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Another double feature. Some caps from a couple of film clips found recently in the Fun House.


Boxcar Bertha



The Time Machine first goes back to 1972 for a young Barbara Hershey showing off some T&A in "Boxcar Bertha".




Kinky Killers


Then it's back home for a "Babe in Bondage" as Alison Whitney is all tied up in Kinky Killers (aka Polycarp).







Gimme an 'F'

Gimme an 'F' (1984) is a typical teen flick from the 80's, but without a lot of nudity. If Wikipedia is correct in this fascinating article, then there is about an hour of nudity left on the cutting room floor. This is a movie that needs to come out on DVD!

The only visible nakedness currently available to us is from a few topless unidentified cheerleaders getting dressed.

Plenty of underwear and pokies by Beth Miller,

Daphne Ashbrook,

Karen Kelly,

Karyn Harrison

and Tyra Ferrell.

There's an especially good performance by Jennifer C Cook.




Some nice nudity in Hexed (1993) by Claudia Christian. She must have been shy about some aspects of her body as Shelley Michelle body-doubled in a few scenes.

This one comes with a film clip.





Natashcha McElhone shows the briefest of butt in a dark scene in Solaris (1992) - you actually a better view of George Clooney's butt.



The Housesitter

Tori Spelling-McDermott shows a bit cleavage in The Housesitter (2007).




Clue (1985) is sort of based on the board game.

No nudity but some cleavage by Colleen Camp

 and an upskirt by Lesley Ann Warren.



John Tucker Must Die

Some cleavage by Jenny McCarthy in John Tucker Must Die (2006).



Coast to Coast

Some pokies by Selma Blair

and an upskirt by Angela Asher in Coast to Coast (2003),



Split Second

Both Kim Cattrall

and Tina Shaw expose their breasts in Split Second (1992).



A Life Interrupted

No nudity in A Life Interrupted (2007). Lea Thompson is topless but is facing the wrong way.




Power and Beauty

The nudity in Power and Beauty (2002) comes from a topless Kathy Maloney.

Natasha Henstridge is also topless but the scene is too dark.



Live Once, Die Twice

Patricia Stasiak is a stripper in Live Once, Die Twice (2006) and we see her topless.

Kellie Martin is also topless but we don't see anything.

Some cleavage by Cindy Sampson

and Sadie LeBlanc.



Idiot Love

Idiot Love aka Amor idiota (2004) is a Spanish movie.

Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo is topless (there's a film clip to go with this one)


and Lurdes Barba is completely naked.

Merce Pons is topless but facing the wrong way.

Maria Lanau

and Daniela Corbo are in their underwear

and some unidentified women are enjoying some food naked.



Women On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Women On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown aka Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (1988) is another Spanish movie.

Some see-through breast exposure by Carmen Maura:

and an upskirt by Maria Barranco.


Some unknown is dancing in her underwear.




When you know Supervixens is a Russ Meyer production you know exactly what you are getting, plenty of big-breasted naked women.

The main actress is Shari Eubank

and there is the incomparable Uschi Digard.


Other actresses include Christy Hartburg,

Deborah McGuire,

Sharon Kelly,


and an unidentified actress.



Naked Secrets

Tonight's soft-core movie is Naked Secrets (2006), and the naked actresses are:

Alectra Blue,


Lacie Heart,

and Molinee Green.


Molinee has an interesting web site at, which is just as well as her acting skills are very limited.



"Married with Children"

 Series 7 Part 1

Episode 1 - Magnificent Seven

Linda Blair - cleavage and a bit of leg


Episode 2 - T R A Something, Something Spells Tramp

Christina Applegate - sexy

Liz Vassey, Dusty Street - upskirt


Episode 3 - Every Bundy has a Birthday

Christina Applegate - sexy


Episode 5 - What I Did for Love

Christina Applegate - some nice leather

Katey Segal - some nicer leather


Episode 6 - Frat Chance

Jamie Lunar - cleavage


Episode 7 - The Chicago Wine Party

Cynthia Allison - a bit of leg


Episode 8 - Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Christina Applegate - some leg

Lisa Robin Kelly - pokies


Episode 9 - Rock of Ages

Christina Applegate - nice

Teresa Lee - nice


Episode 11 - The Old College Try

Amanda Bearse - a lot of leg

Leslie Ryan - nice

Alex McLeod, Jennifer Pusheck, Sabryn Genet - sexy


Episode 13 - Wedding Show

Christina Applegate - sexy in leather

Joey Lauren Adams - very sexy pokies

Robin Killian - very nice in a teddy

Sara Melson, Andrea Elson - very nice in leather








Notes and collages

Nicole Kidman

part 3 of 3

Cold Mountain

Dead Calm

The Human Stain










Jodie Marsh paparazzi


Meredith Barnett in Fear House
Devin DeVasquez in Society

Zoe Kravitz paparazzi



Beverly Lynne in Scandalous Sex


Beverly Lynne again in Emmanuelle vs Dracula

The women of Becoming Collette

Mathilda May


Virginia Madsen


Mia Sara in The Maddening


Here is the proof that the Mila Kunis topless picture in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was faked

Film Clips

I normally merge all clips from a single actress in a single film, but this is an exception. One reason for the special treatment is that it's Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks, but I suppose the most important reason is just that the imager did such a meticulous job at preparing a sample for each individual clip, so you can see exactly which ones you want.
Clip Sample
Basinger 1
Basinger 2
Basinger 3
Basinger 4
Basinger 5
Basinger 6
Basinger 7
Basinger 8
Basinger 9

Onward to some new clips with samples. Clip on the left, sample on the right.

Anne Coesens in Cages
Elena Anaya in Savage Grace
Katherine Randolph in Deadwater
And some other clips without samples:

Annette Bening in The Grifters. One of the top 100 nude scenes of all time, in my opinion, for both the nudity and the charm of the scene.

Morena Salvino. I don't know who she is, but this is a clip from a Spanish-language makeover show, sort of a Pimp My Self. If our reality TV were like this, I might watch me some.