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This is a 2006 story about the revenge taken by a battered girlfriend on a badass Irish gangster. The film starts on a humorous note, with the girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) talking about Big Al's huge dick. We soon learn that Al is a genuinely nasty person. He makes a living selling guns when he's not stealing and fencing merchandise. He is jealous, bigoted, and God knows what else.

Milla helps him in the business, but he thinks she was being too friendly to a Puerto Rican, and beats her up. The beating is very long and intense, make deliberately so by first-time director Gary Lennon to make sure could be no sympathy for Al (Angus MacFadyen).

Three people want to get Milla in bed and are more than happy to help Milla get her revenge by removing Al from the picture.

This film has not seen a release in an English speaking country, but I thought the entire cast did an excellent job, and had this been a third film by a director rather than a first one, I feel sure it would have had a theatrical release. The plot outline is great, although some of the execution could have been better. I know why the beating scene had to be brutal, for example, but I thought it was way over-done.

  • There are no reviews in English.
  • IMDb readers say 5.9.
  • This is a brutal crime drama/revenge film, and is probably a C, especially given nudity and a fine performance from Milla Jovovich.

It is finally available on a Region 1 DVD, and is ready to ship now to get to you by the street date.

.45 DVD Milla Jovovich Widescreen (2006)



Mille Jovovich shows her nipples in several scenes, and also her bush.









Night Vision

Sharon Kelly returns as the Time Machine goes back to 1974 for The Dirty Mind of Young Sally.  Sharon Plays a pirate radio station talk show host who dishes up lots of sex talk and usually winds up having sex herself. Caps and four clips.








This Gun for Hire

Raven (Robert Wagner) is hired to kill a man whom he thinks is a commonplace-average hit. Unbeknownst to Raven the hit is no ordinary Joe, but a US Senator and Raven has been set up to take the fall. He takes Anne (Nancy Everhard), hostage while attempting to elude the authorities who have initiated a massive manhunt for him. He also attempts to figure out who set him up and why. His attempt to evade the cops and figure out what really went down is one plot which the viewer may assume is the central plot, but eventually Raven's interaction with Anne, and his attempts to determine what really matters to him, actually becomes the main focus of the film.

Nancy Everhard







Notes and collages

"Farscape" - Part 36

Season Four, Episode 20

Gigi Edgley

Rebecca Riggs







Flannel Pajamas

2005's Flannel Pajamas is two movies. The first half is a happy romance where two people fall in love and marry. The second half is a domestic drama where the relationship crashes and burns. The movie as a whole is overly talky, overly long, and basically underwhelming.

Two thirty-something New Yorkers meet on a blind date arranged by her therapist. There is an instant attraction, followed by a courtship that is charming at times, and stupid at others, and ending in marriage.

Family, friends, a miscarriage, a diagnosis of cancer, and just the stress of everyday life, conspire to eventually drive the couple apart. They don't fall out of love so much as they fall out of like. They simply get to the point where they can't stand being together.

All in all, a disappointing movie, but on the upside, Julianne Nicholson has several nude romps during the first hour of the flick.

Lauren Bittner Julianne Nicholson






Troie si nasce, puttane si daventa

Also know as "Le Malizie della marchesa," this is an Italian hardcore porn flick. The performers include Europeans Eva Orlowsky, Miss Pomodoro, Joy Karin's, and Rocco Siffredi, as well as Americans Teri Weigel and Ron Jeremy.

The "story" has a "marquise" (played by Eva Orlowsky) taking part in orgies with her husband, friends and servants in a villa.

Eva Orlowsky


Joy Karin's
Miss Pomodoro
Teri Weigel







A film clip: part 1 of the extensive Bo Derek Nudity in Tarzan the Ape Man
Jessica Simpson shows so much cleavage that one of her areolae is visible






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

An international sex survey by Durex Condoms found that South Africans and Nigerians were the most sexually satisfied people in the world.  The Greeks have the most sex (164 times a year), followed by Brazil (145), Poland and Russia (both 143).  But the ones who enjoy it most are the Nigerians, 67 percent of whom rate themselves as sexually satisfied, and South Africans, two-thirds of whom claim to orgasm regularly, compared to a global average of 48 percent. 

*  Nigerians orgasm every time someone leaves them $10 million, so it's very frequent.  

The least sexually-satisfied nation on Earth is Japan.  Only 15 percent are satisfied with their sex lives, and on average, they have sex just 48 times a year, the lowest frequency of any nation.

*  If the Earth moves in Japan, it's just a Godzilla attack. 


Nigerians spend 24 minutes on average having sex, longer than any other nationality, while South Africans last 20 minutes. The world average is 18 minutes.

*  If these people are so satisfied, how come they're checking their watches during sex?