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Out of Control


Out of Control (1998) is a thriller starring Sean Young. She plays a mobster's girl in Pittsburgh, and runs off with his car and a whole lot of cash. She finds a small town, starts an affair with a diner owner, and seems to be hiding from the enforcers who are out to get her. Predictably, she is found, and someone tries to grab her and the money, but the diner owner makes short work of him. Of course, this is not the last of the visitors, and, before this one is over, there will also be some surprise plot twists.

I did not predict the ending. As Sean Young's only fan, I wanted to like this, and found it watchable. This is a C- on our scale.

IMDb readers say 5.3 and based on only 57 votes. The small number of votes is not surprising, as it is only available in a rare region 3 NTSC version! It is in English, and the transfer quality is good, so it's a way to get a rare DVD if you're a fan. Order information can be obtained by clicking on the picture below.



Scoop's notes: A tough diner owner easily disposes of some Pennsylvania mobsters who are looking for someone hiding from the syndicate? I have not seen this movie, but the plot sure sounds like a lot like "A History of Violence."



Sean Young shows all three Bs, mostly in dark scenes.











Crooked is also known as Soft Target.

Leading it off is Diana Kauffman featuring cleavage and titties.


Kara Wall shows off the hooters in the tub with her lover.



No nudity from Suzanne von Schaack, but she does have nice legs.









Isi & Disi, alto voltaje

Santiago Segura jumped to fame after his role in the great "Día de la Bestia" from director Álex de la Iglesia. It was not his first movie but it got him a Goya (Spanish academy award) as best newcomer. After that he started to do many movies until he created Torrente. Torrente and its two sequels are the most successful movie series in Spanish cinema, so Santiago Segura is taking advantage of this by creating new characters for other movies. He did a rich daddy's little boy with "El Asombroso mundo de Borjamari y Pocholo", and then he did the Isi/Disi movies (comes from AC/DC, which is the favorite band of the two main characters).

Isi and Disi get into trouble with the law and have to come with 300,000 Euros or they will lose Isi's Bar "La Campana del Infierno" (Hell Bell's, one of AC/DC's songs). Fortuitously, there is a contest to look for the most brutal metal band and the prize is half a million, so they enter the contest to save the bar. But the producer of the contest is not about to let some punks like them in, and even if they do enter, he won't let them play what they want, since he only is interested on making money.

"Isi & Disi, alto voltaje" is the second movie for these two characters. The first one was not very good at all. This one has a better concept, and plenty of T&A, but as a whole is even worse. In reality it's just toilet paper humor. In twenty years, I'm pretty sure that these movies will be viewed the same way we now view the exploitation movies that were made in Spain in the 70's and 80's. On the other hand, both movies have made a lot of money in cinemas, so it wouldn't be surprising if they make a third one. 

You can see from the plot summary that the whole idea is pretty stupid, but it has some laughs and - I can't lie -  if there is a third one I will watch it.


Lucia Lapiedra



Zuleidy Piedrahita

Kira Miro




Here's one of the jokes so you get an idea what the humor is like.







Notes and collages

2000 and a Half Years Ago

And a new series begins. I call this one "The A Girls."

Anna Falchi







A film clip: part 4 of the extensive Bo Derek Nudity in Tarzan the Ape Man. This time Richard Harris has passed out from overacting and Bo is stricken with grief. (The real story is that Harris plays her father, and has joined the choir invisible, where he undoubtedly has the loudest tenor voice.)
Carla Gugino is not tall or elegant or breathtakingly beautiful, but for a little Flyin' Nun-lookin' gal, she is one sexy woman!

Smart, too. Did you know she was the valedictorian of her high school class?