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The Sexual Story of O


The Sexual Story of O (1984) is a Jess Franco Spanish film titled to take advantage of the popularity of the Story of O. It is a story of sado-masochism by the very wealthy. A couple seduces the young Alicia Principle, then delivers her to a perverted royal couple on an island, where she is ravaged, drugged and beaten, then murdered.

Franco thinks of it as a love story.

The male half of the couple who seduces her falls in love with her, blows away his wife and the twisted royalty, then carries her dead body into the sea. Jess was proud of that ending, saying that it symbolized that the two people had to go to another plane to find happiness.

Jess does a little of his psychedelic photography during the torture scene at the end of the film, but otherwise spends the film shooting naked women in good light alone and fondling other women and/or a man. The Widescreen transfer is excellent. The DVD audio is in Spanish with optional English subtitles, but the dialogue is pretty much unnecessary, so the language is not improtant.

Softcore fans will find it good but unexceptional, but Franco fans will want this. That makes the grade either C (as a competent softcore sex film with unfamiliar actresses), or C+ (as a Jess Franco treasure.)

IMDb readers say 4.1 based on only 12 votes.



Alicia Principle, who I find charming largely due to her facial expressions, but who also has a lovely body, shows everything.



Mari Carmen Nieto as the wife also shows everything.



Franco go-to mature actress, Carmen Carrion, shows breasts as the evil princess.









Angel Blade


Today we look at Angel Blade, notable only because the delicious Amanda Righhetti gets naked.





Also we do have two topless "Babes in Bondage" as both Bethany Rigazio



and Heather Sturm wind up as victims of the killer.



Kathleen Pederson plays a topless hotel desk clerk. Guess you can figure out what kind of hotel this is.



We wind up the day with some unknown hotel guests (?) and some strippers.








New Eden

A group of prisoners are dumped on Penal Zone 11, a desert planet where Earth's criminals are sent to rot. There they are immediately attacked by the brutal Sand Pirates. The two survivors of the attack, Adams (Stephen Baldwin) and Kyne (Michael Bowen), part ways, Kyne wanting to take over the Sand Pirates, while the idealistic Adams wants to carve a better world. Captured and sold to the nomadic Scavengers, Adams realizes the desert is fertile and sets about building a farm. But when the Sand Pirates - with Kyne as their new leader - terrorize the community, Adams realizes he will have to learn how to stand up and fight.

Lisa Bonet








Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 38 of 38

The Peacekeeper Wars

36 days ago I decided to collage this Farscape TV series because I like it; Scoopy was cool with my doing it so you got it all. I admit that halfway through the series I thought I was insane in presenting something which only a portion of you might appreciate but, since as a younger person I had often blown off my "promises," I went the full commit route.

My next series of collages will be more revealing.

Gigi Edgley

Raelee Hill

Claudia Black








A film clip: part 2 of the extensive Bo Derek Nudity in Tarzan the Ape Man. Another cheese-fest. This time Bo is getting whitewashed while Richard Harris overacts his heart out.
Courtney Cox in her underpants on Dirt. That girl is in tremendous shape.
If, like me, you are a Barbara Bach fan, it's your lucky day. Here's her full-frontal nudity from Ecco Noi Per Esempio, seen in DVD quality.
Lots of new collages of Demi Moore in About Last Night. If you haven't seen it, it is surprisingly watchable for a Rob Lowe romantic comedy. Demi is charming and sexy, pre-implants, and the couple's wisecracking best friends make the film fun.


New collages of Patsy Kensit in Lethal Weapon
A gag poster of Paris Hilton. Someone hung this up at the Columbus, Ohio Hilton!
Jessica Alba in a see through dress (Sadly, the gorgeous Alba wears underwear.)
Halle Berry in a see-through dress and a thong
Daisy Fuentes falls out of her dress






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Researchers from the USDA and Kasetsart University in Thailand found that fruity cocktails such as strawberry or blueberry daiquiris might be considered health food. They were testing ways to keep colored fruits fresh, and they found that adding a splash of alcohol boosted the fruit's antioxidant nutrient properties, which means fruity cocktails might help you live longer.

*  Unless you order one in a biker bar.

Thursday, Marvel announced plans to create "Spiderman: The Musical."  The mega-budget Broadway musical would be directed by "The Lion King's" Julie Taymor with a score by Bono.  An attempt at a Superman musical bombed in 1966, but Spiderman would be the first Marvel character to make an attempt at Broadway musical stardom.

*  The Human Torch considered musical comedy, but he just wasn't
flaming enough. 

GEORGE W. BUSH QUOTE OF THE DAY!  From a town hall in Iowa:  "There are jobs Americans aren't doing...If you've got a chicken factory, a chicken-plucking factory, or whatever you call them, you know what I'm talking about"

* Those jobs are now done by those pluckin' foreigners