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Billie Piper (or her body double) did full frontal and rear nudity in the season two premiere of Penny Dreadful

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Bedlam (bizarrely a part of the After Dark horror series) is a thriller set in 1964 where George Kilner (Guy Edmonds), a man riddled with mental illness passed on from him by his mother, admits himself into the Bedlam Institution to undergo a radical new technique administered by highly regarded Dr Black (Peter McAllum). When he gets there, George is greeted by a group of sadistic guards led by Keeper (Johnny Boxer, hey wasn't he in the last movie), who set a rigourous regime of torture behind the doctor's back. George becomes friends with fellow patients Cutter (Gary Boulter), a man obsessed with self-harm, and Sofia Louis (Cassandra Swaby), a world famous actress who lets people walk all over her - to the detriment of her sanity. Together they attempt to survive the place, but when it becomes clear the treatment involving shock therapy isn't working and that the guard's routine of torture is breaking them down, it becomes a matter of survival and some just aren't going to make it.

Billed as a horror movie, but it very much isn't one, more a survival thriller of both the physical and mental kind, Bedlam is a strange beast. The combination of the guard's reckless torture and regular shockings, both as a part of a trial and torture, are not a lot of fun to watch, making Bedlam one depressing movie. There's also weird interludes involving a sort of 50s/60s moving picture feel, like wacky sitcom-like ads highlighting their situation which results in an ending that needs to be seen to be believed. And this feels very out of place, like it wants to be a black comedy, but it is not that type of movie either. A strange, strange movie that is very hard to recommend.

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