TV Round-Up

The Borgias is still falling far short of expectations in the nudity department. Sunday's episode had a very brief flash of a lone breast from Holliday Grainger (my clip, samples below)

and an unidentified woman performing in a lusty farce (caps and clip from DeepAtSea, see below)


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The Drifter


Kim Delaney clips (caps below)





The Bannen Way


The Bannen Way is crime caper thriller about Neal Bannen, a conman who keeps getting himself into trouble. This time, he's got himself into a whole heap of trouble and is on his third strike. To get out of it, his father, a police chief, has gorced him into setting up his uncle, who's a big crime boss. But his uncle has other plans for him and get Neal to steal a nysterious box from The Mensch, a Jewish crime kingpin, which he does with the help of a pickpocket Madison (Vanessa Marcil). That's when it get's a whole lot worse for Neal who must decide to loyalty to his father or his uncle, while trying to avoid various lowlifes wanting their own piece of him. Feels very much like a pilot to a show that never went any further and of course, Neal Bannen is your typical conman, slick, smart, great with the ladies and always has a trick up his sleave, so the movie is nothing new (there's a strong whiff of Burn Notice/Macgyver about it, without the spy angle), but is fun without really stretching itself.

Autumn Reeser

The collages are below:


"Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo"

(TV series; 2011)

Carly Taylor film clip

Jessica Tovey film clip


Film Clips

Barbara Lanz in this week's episode of "Der Letzte Bulle" (see below)

Sabila Moussadek and others in Sans Queue ni Tete (2009; see below)

Angie Jibaja in Manana te cuento (2005; see below)

Melania Urbina in Manana te cuento (2005; see below)

Milene Vasquez in Manana te cuento (2005; see below)

All three of the above women in Manana te cuento (2005; see below)

Alicia Martinez and Laila Saab in Asesino en serio (2002; see below)

Ivonne Montero in Asesino en serio (2002; see below)

Eva Cobo in Matador (1986; see below)

Flore Fitzgerald in Une Semaine de vacances in 1080i (1980; see below)

Nathalie Baye in Une Semaine de vacances in 1080i (1980; see below)


The women of The Naughty Stewardesses



Brooklyn Decker

Christina Hendricks onstage in Sondheim's Company

Helena Soubeyrand in Mesrine (2010)

Ludivine Sagnier in Mesrine (2010)

Alexandra Lamy in Ricky (2009)