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Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders


Flesh Gordon is abducted by the Cosmic Cheerleaders (from Cosmic High, of course) because all of the men on their planet have been rendered impotent by the ruler, and they need the very virile Flesh to save the day. His girlfriend and Dr. Flexi Jerkoff follow to rescue him. Jerkoff's space ship is run by chicken fucking, and everything that can be shaped like a breast is. The rescuers nearly die in the ASSteroid belt, a bunch of flatulent asteroids and a burning comet, but they save the day firing huge corks into the asteroids. Other highlights include walking miles through a rectum, the mammary mountains, a club called the G-spot (very few men there -- men can never find the G-spot) and Flesh having to screw the chickens personally when their normal propulsion system is undermined by an impotence ray.

This film is trying for high camp with frequent breasts. They succeeded in the breast department, featuring the mammaries of including Stevie-Lyn Ray, Sharon Rowley, Blaire Kashino, Melissa Mounds, Morgan Fox, Robyn Kelly, Strawberry Angel and several unknowns. Unfortunately, they overshot camp by miles, and made it all the way to puerile, gross and disgusting. I imagine 8 year olds would find it amusing, but then they aren't allowed to see it.

Melissa Mounds



Morgan Fox


Robyn Kelly



Strawberry Angel


group (Stevie-Lyn Ray, Sharon Rowley, Blaire Kashino)













Embrace the Darkness


A little soft core erotica today.

Madison Clark stars and this little cutie shows it all in these caps and three clips.


Angelina High bares the boobs, but watch out for her, she's a vampire. Caps and a clip.



Jennifer Ludlow shows off her very impressive rack.


Jennifer and Angelina compare tits and play around with the vampire; Caps and three clips.


Colleen McDermott in very brief topless "Babe in Bondage" scene.







Notes and collages



Marcia Gay Harden



Scoop's note to collectors: I have been taking Rok's stuff out of order. No special reason. I saw these and I liked them. They were shiny, and I'm easily distracted.

His stuff will all get in here eventually.















Film Clips

Hot off the presses, here's another that might sneak into the year-end top 20. Not that it's such a great scene, but it's the popular and rarely exposed Sarah Polley in the finale from the popular and highly regarded John Adams series. Film clip here, sample right.

In honor of 420, various actresses in Totally Baked. (2007) (Sample right.)
Anicee Alvina in Anima Persa. (1977) (Sample right.)
Peta Wilson in Mercy (2000)  
Lena Headey in Aberdeen. (2000)  
Lake Bell in Over Her Dead Body (2008)  
Diana Amft in Maedchen, Maedchen (2001)  
I love this. Catherine "Daisy Duke" Bach in Battle of the Network Stars. Somewhere between 1979 and 1983. Great body. Sexy, see-through swimsuit.
Barbara Rudnik in Doppeltes Dreieck (1999)  
Ada Tauler in Voodoo Passion. (1977) Great nudity.  


Two great stores today. Above you'll see Sarah Polley topless. Here you'll see Emma Watson's coochie in paparazzi snaps. She's Hermione from those Harry Potter films. Last Monday the paparazzi couldn't have sold these shots because she was underage. But Tuesday she turned 18 - and flashed her "hairy pooter" that very same day.


Jodie Marsh. Yawn.
Paris Hilton. Yawn.
Anna Friel with some very brief nudity in Mad Cows