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The Counterfeiters



Marie Baumer

Ms. Sabourin in the news

A couple of weekends ago Alec Baldwin found Montreal actress Genevieve Sabourin waiting outside his New York apartment wanting to cook the Easter bunny in a pot. She claims they had a two year relationship while he claims they only had dinner once, which in Hollywood-speak translates "a one night stand on the casting couch." Her acting career consists mainly of bit parts and production assistant jobs. Her only notable role is a little known 2006 Vice Cache episode which only aired in Quebec.

Genevieve Sabourin: underwear having a fully clothed threesome with another unknown Quebec actress, Annick Demers.

Monster Brawl


Wrestling horror spoof with mixed reviews and only made watchable by the ring girls.

Rachelle Corbeil: sexy bikini.

Ashley Byford: sexy bikini.

While Rachelle Corbeil is also known as Naked News correspondent and hefmag model "Rachelle Wilde," she has also appeared often with Ashley Byfordy who's also a hefmag model and Naked News correspondent known both as Ashley Perry and  Peyton Priestly. In fact one of their hefmag shoots has strong lesbian overtones.

Ashley Byford: as Naked News anchor Peyton Priestly.

Ashley Byford and Rachelle Corbeille: naked together in Naked News

Ashley Byford and Rachelle Corbeille: nude modeling shot.

Ashley Byford: nude modeling shot

Ashley Byford: topless in episode of Body Language.

More on Ashley and Rachel below ...

Ashley Madison ad: "Welcome to the Club"

Another banned Ashley Madison commercial meant for the Superbowl.

Savanna Samson: bra and panties.

Ashley Byford: making out with Savanna Samson.

Rachelle Corbeil: wearing glasses.

Naomi Snieckus: sexy. Now that the CBC renewed Mr. D for a second season she won't have to do commercials like this.

The Samaritan


Samuel L. Jackson movie to be released in theaters next month.

  Ruth Negga: topless.

  La conciergerie


Neo-noire Quebec movie.

Tania Kontoyanni: cleavage.

  Caroline Neron: pokies.

Francine Morand: GILF.

Marie-Claude Michaud: sexy as strip club waitress.

  stripper: topless

Seattle Superstorm

(2012 TV movie)

Classic line from this movie which also served as a description: "Superstorm? That sucks".

  Dominika Wolski: underwear just before she was about to take off her top.

This Movie Is Broken


Another movie by Bruce McDonald/Don McKellar of Hard Core Logo fame.

  Georgina Reilly: cleavage, underwear.



Another Bruce McDonald/Don McKellar film.

Sadly the last movie for Don McKellar's wife Tracy Wright.

  Lenore Zann: see-through nipple. She’s now a Nova Scoria politician.

  Tracy Wright: lesbian action with Lenore.

Le grand serpent du monde

(1999; aka "The Big Snake of the World")

NFB film starring Murray "One Night in Bangkok" Head.

Elyzabeth Walling: topless.

And, for reference, here's Elyzabeth dancing nude in some unknown production.

Silicon Follies

(2001 TV movie)

Unsold television pilot not about a breast reduction clinic.

Elizabeth Weinstein: side boob.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Fae Gone Wild" (s2e07)

Couple of IDs made of the cat burgler stripper.

Emily Lineham aka Melissa Moore: sexy. She's the daughter of Hardee T. Lineham, who must have married a supermodel.

Tanisha Thammavongsa: sexy.


episode: "Charlene Francis" (2012; s2e03)

Correction as Meghan Heffern was misidentified in this episode.

  Megan Fahlenbock: cleavage making out in car

"B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye"

episode: web series finale (s3e05)

The lesbian series ends with the two protagonists making out.

Lindy Zucker & Dana Puddicombe: light lesbian action.

"Bomb Girls"

episode: "Elements of Surprise" (season 1 finale)

The series has been renewed for a second season.

  Ali Liebert & Charlotte Hegele: light lesbian action.

"Birthing At Home"


Graphic home birth video. IMDb link.

Alexis Lundy: disco bush, breastfeeding.

What's puzzling was the mother wore a tanktop, even though the camera was up her bush and she had appeared topless before in the short "Nude Not" (2000; seen below; you can recognize her from the tattoo on the small of her back).

"Storage Wars"

episode: "Driving Miss Barry"

Caught this US series on the OLN.

  Brandi Passante: very sexy in tanktop, downblouse in another episode.
Had this been shot in Canada she’ll be poking right through.


Variety: The babes (the "panicats") of Panico na TV, a Brazilian comedy show which is sort of an R-rated Laugh-In. Lizzi Benites (Piu-Piu), Dani Bolina, and Gabriela Monteiro dance around on stage in thong bikinis and sometimes participate in various games and skits. This particular nudie video is from a nude photo shoot unrelated to the TV show itself.


Carmelita Hughes in American Mobster (2012)

Elizabeth Mae in American Mobster