TV Round-Up

Game of Thrones is HBO's latest nude-fest.

Here's the flesh from the premiere episode (720p clips from DeepAtSea, his caps below):

Emilia Clarke


Esme Bianco (there are other actresses in the clips, but the caps below are Esme)


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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Special Effects


Scoop's notes: Zoe Lund, aka Zoe Tamerlis, had a fascinating career. In addition to her acting, she was a model and ... (wait for it) ... co-wrote The Bad Lieutenant! She also wrote a script for New Rose Hotel, but her work was not used in the final film.

She was a junkie for many years and was a pro-heroin advocate.

She died at age 37 from drug-related causes.

Some say she died tragically young, but as Norm MacDonald would say, 37 is a ripe old age for a pro-heroin advocate.

Zoe Tamerlis clips (caps below)




Brainscan's comments:

Here is a set of caps and one clip. The theme is European Women. Except for Kader Grbz, they all appear to be in their early 20's; and except for Tanya Jensen (who looks to be, shall we say, a specialty actress), they appear to have bright futures with (and here hope meets expectation) many more roles of a revealing sort. Yup.

Amira Casar in Femme Qui Pleure

 Ana Alvarez in Aqui Huele

Ana Celia de Armas in Rosa

Anita Caprioli in Tutti Giu Per Terra

Ann Cecile in Nuit Je Mens

Annika Murjahn in Wilder Kaiser

Chiara Chiti in Gioco

Christa Theret in Le Bruit Des Glacons

Johanna Wokalek  in Baader Meinhof

Kader Gurbuz in Jes

Laura Verlinden in Laatste Zomer

Tanya Jensen in Monas Verden


Bonus: This clip of Anita Caprioli from We All Fall Down is not of my own construction, but she is ridiculously beautiful and so I figured why not share?




Defoe's clips o' the week:



Film Clips

Golden Brooks in The Inheritance (2011; see below). She's the chick from "Girlfriends"

Adriana Fonseca in 7 mujeres 1 homosexual y Carlos (2010; see below)

Aina Clotet in Elisa K (2010; see below)

Cristin Milioti in Year Of The Carnivore (2009; see below)

Maria Fernanda Malo in Hasta el viento tiene miedo (2007; see below)

Valeria Ciangherotti in Hasta el viento tiene miedo (2007; see below)

Camila Sodi in El Bufalo de la noche (2007; see below)

Liz Gallardo in El Bufalo de la noche (2007; see below)


Penelope Velasco and Silvia Julia in Cafe Solo o con Ellas (2007; see below)

Jewel Kilcher in Ride With The Devil (1999; see below)

Julia Stemberger in Der Koenig von St Pauli e6 (1998)

Rikke Louise Andersson in Royal Blues (1997; see below)

Marisa Tomei in Untamed Heart (deleted scene) 720p (1993; see below)