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Some cleavage and pokies by Lauren Holly in Turbulence (1997).


Honky Tonk Freeway

Possibly a brief nipple poking out from Bevely D'Angelo in Honky Tonk Freeway (1981)

and Ann Risley looks good.



The nudity in Doomsday (2008) comes from a topless Lily Anderson as she takes a bath.

Rhona Mitra shows some pokies.


The Caveman's Valentine


The main nudity in The Caveman's Valentine (2001) is by a topless Ann Magnuson.

Tamara Tunie shows some side boobage.


Dan in Real Life

Juliette Binoche is topless in Dan in Real Life (2007) but is facing the wrong way.



No real nudity in Childstar (2004).

Kristin Adams does the hands over the boobs trick

and Jennifer Jason Leigh shows a bit of cleavage.


Big Night

There is also no nudity in Big Night (1996).

However, Minnie Driver looks very sexy coming out of the sea in her underwear

and Isabella Rossellini is in her underwear.


The Claim

Some full nudity in The Claim (2000).

An unidentified is completely naked

and Phillipa Peak is topless.

Milla Jovovich shows a bit cleavage, sort of.


Last Chance Saloon

Last Chance Saloon aka Au secours, j'ai trente ans! (2004) is a French movie

with topless nudity by Giovanna Mezzogiorno.

Nathalie Corré shows some pokies.


Hotel Erotica Cabo

"Last Tango in Cabo"

Plenty of nudity in this episode of Hotel Erotica Cabo called Last Tango in Cabo (2006).

The naked ladies are Kelly Brown


Kimberly Kay

and some unidentified.

There are silicone-enhanced pokies by Micah Miller.



Tales from the Crypt

The following caps come from the fourth season of Tales from the Crypt TV series, which is a horror show from the late 80s and early 90s.

Season 4 Episode 2 - This'll Kill Ya

Sonia Braga - some brief topless exposure

Season 4 Episode 3 - On a Deadman's Chest

Sherrie Rose - completely naked


Tia Carrere - in her underwear

Unknown - topless

Season 4 Episode 5 - Beauty Rest

Mimi Rogers - cleavage in her underwear

Kathy Ireland - in her underwear

Jennifer Rubin - nice

Unknown - some nice looking cleavage

Season 4 Episode 6 - What's Cookin'

Bess Armstrong - looking good

Scoop's note: How many of you remember that Bess Armstrong was a star for about 14 minutes? She was the top-liner in a sitcom called On Our Own in 1977, which flared briefly and died.

Season 4 Episode 7 - The New Arrival

Joan Severance - a bit of leg

Season 4 Episode 11 - Split Personality

Heidi Thomas - brief breast

Jacqueline Alexandra Citron & Kristen Amber Citron - twins in underwear

Season 4 Episode 12 - Strung Along

Patricia Charbonneau - fills out a bikini nicely









Erica Cox film clips. Collages below



El Año de la Garrapata


Film clips of both women

Maria Vazquez

Veronica Sanchez collage





Sarah Roemer



Dying Breed


Melanie Vallejo









Altered States


Blair Brown film clips (collages below)








Malibu Express


Today we take the Time Machine back to 1985 for an Andy Sidaris flick, which means you will get tons of boobs.

Julie Strain helps to introduce the movie. Caps and a clip.

Then we move on to Lynda Wiesmeier, and this girl has a rack that will blow your mind. Caps and three clips.

More to come tomorrow.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Kristin Chenoweth shows some nice cleavage for that early in the day
on "Good Morning America". Caps and a HD clip.







Notes and collages

"Unhappily Ever After"

Nikki Cox

Season 4, episode 7









Girls of Sunset Strip


Coming your way will be clips from a strip-and-wiggle disk called Girls of Sunset Strip. Not your typical fare in that the girls in question include a bunch of B-movie regulars. They would be Kim Dawson, Mimi Fallace, Monique Parent, Nenna Quiroz (who often gets cinema nekkid as Lisa Throw) and Tanya Poole.  And there is this other gal named Crystal Nelson. 

The disk suffers from one huge fault - stupid camera tricks.  Post-production editing added all sorts of unnecessary and obscuring features to the nekkid gals, as if the producers were attempting to show they could put out a work of cinematic art.  Sheesh.  I edited out that shit, leaving the gals in all their glory.

DVD bonus features included three clips of other disks in which Julie Strain. Lorissa McComas and Shauna O'Brien get down to their birthday suits.  With Kim, Julie, Lorissa and Monique, you have to figure this disk includes actresses in a few hundred B movies. 

Today: Mimi Fallace










Amanda Holden

Name not familiar? You've probably seen her in the past week. You know her as the MILF who sits next to Simon on Britain's Got Talent.


Film Clips