season finale

There was no nudity worth capturing in the dramatic season finale to Spartacus. The only flesh came from two slave girls, and that was mere toplessness, and fleeting.



Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie is not to be confused with Boogie Nights, but the two films have one very important thing in common: Heather Graham naked! I guess Heather is to boogie films as Billy Zane is to sinking ship films.

Despite nudity from the incredibly delicious Miss Graham, and despite a cast of big European, American and British stars, the film got buried after the Edinburgh Festival last year. Perhaps this review from Variety explains why.

Whether it is a good movie or bad, I know they will sell at least one copy of the Blu-Ray because Rollergirl looks incredible. It seems to me that she's just as hot at 40 as she ever was. Maybe hotter. And, yes, she turned 40 in January.

The other women of the world will have to work very hard to get my vote away from Heather when that nude scene of the year balloting begins. Here's a clip of a great scene. Not only hot lesbotronic action, but a nice quality clip as well. (Not done by me.) Samples below. The other chick is Jaime Winstone.


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Don Juan


part 2

Jane Birkin film clip

(Samples below)

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season 2


Diana Glenn film clips (collages below)

Bojana Novakovic film clips (collages below)




Caroline in the City

This is continuing the TV series, Caroline in the City, which ran for four seasons. These caps are from the second and third series.

Series 2 Episode 9 Caroline and the Therapist

Lea Thompson - sexy

Rende Rae Norman - sexy

Series 2 Episode 11 Caroline and the Freight Kings

Amy Pietz - sexy see-through

Karri Turner - strippergram

Series 2 Episode 12 Caroline and the Perfect Record

Lea Thompson - pokies

Rebekah Carlton - nice

Series 2 Episode 14 Caroline and the Kept Man

Amy Pietz - leggy

Ann Magnuson - upskirt

Lea Thompson - sexy

Series 2 Episode 17 Caroline and the Getaway

Jessica Stone - sexy see-through

Lea Thompson - in a hot tub

Unknown - bikini

Series 2 Episode 19 Caroline and the Buyer

Karri Turner - cleavage

Lea Thompson - sexy see-through

Tania Pearson - tall!

Series 2 Episode 23 Caroline and the Bad Trip

Lea Thompson - sexy

Sofia Milos - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 24 Caroline and Richard & Julia

Amy Pietz - cleavage

Lea Thompson - upskirt, sort of

Sofia Milos - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 25 Caroline and the Wayward Husband

Sofia Milos - nice

Series 3 Episode 1 Caroline and the Reception

Lea Thompson - pokies

Series 3 Episode 6 Caroline and the Egg

Amy Pietz - pokies

Series 3 Episode 7 Caroline and the Desperate Cat

Amy Pietz - pokies

Series 3 Episode 9 Caroline and the Bitter Beast

Lea Thompson - pokies



Some nipple action from Lady Gaga

The women of High Strung Women. It's not what you think. It's not like Anne Coulter and Janeane Garofalo having PMS, but rather some very naughty women getting strung up in bondage situations. Damn - Hankster picked the wrong time for a vacation!

Aria Giovanni

Justine Jolie

Georgia Jones

Michelle Maylene

Elena Rivera

And then we have the women of Hot Vampire Nights, the title of which is self-explanatory.



Katelyn Gold

Shelley Jones

 (the last two of Shelley are from the special features)

Beth Linhart


Film Clips

Alexandra Paul in 8 Million Ways to Die. This is a very brief clip, but it is Alexandra Paul when she was young and gorgeous, and it is in HD! Sample below.

Sonya Walger in a HD scene from "Tell Me You Love Me." What a face! I would find her luscious even if she had a flat chest. With those boobs, she's just electric! (Sample Below)

Lori Heuring in The In Crowd. Not sure what happened to her career. Hey, I have to root for anyone who studied business with me at UT and has a dog named Stan Musial. You know how I am about Stasiu, baseball in general, and the Longhorns. Anyway, things looked promising for her a decade ago, but she ended up in hyphen world (straight-to-vid, made-for-cable). That's kinda sad, because she's sort of an interesting actress. In 2001, at 28, she was working for David Lynch and had even picked up a lead in a theatrical film, the one in the clip linked here. OK, it was a poor film, but still ...  the future was bright. These days? Well, now she's 37, and it doesn't look like she's ever going to break out of the B world. I noticed that her latest film, Magic, was directed by Captain Cable himself, Robert Davi. Here's the description: "'Magic' the dog is an angel sent to heal a broken family." Oh, noes. (Sample below)

The women of Performance, a nearly legendary film starring Mick Jagger, directed by Nick Roeg. It came to DVD very late (2007) and has never come to Blu-Ray.

Almost heaven ... Pam Grier in Coffey - in 1080p!