"I heard about a movie that was supposedly released in Sept/11 called "Killer Joe" and apparently Gina Gershon goes full frontal in it. But I can't find any clips from this movie, or the movie itself in any of the 'usual' places. Any ideas?"

We have been patiently waiting for two films to appear somewhere besides the festival circuit. William Friedkin's Killer Joe is one of them, with nudity from Gershon, Juno Temple, and two background strippers.

Yes, THAT William Friedkin, director of The Exorcist and The French Connection. He was a wunderkind back then, so even though that was 40 years ago, he's "only" 76 now.

Here is Mr. Skin's description of the nudity:

Gina Gershon

(0:02) Emile Hirsch is greeted with a close-up of Gina Gershon's bush as she opens the door to their trailer. She is walking around inside in a nipply shirt with no pants and it is short enough to see her bush. We also get a partial look at her bruised left bun cheek. She changes into an even more nipply nightgown after that.
(0:04) Brief buns on Gina Gershon as her nightgown goes flying up briefly while fighting with Emile Hirsch.
(0:52) Gina Gershon is in a blue nightgown. Possible quick bush when she jumps over Hirsch.
(1:25) Gina Gershon is forced to suck on a KFC chicken leg that is strategically put by McConaughey's crotch. It is a long scene that we see in close-up and afar as she gives the chicken leg a blowjob while McConaughey enjoys it while threatening the family.

Juno Temple

(0:10) Juno Temple is in a nipply nightgown standing in the rain.
(0:12) Juno Temple is in a robe walking down the hallway. She begins to untie it, but we cut to Emile Hirsch waking up before she completes. Then we cut back and we get a full frontal look at Temple. Her breasts and bush visible though a little dark. She strikes a karate pose then some brief buns as she turns to walk back and disappears.
(0:30) Juno Temple is in a store dressing room. The camera is looking down on her from above and we see her breasts but not quite her bush.
(0:41) Juno Temple strips to her bra then panties in front of Matthew McConaughey. He turns around and in the background she takes off her bra exposing her breasts. Then the panties come off displaying bush. Then she puts on the dress he wants. He gets behind her to caress her. He lifts up her dress enough to see her bush again.

Lori Eden
(0:05) There's a brunette stripper prominently featured on stage. She is in a bra which comes off and we see her breasts. Then we see another stripper (Lori Eden) who we see in just panties with her breasts exposed.

The other film we've been anticipating is Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz, with full-frontal nudity from Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams (and nudity from Jennifer Podemski).

As of this moment, Take This Waltz is scheduled to make an arthouse run in the USA and Australia in June, and should be available about a month earlier in VOD.

Killer Joe is scheduled to make some European debuts in June, but may never make it into North American theaters. It was rated NC-17, appealed, and lost the appeal. We may have to wait for a home media release if we want to see the full, twisted film that appeared in the festivals.

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