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Yesterday: Rebekah, 21, from Birmingham (1, 2, 3, 4)
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Elisabet Davidsdottir (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Scoop's tips: I like number four, but two, three and five also feature some peeks through, more or less.
Jennifer Aniston terrific downblouses and upskirts from "Friends", a co-operation with SmellyCat
El Kabong
Shania on the cover of the new FHM
Kathy Derry major fitness babe, seen in a cameo in "West New York". From Cougar (not CougarScans)
humor/nudity why men get women drunk
Esmee de la Bretoniere Dutch magazine cover - from jacco
Esmee the above before text removal. Shows you how much work is involved.
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Frances o'Connor more caps from that Madame Bovary thing on BBC
Minnie Driver on the cover of the new Mademoiselle
Katie Holmes more of The Night's bra caps from "Mrs Tingle"
Katie Holmes more of The Night's bra caps from "Mrs Tingle"
Sarah Alexander full frontal from "Armstrong and Miller"
Alexandra Schalaudek previews from "Der Kuss meiner Schwester"
Stella McCartney public downblouse
Tamara Beckwith paparazzi nipple exposure

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"Boys Don't Cry", from Tuna

My thoughts tomorrow. Tuna's mini-review: "The acting was superb. Swank deserved her Oscar, and Sevigny was robbed. The film is (obviously) hard to watch. It is certainly an outstanding second effort for Kimberly Peirce, and deserves all of the International acclaim as well. If I had a criticism, it would be that none of the characters were really likeable. On the other hand, there were moments of brilliance. The way the rapes were shown interspersed with police interviews, etc, made the rape seem to go on forever. I would guess that is how the woman actually felt. I look forward to the next project from Peirce."

thumbnails. Tuna recommends 1,3,4,9,17. Hilary Swank (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Chloe Sevigny (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

"Mumford", from Tuna

I guess Lawrence Kasdan is only a shadow of his former self, as he seems to have fallen mightily from his lofty "Big Chill" heights. I rented this, but figured "The hell with it" when I saw that Tuna was really unimpressed with this film. Here's his mini-review: "Mumford is a romantic comedy. I found it neither funny or romantic, and it was slow paced. It is the story of a drug addict/IRS investigator who kicks the habit and starts life over with a new identity masquerading as a Psychologist. Seems he is better at therapy than either of his qualified colleagues in town. Of course, he falls in love with his patient. While I did enjoy the put-down of the mental health industry, I could have lived the rest of my life just fine without seeing this film. The nudity was provided by a dream of one patient, who shows up for a final exam to find the whole class naked." Simone Kerrick (1, 2, 3)

"End of Days", from Johnny Web

Oh, boy. That Satan is really running up a losing record. He's like the 1962 Mets of Dark Angels. I mean it was understandable that he went down when he decided to go 1-on-1 with God. But in this cornball action film, he even gets his ass kicked by Arnold Schwartzenegger and a machine gun.

Talk about the usual suspects. The devil worshippers make their usual machinations to assist His Unholiness. The devil makes his usual speeches about how God, not he, is responsible for everyone's misery. The Catholic Church is split into factions who believe that they should either kill the woman who is to give birth to Satan's kid, or trust in the Lord to take care of it in his own way, because one cannot use evil to combat evil. Kevin Pollock plays Arnie's usual wisecracking sidekick. Udo Kier plays Satan's usual not-so-wisecracking sidekick. (I don't care what you guys say in those polls - Udo is the worst actor that ever lived. Nobody even close - and he's been at it for 30 years without any improvement.) Satan has a lot of lust, and does some tit-grabbin' 'n humpin' until the big moment when he is to take Tunney as his bride, and Arnie shows up to spoil the party.

The best line - Arnie and His Uncleanliness are having a heart to heart, and Arnie says "you think you're bad? Compared to me you're a choirboy. A fucking choirboy". It would have made more sense if the devil had been having that discussion with Bill Clinton. Or if the devil had taken over Clinton's body the way he did Gabriel Byrne's. After all, Satan is the Father of Lies, and wants to screw every woman he sees, but in Clinton's body, who would ever notice the difference? It would be the perfect disguise. Anybody know Satan's e-mail address? Oh, wait a minute, I might have it. I'll check the members' list.

By the way, it might be a dumb movie, but it is a great DVD. About 10 mini-documentaries on special effects, plus commentary.

Robin Tunney (1, 2, 3, 4) (Robin Tunney in a chromakey shot from a F/X set-up. (Bonus material) Linda Pine (1, 2, 3, 4) Lynn Marie Sager. Ms sager is the one actually under Byrne. the other is Linda Pine. Melissa Mascara. Can't tell if she looks like her dad, Mil, since he was never seen without the masks. Seriously, she's never been in anything else, as per IMDb, and it does look like a pseudonym.

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