Sex Education

season one

This is not completely "breaking news" because this raunchy series came out in January. It's now in 2160hd, however, and it's awesome, especially the scene with Aimee Lou Wood, which is a little mini-movie all its own, and arguably the scene of the year so far. (The other two scenes are almost as entertaining, although the nudity is not as good.)

Aimee Lou Wood in episode 1

Alice Hewkin and Lily Newmark in episode 4



Tanya Reynolds in episode 3


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s2e1, 1920x1080

Dominique Perry

This week continuing the British movies and TV.


Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out is a mediocre sitcom starring John Inman. It lasted for only 7 episodes in 1 series. There’s no nudity but plenty of cleavage.

Episode 1 A Chip Off the Old Block (1977)

Vivienne Johnson

Episode 2 Money, Money, Money (1977)

Vivienne Johnson

Some Voices

2000, 1080hd

Kelly Macdonald film clip (collage below)

"Dante's Cove"

season three

Michelle Wolff in episode 3 (Jill Bennett is the other woman)

Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Wolff in episode 2

Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Wolff in episode 1

Elizabeth Hurley