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Fat Pizza vs Housos


Fat Pizza vs. Housos is the mix of two comedy TV shows created by Paul(y) Fenech (credited as both in movie), Fat Pizza and Housos, well 3, if you count a brief mention of Swift and Shift Couriers. Bobo (Johnny Boxer) has been released from prison after serving time for killing a health inspector with his trusty chainsaw. Taken into the care of his mother, Mama (Maria Venuti), they decide to reopen the Pizza shop but this time in Sunnyvale. Meanwhile, Franky (Pauly Fenech) 'thongs' (smacking someone with a thong/flip-flop) the premier and becomes the most wanted man in the state with a police task force set up to get him. Nobody from Sunnyvale wants to work at the pizza shop because they are all bludgers, so Mama gets her nephew who works at Centrelink to set up a work-for-the-dole scheme at the pizza shop, which ends up only roping in the mentally handicapped Reg and former pizza delivery boy/drug dealer Habib (Tahir Bilgic). Pauly (Paul Fenech), a former pizza delivery man, has spent the last 15 years the prisoner of a sadistic S&M freak and now back in the real world, he gets his old job back. Also, the premier has bought in new anti-bikie laws which strips the Hunterz, lead by Angry (Angry Anderson) and Johnno (David Cooper), of their bikes and they are having trouble getting their share. With the cops indisposed bumbling after Franky, who is having sex with more and more women, a gang of multi-national thugs set up by the Arabs join forces to take on the bikies, with the multi-national gang using the pizza shop as its base. When the pizza shop is in need of making more money, Mama sets up a plan with Centrelink to make their dole payments be paid with food vouchers, specifically for the pizza shop. This sets off Shazza (Elle Dawe) who sets up a group to take down the pizza shop, but maybe the bikies will get there first.

As with the Paul Fenech TV shows they are based on, they are all hit and miss, mostly miss, but work through the sheer rapid fire nature of the shows. There's definitely plenty of politically incorrect laughs throughout the movie, so I enjoyed it enough. I had some issues working out the dynamics of the Pizza crew as I didn't watch a lot of Pizza during it's 5 series and numerous movies and specials particularly the running gags from that show. Interesting to see the original 'Wog Boys' Nick Giannopoulos and George Kapiniaris turn up in a weird crossover, but it seems they are playing characters they played on the Pizza series. Mixing the two shows at least gets rid of the problem of the first movie Housos vs. Authority where it ran out of ideas by half way and the rest of the movie was just unfunny plot. And I enjoyed this movie more than the first movie. Also only a brief mention of Swift and Shift Couriers is a sure sign that it was mostly ignored by Fenech's fan base, so no Fat Pizza vs. Housos vs. Swift and Shift Couriers next up. A 'To Be Continued' ending suggests something more to add, but I thought it ended satisfactorily enough although it also suggests that the planned ending was possibly too expensive. And where would they go from there to 'finish' that 5 more minutes couldn't have solved.

With the usual 'comic' sex scenes that come with Housos, there's also a few deleted and extended scenes from the Bluray and also great of Fenech to have an extended sex reel. Cheers!

Amarli Inez, Casey Kryloff and Kateryna Taylor film clips (samples below)

all three women

all three women (extended sex reel version)

Inez and Kryloff

Kryloff only

Vanessa Davis, Patricia Farmer and Phoenix Rose film clips (samples below)

Davis and Rose

Davis and Rose (extended sex reel version)

Davis and Farmer (deleted scene)

Farmer only

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Alyssa Milano in The Outer Limits (1995)

Kelly Brook in episode five of Metal Hurlant Chronicles (2012)

Yasmine Lafitte in episode four of Metal Hurlant Chronicles