TV Roundup

Here's one more version (not mine) of Evan Rachel Wood in Mildred Pierce. This time she's in 1080 resolution, and there are several caps and collages to accompany it. DeadRed also managed to get the stairway flash in his third collage.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



The Last American Virgin


Scoop's note: Not a great film, but an amazingly soulful and truthful one, given that it's a 1980's youthploitation comedy from schlockmeisters Golan and Globus! I have all the Lemon Popsicle movies, a series of Israeli films, the first of which provided the basis for this American one. They are supposed to be entertaining and to contain copious nudity, but I have yet to sit down and watch them.

Diane Franklin clips (caps below)

Luisa Moritz clips (caps below)

Gerri Idol clips (caps below)

Tessa Richarde clips (caps below)





Continuing the second season of Baywatch. These episodes were made in  1991 and 1992.

Episode 11 - If Looks Could Kill

Shannon Tweed - at her sexiest, with her clothes on


Episode 12 - Reunion

Caitlin Dulany - bit of leg

Trish Garland - sexy

Wendie Malick - upskirt

Episode 13 - War of Nerves

Bobbie Phillips - nice

Kelly Packard - sexy bikini

Unknown - sexy bikini

Episode 14 - Big Monday

Pamela Bach - a bit cleavage

Unknown - sexy

Episode 15 - Sea of Flames

Unknown - nice

Episode 16 - Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

Lisa McCullough - nice

Unknown - lovely thong

Episode 18 - Shark's Cove

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Monica Creel - sexy

Unknown - nice

Episode 19 - The Lost Treasure of Tower 12

Anita Hart - sexy

Patrice Leal - nice

Unknown - sexy

Episode 21 Game of Chance

Colleen Morris - pokies

Erika Eleniak - cleavage

Unknown - sexy

Episode 22 Summer of '85

Unknown - nice



Rise of the Ghosts


Despite a promising premise (a school basement haunted by an evil lesbian school nurse and the female student sex slaves she tortured) there is almost no sex and nudity. Liz Bathory this isn't.

Melantha Blackthorne: cleavage as the nurse.

Chantal Petrin: nipple slippage while tied to chair.

Isabelle Stephen: b-movie babe sexy only.

Danay Cragaris: fully clothed sex.

lesbians: just kissing.

Fear Island


Another skinless horror. DVD only available in the UK.

Jessica Harmon: almost falling out of her bikini top.

Haylie Duff: pokies, hanging upside down rushes blood to your nipples.

Lucy Hale: bikini top.

Brenna O'Brien: despite of a body double her character's sex scene and resulting sex video are not featured.

Anne Marie Loder: very tight blouse.

Interstate 60


The only reason to dig this road movie up is that it stars the recently late Canadian comedian Wayne Robson.

Amy Smart: very nice pokies.

Ann-Margret: still sexy after all these years.

Amy Jo Johnson: Pink Power Ranger sexy as hitchhiker.

Leah Cudmore: sexy as rave girl.

Deborah Odell: sexy as female lawyer.

Angela Asher: sexy as waitress while Wayne Robson stares at her muffin top.

"Urban Legends"

episode "Heads or Tails" (2011)

This episode stretches the nudity allowed on afternoon Canadian televison.

Rachelle Corbeil: topless with pasties as obligatory stripper at obligatory bachelor party,

"Outlaw Bikers"

episode "Fallen Angels" (2010)

This episode takes place in Vancouver which is the stripper capitol of Canada but most of the stripper footage was left on the cutting room floor

Lynzey Patterson: buns as stripper.

strippers: sexy only.


episode "Tall Takes" (2007)

Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert & Angela Case: underwear as trickster girls. The best exposure of the series.

Desiree Loewen: cleavage.

"Special Unit 2"

episode "The Piper" (2002)

April Telek: sexy in heart costume and little else.

Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert: sexy as masseuse.

Adamcova ...

Before moving to Canada actress Martina Adamcova appeared in sex comedies and exploitation movies in her native Czech Republic.

Playgirls (1995): buns having sex in sex comedy having nothing to do with the hefmag dork knockoff.

Nahota Na Prodej (1993) aka Nudity For Sale: nude as stripper performing live sex show (something that would get raided by the vice squad here).

Tankovy Prapor (1991) aka Tank Battalion: full frontal as naughty sergeant. She looks like a sexy Rosa Klebb.



Film Clips

Nadeshda Brennicke in 8 Uhr 28 in 1080p (2010; see below)

Barbara Goenaga in Agnosia (2010; see below)

Adriana Ugarte in Castillos de carton (2009; see below) in two parts: (1, 2)


Charlotte Rampling in Life During Wartime in 1080 (2009; see below)

Allison Janney in Life During Wartime 1080 (2009; see below). This could get an award for the least sexy sex scene ever. She's doin' the dead with Michael Lerner.

Rebecca Hall in Red Riding In the Year of Our Lord 1974 in 1080 (2009; see below)

Nikki Sanderson in Boogeyman 3 in 1080 (2008; see below)

Chrissy Griffith in Boogeyman 2 in 1080 (2007; see below)

Andra Vagn Jensen in Karrusel: Henrik og Linda (1998; see below)

Hemma Clementi in Kommissar Rex: Gefaehrliche Jagd (1995; see below)

Penelope Cruz in Jamon Jamon (1992; see below). An old movie now made more significant by the fact that it co-stars a now-married couple, Spanish superstars Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, many years before they started dating. She was 18. He had just turned 23. Penelope was not as attractive back then. It took time for her to grow into her face. But she had a killer body!

Anna Galiena, also from Jamon, Jamon (1992; see below)

Assumpta Serna in Matador (1986; see below)




Eva Green in Camelot

Kate Bosworth topless on the beach

Lara Stone

Milla's nipple