothers, the sons of Hungarian refugees who have opened a restaurant. I am going to highly recommend this and don't want to give too much plot away. The thing that made this film far better than other 60's films is the balanced, yet accurate view of the area and times.Elements include the Hungarian immigrant community, a Chinese feminist Marxist radical, a gay coming out, a girl who ends up a country singer, hippies mingling with outlaw bikers, the draft, a married man having an affair, totally non-political people, in short, the exact mix I remember from the era. They intercut actual newsreel footage of the Vietnam war, Johnson's decision not to run again, the King and Kennedy assassinations, the Democratic convention in Chicago, etc.

    They also had the music exactly right, including Country Joe and the Fish, Hendrix and Joplin. As a sort of counterpoint, the score also included Hungarian classical and folk pieces. There were two nude scenes. In the first, a girl (Terra Vandergaw) decides to lose her virginity in the back of a VW bus. We see most of her butt and the crotch of her panties as she summersaults from the front seat into the back, and her breasts while making love. In a very well composed sex scene, Anya Lem has sex on the back of a motorcycle. She shows breasts and buns, and we have the Pacific ocean as a backdrop to the scene. Cinematographer Daniel Lacambre did a magnificent job with the photography in what is a picturesque location anyway. The story is somewhat autobiographical for writer/director Steven Kovacs.

    Look for a cameo appearance from Neil Young as a motorcycle shop owner, and a great performance from Anna Dukasz as the Hungarian grandmother, and former cabaret star, and from Sándor Técsy as the father. IMDB readers have this at 6.6 of 10. but only based on 13 votes. This film should appeal to those who know the era, and those who would like to, but, at the same time, is an interesting cultural study of several levels of society, and has enough humor and suspense to sustain anyone's interest. Yes, it is a low budget effort without big name performers, but I still rate it a B-.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    George Lucas admits Phantom Menace sucked

    considers apologizing for slavery, Return of the Jedi, as well


    This from Yahoo

    A confidential Lucasfilm marketing pitch about part two of the new Star Wars trilogy, obtained by Newsweek, promised that ``Attack of the Clones'' will be an action-packed movie with ``no silly characters or kids.'' It also plainly states, in bold type: ``The last movie did not live up to expectations.''   (click to read full story)

    Scoopco Industries has learned the following additional details unknown to Newsweek:

    Lucas is also planning to bring in Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann to do some "really cool musical numbers" to take advantage of the fact that Obi-Wan Kenobi is a good singer and dancer. "We think you will love the dancing Ewok chorus", enthused Lucas, "because these are the best musical midgets since the Wizard of Oz".

    Lucas's marketing director intoned, "You will love the dancing Ewok chorus. These are not the droids you seek".

    After admitting that Phantom Menace sucked oceanically, Lucas is also expected to admit this week that the world is round and that Kevin Costner can't do a British accent.

    Actually, here's what we really found out:

    http://www.darkhorizons.com/reviews/t020128a.htm   - spoiler summary of the film

    http://www.prequel-spoilers.com/script.txt - an actual draft of the script (unknown how close this is to the shooting script, but see below for Harry Knowles's overview on that subject)

    http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=11796  - meanwhile, that Ain't it Cool guy has actually seen the film (not completely finished), and raves on and on and on about it in great detail. He also says, "basically that stolen script has the structure right, and sometimes the scenes are exact, but .....". Read his notes for details.


    More news

    Who should be the next space tourist, a mom or a Pop Star from 'nSync. This article speculates.

    My thought on the matter: depends on the nature of the flight. If it's one of those space flights where we bring the people back to earth, then I vote for the mom.


    Monday's birthdays: Jack Nicholson and the Sphinx. According to the event's promoters, the Sphinx celebrates its 17,000th birthday today. Nicholson is thought to be younger.



    Baretta takes his eye off the sparrow

    Have you seen the state's case against Robert Blake and his buddy? Pretty convincing. You've read that she was killed with his gun. They can establish both that it was the murder weapon and that he owned it.  But that is only the coup de grace. Apparently Blake personally solicited several people to kill Bakley, showing them the "untraceable" gun. Blake's co-conspirator actually kept a written to-do list of items necessary for the murder of Bakley. Find the actual court filings at The Smoking Gun. (I'd link to it but it is their document of the day, and I guess it will be moved by the time you read this)

    Ironically, Blake's adult stardom was kicked off by a movie which ends with him receiving the death penalty. (A true story, In Cold Blood)

    I ran these pictures of the late Bonnie Bakley (the murder victim) some weeks ago, but I guess you probably weren't ready for them yet. Here they are again because the story has heated up. I warn you in advance that they are not very ... um ... aesthetic.(Pics from Celebrity Sleuth) (1, 2, 3, 4)


    Some Anna Kournikova paparazzi pictures will appear in the next (June) issue of Penthouse. In honor of that, I did a volume for everything significant we have of Anna at this point. I don't know if the Penthouse pictures will be the topless paparazzi pictures we have already seen, or new material.

    Check out also the new volumes for Mimi Rogers and Patricia Arquette


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    Gorgeous, artistic, B&W nudes and semi-nudes from the master of fashion scans.

    Today it's former porn star Ginger Lynn Allen in 1992's "Mind, Body & Soul" featuring Ginger in a rape scene as well as a love scene with her pouring hot wax on her boy friend. Pretty tame stuff when you consider her past.

    • Ginger Lynn Allen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Laura Linney Full frontal and partial rear nudity in scenes from "Maze".

    Sheila Zane Showing all 3 B's, also from the movie "Maze".

    Nicole Kidman Brief breast, and excellent bum views in "Dead Calm" aka "The other Billy Zane boat movie".

    Dayle Haddon Breasts and bum in the 1976's flick, "Spermula".

    Béatrice Dalle
    (1, 2)

    Very nice breast exposure in both, plus pubes in #1. Scenes from the French movie "À la folie" (1994), by DeVo.

    Elizabeth Margoni Topless and rear nudity in "Le Professionnel" (1981).

    Ludivine Sagnier The young French actress shows off a beautiful pair of breasts in scenes from "Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes", aka "Water Drops On Burning Rocks" (1999). Vidcaps by Helvete.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Baring her tummy while presenting at the World Music Awards, by DeadLamb.

    Thumbnail Preview
    (1, 2)

    Sabrina Ferilli
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)

    The Italian actress posing in a variety of sexy, rear, see-thru, nip-slips, and partial nude images.

    Pat Reeder The Comedy Wire
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Not much today, but you might find this from Sky News to be of interest. In fact, maybe you could offer to help Jennifer out with the research...

    Aniston - Show Us Your Pics
    "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston has been ordered to show raunchy pictures of herself to a court in the US.

    The devastated actress was told to hand over any nude pictures of herself that have appeared in print or on film.

    The traumatic order was made in a court case in which Jennifer is suing publishers who printed topless pictures of her, according to The Star.

    White knickers

    The snaps show her sunbathing in her garden wearing only a pair of white knickers.

    The actress fiecely protects her privacy with her Hollywood idol husband Brad Pitt but Jennifer's attempts to halt publication could have backfired in a most embarrassing way.

    A friend said she is a private person: "It will be very difficult for her to talk about nudity in open court."

    Wet T-shirts

    Shots to be handed over include naked cover shots she did for a magazine in 1996, nude pictures for another mag and wet T-shirt contest photos.

    She also appeared last year in a steamy love scene in hit movie Rock Star with co-star Mark Wahlberg.

    But the 33-year-old actress is said to be determined not to back down.

    'Felt violated'

    "Jennifer was devastated by the photographs that were published and felt violated in her own backyard, a place where she should have been safe," said her pal.

    "She is determined to stop those topless photographs from appearing again."

    The subathing shots - taken after the snapper scaled her neighbour's garden wall - caused her "shame, hurt, embarrassment and distress - the actress claims.

    Still Living In A Different World - Perpetual "Cosby Show" troublemaker Lisa Bonet has refused to appear on next month's reunion special, blaming her "busy schedule," but telling People magazine that she felt insulted by NBC's "take-it-or-leave-it, with-you-or-without-you offer." She said the "energy behind" the reunion "felt motivated by corporate profit," and "I was not feeling the love."

    * What, from a TV NETWORK?! She MUST be mistaken!

    * NBC can't be totally motivated by profit...They did give Lisa Bonet her own show.

    * Isn't "with-you-or-without-you" the offer Bill Cosby gave her 15 years ago?

    * So Lisa Bonet's too busy for a "Cosby Show" reunion? Isn't her sock drawer organized yet?!