WhyScan's Page Three Report
  • Kathleen Turner stage bootleg, not bad!
  • Kathleen Turner stage bootleg, poor quality
  • Yesterday: Rebekah, 21, from Birmingham (1, 2, 3, 4)

    GOLD: Jane Roffey, April, 1982.

    REQUEST: Jeannette Gillespie, 1984-87, (1, 2)

    REQUEST: Karen Richardson, 1978-79, (1, 2)

    REQUEST: Kim Mills, 16 Jan, 1981, (1)

    REQUEST: Tracy Owen, 1987-88, (1, 2)

    Blinky's Runway Report
    Danielle Zinaich, Day Three. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Scoop's tips: Number 3 is quite sexy, with cleavage and pokies. The rest are essentially glam
    Minnie Driver The Dream Team is back. Caps by Tuna, collages by FR. "The Governess"
    El Kabong
    The new issue of Black Men. No nudity except in Bayete #2
  • Shani Bayete
  • Shani Bayete
  • Shani Bayete
  • Shani Bayete
  • Halle Berry
  • Garcelle Beauvais
  • SC
    Some pretty rare material, and very clear!
  • Anne Brigitte in "Faces of Women"
  • Sally Kirkland in "Coming Apart"
  • Shelley Plimpton in "Glen and Randa"
  • More
    Raffaella Offidani in "L'uomo che guarda". All from UC99.
    Raffaella Offidani in "L'uomo che guarda"
    Raffaella Offidani in "L'uomo che guarda"
    Raffaella Offidani in "L'uomo che guarda"
    Raffaella Offidani in "L'uomo che guarda"
    Chloe Sevigny in "Boys Don't Cry" (The Night)
    Hilary Swank in "Boys Don't Cry" (The Night)
    Kelly Bright in "Nature Boy" (Pitters)
    Kelly Bright in "Nature Boy" (Wattie)

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    "Last Night", from Johnny Web

    Four interesting and offbeat movies to talk about today.

    This one is a terrific little movie. I watch dozens of these little movies every year,and 90% of them bite the big one, but we live for the treasure in the trash, and this is the treasure. You may not know it, but Canada has its own version of Orson Welles, although the Northern Welles, Don McKellar, is quite a bit less flashy. Lacking the command presence of the original Welles, McKellar is a little soft-spoken guy who looks like he'd get kicked around the playground by Bill Gates and Woody Allen, but at age 36 he's written eight screenplays and directed three movies himself, including two of his original screenplays. Oh, yeah, and he's appeared in a couple dozen as an actor. He's best known as a writer now, for the critically-acclaimed "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould" and "The Red Violin". I have mentioned before that I felt The Red Violin could have won the best screenplay Oscar, although I was less enthusiastic about the movie's execution. (McKellar didn't direct that movie).

    McKellar did it all in "Last Night". Wrote, directed, starred. Here's the premise: world is going to end at midnight, it's six PM now. Don't ask why. Act of God, mad scientist, who cares? Doesn't matter. Point is there's no Bruce Willis or Arnold to save the day. At midnight it's all over, everyone has accepted it, and has known for a couple months or more. Given that, what would life be like? Think about it. There won't be a lot of trash pick-up or public transportation or police on the streets. If you had a few hours left, would you spend it nabbing drug dealers or picking up trash? Hell no. Think about what you wouldn't do. Then think about what you would do. Think about how other people are different from you, and would have different approaches. What would the end of the world be like? Some bang, some whimper.

    I think the most touching performance in the movie is given by eccentric director David Cronenberg, who plays a gas company executive who spends the last days calling customers to thank them, and to assure them that the gas will keep working as long as possible. Cronenberg is a lonely guy, but even with the world down to a few hours, he still can't summon the courage to conclude an office flirtation with his virginal assistant, and she doesn't know how to ask for it.

    It is a strange combination of the brightest and darkest angels of our natures, all magnified in intensity as the end nears. It's coated with dark humor, filled with engaging characterizations. If it sounds interesting to you, rent it. If you like it, thank me. If not, blame it on Canada. Karen Glave (1, 2, 3)

    Tracy Wright

    "Dr Alien", from Johnny Web

    One of the all-time classics in the young male exploitation tits-n-chuckles genre. Lots of bims, almost all show some goodies, and the plot is totally hokey, but with enough cheap laughs to carry you to the next scene with breasts. World's dullest teen turns into a babe magnet when some aliens experiment on him. 'Nuff said. Quite good for its type. My only complaint: a poor transfer to DVD. Linnea Laura Albert Laura Albert Judy Landers (non-nude) Judy Landers (non-nude) Julie Gray Michelle Bauer Karen Russell Ginger Lynn Allen Edy Williams (??)

    "The Hidden", from Johnny Web

    Also an excellent small film. This is in the story line that leads from "Brain from Planet Aurus" to "T-2". Good entity follows evil entity into our time and place, and must destroy it. Lots of action, fast-paced, with some depth to the characterizations, and exceptionally well acted for a genre pic. Good ending as well. Well worth a rent. Hell, the rental is justified just by seeing Claudia Christian as a stripper. She didn't actually get naked, but you're really gonna like these anyway. Claudia ( 1, 2, 3)

    "Little Mother", from Tuna

    This is a strange one, which I haven't seen. Roman-a-clef loosely based on the life of Eva Peron (although it has the usual disclaimer "about any resemblance to real people ... is purely coincidence", blah, blah). Directed by the notorious Radley Metzger. Realist and I used to have debates over this guy. I claim that he was the world's classiest and most intellectual pornographer (he's a student of Pirandello). Realist said that he was just Fellini without the talent, and some of Fellini's movies would also have seemed like porn in his day if he weren't just so talented. Well, whatever Metzger was, I don't think there were any others like him. Argentina was instructed not not to cry for Christiane Kruger. thumbnails. Kruger (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    New from GR

    Graphic response added some rare material of his own today Isabelle Huppert in "The Lacemaker" Greta Scacchi "Presumed Innocent" Apollonia in "Purple Rain"

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